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  • Currently a player who gets a item that can be placed in the open world can also be banned for actually placing the item with no warning. Its unbelievably stupid to have a game, that drops items that the players are banned for using. I suggest you either remove the ability to place items in the open world OR that you make a pop up warning saying something like "Attention, placing this item in the open world might get you banned" Design meeting: "Het lets design items that players can place in th…

  • Congratulations, well done. And great video, and ofc perfect hair.

  • Sun recruitment video SUN is Recruiting Active EU Players renderTimingPixel.png SUN is an endgame, blackzone, PvP, ZvZ guild. SUN has been around since Albion’s alpha stages, and plans to persist within Albion in perpetuity. We provide the best endgame content that Albion has to offer, being a part of the largest and most intense battles, while also being one of the only guilds in AO that is positive-culture focused, boasting a non-toxic and mature community. SUN is a proud member of POE, and is…

  • Thanks for the kind words, i will frame them and put them up in my rmt funded summer residence in tuscany. Looking at your well written post, and considering you even edited that editorial masterpiece 6 times, then i believe you achieved perfection.

  • This is indeed a gem, and a good example of being completely out of touch with reality.

  • i am still pretty confident that the fluctuations have been due to bugs or stolen creditcards , since the big moves simply cant be explained by market manipulation, plus whoever sells a lot of gold at lower and lower prices obviously loses on it, unless you succeed in making everyone beleive that the market tanks - and the gold market will simply never tank.

  • The steady decline of the gold price is moving to a pretty suspicious level. Have you checked if there is a ton of credit card fraud going on to inject large amounts of gold?. Ive followed this quite extensively since launch, and there is something that doesnt add up currently.

  • Until that is done, cant you simply ignore all deaths below 150k killfame, and dramatically lower load by this alone ?. Its quite an important tool.

  • My guess is that if this is true, then they are in the process of backtracking the events, banning the players involved and taking the gained cash back to the extent possible and then they make a post afterwards.

  • my guess is that Call to arms update comes april 20, which means its on test last week of march most likely.

  • @Retroman I expect you have a decent playerbase thats from central and western europe. 21 utc is the primetime for EU, and the main activity is there 18 utc for central and west europe is a terrible timezone since its 18-19 pm. Most eat dinner in that time, and with group zvz you also group up typically a hour before livetime. 18 utc livetimer is terrible, while anything from 19-21is a ton better. Just look at the zerg numbers fighting at 18 compared to 21, and the problem is really that for mos…

  • Tl;dr you need an army and a lot of slaves. Give the army high prio to ensure it gets in, and get the slaves low prio. that way the slaves will create more room for the army, while never being at risk to see combat. the most destructive patch for zvz enjoyment since forever, and it cannot possibly have been designed by someone who does large scale zvz. hopefully the next patch will improve things, but this solution literally forces guilds to bring people with the task of just hitting the qeue to…

  • This banning definition is incredibly vague. If i go into a portal, i do 4 jumps and find a spot. i then go to discord and write to the guild "hey guys, got into x zone portal, go east, east, south and south and im there". Then Discord would be a tool, and the map i layed out would be breaking tos and get me banned with that definition. Same if i find a shortcut from my hideout to a royal city, then posting that shortcut in for the guild to use would be a bannable offense as well. Th…

  • Round Table raped me

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    I hope you read this when the drugs have worn off.

  • Monetization of AO

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    Bandwith and latency are 2 different things. Also considering the developers are Berlin based, then you can be pretty sure that using US based datacenters is done for a reason.

  • Thanks, a much better solution, but be prepared that most players wont understand it. (i still think the right solution would be to convert existing fame to credits and let the player decide how to distribute, but this works.)

  • first of all because the market price of tome is not fixed. Right now fame to silver ratio is lower for the satchels, plus its likely that tomes will become more expensive. you are assuming that tomes doesnt change in price, which i believe is a basic flaw in your argumentation. its like saying, why buy a t6 rune, when i can just buy 5 cheap t5 runes and transmute them. its all about the market price

  • while the sword damage was high, its really clunky to really use in pvp because of the low hitbox, and if the damage is crippled as well i dont see anything it does that a clarent or carving doesnt do better.

  • Again, unless i misunderstand what @Kornis writing here, then this is a big fuck you to those who does not have 100 in the armor arti lines august 12. i really hope im wrong.