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  • Quote from The_Support_God: “he probably wants to know what actually goes on in the round table and who/what kind of people are in it which shapes the game what criteria is needed for people wanting to be part of the round table long story short from my point of view at least we have many types of people at the round table we have emotional solo people like me who care about the game like me who very vocaly support the devs and they way they do stuff. by giving feedback to improve the game but h…

  • Corrupted Dungeon 3x3

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    I want female player only content, and some content split by different votes.. so democrats only..

  • Quote from BraveArt: “Corrupted dungeon is a masterpiece . It’s a lucky idea which is bringing people to the world of Albion . It will get broken beyond repair at some point but for now it’s good. Here’s a little tip for some of you guys who want it changed so badly. No one is playing hellgates, streamers have quit hell gates because they suck and Sone of you want to make CD into 1v1 hellgate in its current state?????? Let me repeat that “YOU ASKING FOR A WORKING FORMAT TO BE CHANGED INTO A BROK…

  • My viewers have asked me, as I critized the way balance is done, how I would do it, and I promised to post this. Example heal sickness: Way balance team does it: 18 to 60 seconds Basically, they could remove the skill, as in 60 seconds that makes no sense.. But it is the most easily done approach, not much thinking or any creativity needed.. That was the starting point bon stream of the discussion. Now an example, how it would be handled with creativity.. You take the mechanic of spear self buff…

  • Quote from Syndic: “Quote from SpicyPepper: “Although it's a very cool concept. I doubt that it's feasible. It's like making a different game inside Albion. ” You mean like adding instanced 1v1 duels with special mechanics and then balancing the whole MMO around it? ” I fully agree, this content that can't be easily handholded and zerged down sucks. On top it is fun which is intolerable.. On top Mega Alliance cannot rent it out which sucks even more

  • If u mount a battle mount u should be exposed to red zone rules if not in a zone with higher risk.. then the risk of the zone is applied..done - u won't see them any more

  • unpopular opinion.. Unfortunately completely spot on and true.. Suggest to let it pass out asap..

  • Take example heal sickness 18s to 60s And now imagine crystal.. healer gets case it needs heal self..and gets in sickness...60 seconds sickness..u could also..type / suicide Why do u cripple 2/5 hg just because u cannot manage balance properly??

  • is wrong.. all these changes at the end targeting the reset meta.. Is in my eyes similar to someone with overwight, who does eat "light" products, installs a sport app on cellphone, buys a fitness tracker, reads a book about healthier life, buys a fitness spinning bike buys magic weight lose pills, gets hypno Therapie for weight loss But fails to eat less calories in total and do more sports.. I mean all the things are nice..but at the end..fix the circular design as u did in hg with lava and st…

  • is it the intention of SBI to activly promote and even showcase ONE SHOT ?? Literally I would NOT join a game where the PvP consists and rewards STUN Lock the enemy as shown in the videos and killing them without them have any chance to reject.. Luckily, this is NOT the content any more that mostly works. In fact the design team heavily worked on making the shown 1Shot 1h dagger less lockdown and less one shot.. Just again..why do you promote so uncool and non skillfull one shot and even put in …

  • Quote from Borbarad: “blight staff is broken in 1 v 1 tho - it´s more unkillable than anything else lul Just throwing that one in ” exactly, that's why the first activly played is on rank 308 ... That shows it is played all over and dominant like hell.. WTF

  • only in combination with a shrink area over time Mechanice Critter and traps are the only thing that is at least 10% counter to the unlimited reset trash we have In no other serious pvp game u just run in a circle to be full live again and have another try...and another..and another..and another..and another...

  • guildwars 1 already had a spectator mode..that's now 10+ years ago.. But u could watch all gvg and gall of heroes.. automatically ..

  • in group fights it forces the healer to a cleanse.. Just cultist chowl the healer and dps a target.. Healer can now suicide..or cleanse or let it die

  • this would be such a quality of life improvement..and a must for a pvp game..

  • Quote from Argustin: “They are also nerfing knight armor which is a big thing for those runaway frosts and maces (windwall). So i think its decent for balance. ” runaway frost and mace is long ago no more WW based.. And actually on top the WW change is postponed indefinitely

  • me 2!!

  • Guild Season 13 Schedule

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    why don't u Let hg 2/5/10 and cd give season points?? Why don't u divide season points by amount of people in alliance?? So much could be breath life in the content..

  • and regarding hideouts..on the same map First hideout *timestamp of creation* costs Lets say 100 food ..the second..1000 ...then third 10.000 .. And now there is incentive to fight and kill the first..and well u can still have as many as u want..sandbox..but u need a lot of food..

  • just why ?? Why¿????????? Why are in increasing the reward for NAP, handholding and mega alliance ?? Before you push open world and put avalonian artifacts in every corner u need to solve mega alliances.. What u now do..u increase the rent to be paid as bz gets more valuable..and so will rents..