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  • I can't find anything specifically about T4 and T8, but on the hideout wiki page ( there's a section on damage scaling. That might be what you're thinking about.

  • Doubts of a Newbie

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    Quote from Duarjo: “So I would like to know, up to what point it is profitable to advance with a build and raise its tier? I know that Albion is very broad, so I ask an axe build for Solo Dungeon up to what level is ideal to advance? Is it necessary to go climbing tier to tier? ” The important thing is to consider your personal economy. Higher tier is always 'better', because each tier gives +100IP, which is roughly +10% stats if I remember right. When you decide what you are doing (solo dungeon…

  • I think hideouts are pretty difficult to balance around if you want to make everyone happy. Their whole point is to make the bz safer, but there's a lot of complaint about how they make the bz 'too safe'. I sorta agree and disagree with this. On the one hand, it's pretty hard to deny that being able to run from zone entrance -> HO -> HO or from HO -> objective (static dungeon or whatever) does make it pretty safe to travel around the bz - possibly too safe. Having bubble for 100% of your travel …

  • Quote from LeDruide: “Quote from Tomperon: “I wanna know what exactly make you play albion, since you even dont like action combat. ” Every thing else ! The graphics, the ergonomy, the liberty, etc... Combats are only a little part of a game and i'm pretty sure that Albion was an idea of game before the combat system. They just add this combat system because it's simple and everybody already know it, it's realy accessible. But, like a lot of people, i find it boring... ” Every aspect of the game…

  • Please buff arcane staff

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    Quote from Fikule: “I'm doing arcane at the moment. What is the actual PvE use of arcane? And what is the zvz use? I keep hearing people mention arcane is for zvz only and that no one in their right mind would take you for pve or hce, but no one ever goes into detail. ” Arcane is a key zvz support weapon. Malevolent locus and enigmatic staff are mandatory in pretty much any party, and the 1H arcane, occult staff, and evensong are also used a lot. As far as I know there is no meta use for arcane …

  • Please buff arcane staff

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    Only arcane that needs a buff is witchwork, to give it an actual use. Self mimic put arcane into a really good place after being a pure support weapon for so long. Once you unlock magic shock PvE becomes reasonable - before that it's admittedly pretty bad. But you can just get boosted to 70 in group dungeons. If anything, lower magic shock unlock to mastery 40 or so and that would make it better all round.

  • Quote from LeDruide: “So my recommendations are : 1-Completely change the combat system to replace it with a tactical turn based. ” Sooooo... you want to play a completely different game? Changing the combat would literally break/have to change every other aspect of the game. If you want to play something that isn't albion you can just like, go and download a turn-based rpg. I hear Wakfu is good.

  • I mean, you'd still have to be naked, hearthstone or not. Don't see how it's any different. At least suiciding removes active food, so you still have to slightly think about whether it's worth running to the travel guy or not sometimes.

  • Quote from Watsoff: “So yeah, a range or estimate would be nice. Let's say when wearing flat T8 gears, what would my IP be if I was x/700, y/700, etc. etc. Thanks! ” It depends where that x/700 is allocated. Non-artifacts give 0.2 IP per spec level to other gear, and artifacts give 0.1 IP per spec level (to other items) And of course, you get more IP on what you're wearing if it's the item you're specced in. So if you're 500/700 in plate armour (assuming you're maxing out each tree and not 30 in…

  • With the new update, the more allied faction members you have in zone the less points you get from capping the zone overall. This difference is noticeable even in small jumps from 5 -> 7 or 8 as I noticed in the playtest, when solo BW flagged players would follow my group around out of party (it's possible there were more in zone who just weren't interacting with outposts I guess, but definitely not enough to blob). Point gains were dropping from ~4k for a zone to like 2.5-3k. It would be nice t…

  • Doesn't this just mean that instead of getting to sit in queue, you just don't get to participate at all if you're not in your guilds top x% of people? How would it work if more than one guild/alliance launches on the same terri?

  • Faction Playtest Feedback

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    Quote from ySLiink: “If u had played in the red zone in the first playtest how did u manage do get into top 20? The playtest was only in the yellow, lol ” If you look at the announcement, it pretty clearly names some Red zones as zones you can score points in for the event for the first test.

  • Are there numbers on the points the top 20 earned? Be interesting to see how high some people got.

  • What are you doing with your personal island that makes it so key to your ability to play the game? If you're using it for storage, and you move city, get a guild island on an alt and have even more storage. If you're using it for farming, then are the slight differences in the markets really a deal breaker? If you're using it for laborers and crafting, then probably put it in the city you craft in so you don't have to carry books halfway round the world to process them - but again, guild island…

  • They're increasing the number of red zones, that's more zones to gank in, and blues are spread out over more zones so they can't mass up to police you. For a super coordinated group of high skill gankers, that seems like a buff? And if these faction players don't come in good gear anyway, well, just kill them.

  • Hit silver again this season, still recruiting!

  • I thought the whole point of outer ring terries giving lower points was that it would incentivise stronger guilds/alliances going for Gold+ to ignore them and fight for the valuable center zones. Won't making every terri more valuable make people more likely to sit where they are and not fight?

  • Could've sworn I bumped this yesterday. Guess not!

  • Quote from Zoream: “The beauty of the game is... communicate with people, tutorial can't incorporate everything, it gives you the basics and then you either research online or ask ingame or here. ” I agree 100%, but right now the tutorial doesn't give the basics. It needs to cover the foundations of the game at least, so that the first thing a new player does when they finish the tutorial is actually start playing the game and doing stuff, instead of having to ask someone 'what do I do now'. New…