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  • Quote from SpicyPepper: “Quote from HIDKstr: “I saw his video. ” RKOverdrive, Toptal, StevensBot, and ImSeanBTW is the same person using 4 accounts. ” LMFAO

  • Quote from HIDKstr: “I saw his video. i will paraphrase from his video an then i will do some points "The idea of ipcap its having balanced fights, but someplayers are 700/700 and they are fighing against a t6 weapon without consecuense, so the ip factor can sound good on papper but as far end game goes its not the best (ip cap), and then he try to say that its only good for newbies" "i wasn't able to "The idea of IP on albion is to show your strength how much time and effor you put on your acc.…

  • Quote from SpicyPepper: “If you have money and want to spent to help fund development. Buy premium and skins, it's much better for you spending that way. ” XD