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  • Yea, at this meta of running bit*hes, it is one usefull item) Cultist cowl? Used -> runners just run and use no skills, 0 dmg. Hunter Hood? Used -> runners just run and don't hits = 0 dmg.. Mage cowl? yea maybe, if u have range atack longer as fcking bow knockback... Some more Caps? i don't see something usefull... so, if someone want to run - i can only heal myself... DoTs? Fck on dot's, when they without fcking Merc. Jacket(another OP item)

  • HCE money nerf

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    Ppls make 100 mio/week in HCE, and it is AFTER REPAIR costs... so, probably it must be nerfed 75%, as risk free content.

  • Badon need nerf, or rework, it is cheat wenn u with 1 hit can restore 70% HP with Merc. Jacket, not all must run in Guardian helm to counter this. My opinion it must not make 100 little bites(ticks) with dmg 10, but make the same dmg, but only with 3-4-5 ticks, and not restore 15x70 hp... Hit - Run - Hit+restore - Run = shit. Target left area - u restore HP, is shitly broken.

  • 7d34ad553b0e.jpg It from other topic, but i want to place one more time here, and adress to Devs. Please make new map like on Picture, and add to game, u can just make like 50%/50% like new map will be or old, and normaly it can help ) on such maps fighter will have more chances vs. runners, on old map runner will have more chanses to run how girls =) @Mytherceria

  • Quote from deenne: “meta like meta, only thing what should be changed is a knockback Q from bows .. with this Q playing melee in cd are suicide ” yea, shit like shit, but it not means u must eat it. but Devs cannot offer something other, then eat it. it is NO OTHER 1v1 content in game.

  • 7d34ad553b0e.jpg Yea, when map will like on Pic. it can work, but, new map? they will not make this, it is year of job... no, forget....

  • I think in Slayer must be remowed Shards.. and job is done... they can skip in 6 Tier.

  • SBI? Holidays? Balance is perfect? Job is Done? Last NDA update 30. Nov., and with each day again more, and more rats/skippers, with Bear paws and MINER WORKBOOTS, if i want to play vs. mobs -> i will go play SINGLEPLAYER game... Maybe u will BALANCE something? Or we will wait again Month to next disbalance patch? Make something, hire more ppls for Balance, one Retroman can nothing to balance, we have like a stone vs. railgun in game in some cases. Just patch, patch, patch, is already all the sa…

  • Crazy? today i had 5-6 skippers with Bear paths IN A ROW, with MINER WORKBOOTS, u really think it is fun to play vs. MOBS? If i want to play vs. MOBS i will PLAY FCKING SIGLE PLAYER GAME... Nerf fcking SKIPPERS, dont sleep a month with something in mouth....

  • E on Boltcasters multiplies their dmg, if it will break at 13m range, it will do 30 dmg, lol ) while it is start at like 5dmg (vs leather) and multiplies, and the real dmg comes in end, at last 3-4 hits... so 13m it is really easy to break, and if u will break on first few hits, it will be "impact = 0", while it will do 30-40 dmg, lol, less then Q... And i had also played vs. Boltcasters, it is not so hard) u must have always max. distance ) if u are badon i don't know how u loose to xbow, he ha…

  • Devs, u have nerfed DD classes, xbow, sword, etc, but when we will see nerf of all kite classes? i really boring to play this shit meta... if u like it, then i don't know who u are... this fucking running, kiting, reset, again running... u have little bit nerfed after 2 mounths holly, and more less chillhowl, when will be nerfed next? Badon with insta HP recover under merc.jacket? other running shit? it is ruin the game for big group of ppls, i want fight, i don't want to run... for them it is t…

  • 10v10 Hellgates? 3v3?

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    Corrupted isn't 1v1 at the moment, is "1 vs 1 vs environment"

  • Quote from BackOFF: “Quote from deenne: “wtf.. claymore and crossbow are good but not in meta.. if you are losing to them after nerfs you must be suuuper bad.. what u are playing then we maybe we can told ya what u doing wrong. ” Oh. Okay. I just thought, why more than half of my enemies played sword or crossbow today. Now it's clear. Just because they are out of meta.Thanks for explanation) Do you really think, that so many effects in one item is okay? Especially in rock-paper-scissors balanced…

  • Caltrops

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    Quote from Tomperon: “This change seems unreasonable, but i cant see any change in actual gameplay there... caltrops already do about no damage. People use it to reset Q rotation. ” It can be usefull vs. melee, or vs mobile/kite classes... but of course not with range 13m, it is so slow projectile speed, that to hit target under RUN with this joke range, almost impossible... too slow, too low range, too uselese (short slow time, low dmg)... it seems devs joking when make such changes...

  • Caltrops

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    Hey Devs, tell me please what are you Smoke In your office? Xbow hat ZERO mobility, u must buff Caltrops, at moment it is USELESS, and what is this replacement DoT? Was 50+ dmg, now 34, range 13m (yea, hollowfall still jump 14m, I don't spoke about bow range), big hit delay, low projectile speed, and with 13m range u can't hit some classes, just out of range. Lol. And u make this buff? Or nerf? I really don't know. Crossbows - Caltrops (all Crossbows) - Replaced the DoT (was 4 ticks, each dealin…

  • незнаю этих членососов

  • Healing sickness, something else.. It is mobility meta, nerf fcked mobility, RANGE class do not need fcking jump over 14m.. nerf to 5-7m, nerf all mobility on all classes, it make too much impact, too much disbalance, and it is too boring to try catch fcking runners with class 0 mobility. Or delete this not movable stones from game, at all, save our nerves.

  • Hm, normally without offhand, and in assy chest, it is ~3sec duration) 7 sec it is dream) maybe in full heavy with 10 stuck on soldier) or with offhand on CC and with fish +10% CC

  • Have tryied to play some more times as Damage Dealer in clothes, and my opinion CD isn't for cloth, when u make mistake and must run in mobs, or just through, it is too painfull for man in clothes, mobs, traps hit u insane, when u play in leather/heavy - u don't see so big amount of dmg... What is as conslusion? your CD at this moment can play runners, and tanky builds, all other, all DD, all clothes have BIG disadvantage. It is just my opinion, u build with your mobs and traps on my opinion ver…

  • It is easy to break, but SBI don't want. They want to we play shitti running game, like all are girls without eggs. Break is easy: if someone use Dash/Mobility skill and don't hit enemy/heal ally, -> double CD, tripple mana cost for this spell. Done. How with E on Bloodletter, when he don't hit under 40% CD is longer, but in this way it must be more punishemen. Dont hit -> manacost x 3, cooldown x 2. done. one more time not in target -> mana cost x 6, cooldown x 3.