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  • I think that substantial increases to the carry weight on non-mammoth mounts would benefit the game. In particular it will help narrow the efficiency gap between players with mammoths and without them. It will also make transportation in both the royals and the BZ less tedious and unrewarding. I think raising the carry weight is justified largely because of the expansion in the size of the map and the distance between cities and outland markets and territories. I could see pushing it so far as d…

  • HEY GUYS, SWOLE GONADS HERE. THIS WEEK WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT HOW FARMING CARROTS FOR 4 HOURS A DAY IS AWESOME AND HOW TO TELL WHICH NEEDLES YOU FOUND IN THE PARK ARE OK TO REUSE!! DONT FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE AS LONG AS YOU ARE A STRAIGHT NON-LIBERAL WOMAN HATER!! The best thing you can do is bring as little attention to this trash persons little echo chamber community. That includes incessantly complaining that he exists.

  • c2232aec426d8b5e85e026cbca410463.gif That may be what you want, but I think this is what you need.

  • You almost certainly missed a digit and tried to sell it for 1,399,999, and since that was below the current highest buy order price, it gave you that orders 12M.

  • Quote from Malkalma: “That's what I said. Quote from Malkalma: “77 x 2 = 154 ” ” So what is 77 x 2 where you come from?

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Quote from Piddle: “Quote from Malkalma: “Quote from Bogul: “Quote from Malkalma: “77 x 2 = 154 ” a little more specifc pls? ” CTRL + F -> 77 -> Enter ” I'm still confused. ” He has wrong numbers while doing math. ” Are you trying to say that 77 x 2 doesn't equal 154?

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Quote from Bogul: “Quote from Malkalma: “77 x 2 = 154 ” a little more specifc pls? ” CTRL + F -> 77 -> Enter ” I'm still confused.

  • Quote from Bogul: “log in while having it checked ; now if you press log-out on character select you are where you were before the patch.. basically ” This is an SBI standard. The same functionality, but with additional steps and labor.

  • Quote from Throatcutter: “you know when you cant tell if somebody is trolling or they legit have an IQ in the negative spectrum? ” UwU

  • Re: Eliminate auction house scams

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    Quote from RenKatal: “Resorting to ad hominem, instead of refuting any points that I have made in counter to your argument, you are ADORABLE! ” Here is my refutation. Bad things can happen to people, thing they didn't intended to happen, but to which they themselves are solely responsible. You aren't required to care about these people and the bad things that happened to them. But, when your opinion is that nothing should be done to stop unintended bad things from happening to people, because pe…

  • The real benefit to me is that currently you need 1 entire island for each person you do business with, because you need to use island access to control the crafting station access, and if you had more than one additional person on the island they could steal from each other. If co-owners could deposit and withdraw from the station, I could have one island and use it for all my silver transfers, because I'd just share co-owner of the station with that person, and then people with permissions fro…

  • Quote from Midgard: “They already can. Just hit the ‘claim’ button on the building. ” You can't do this unless you are also a co-owner of the island. The issue is that only a building owner can use the deposit/withdraw option. So currently to give more than one character access to that function you need to give the other character island access of builder or higher. This is increasingly problematic as more people start using crafting stations to transfer silver between two players. I can't just …

  • I think that the difficulty to get 10 people together and keep them together for prolonged periods of time needs to be rewarded extremely well. And the way to tell if content is rewarding players well is how much players engage in that content. I'd like to see SBI increase the rewards until they see a similar amount of participation compared to 2s and 5s.

  • I am oddly invested in the idea of 10v10 content. I have a strong feeling that this is just about the largest sized instanced content that the game can support competitively, and that it could be a strong draw to the game. I think that 10v10 Hellgates should be among the highest paying content in the game. So on release, all I heard about them was complaints, and from the prices of the hellgate maps, and the volumes they were selling at, I could tell this content was sort of DOA on release. But,…

  • I don't think capacity needs much more than a few value changes. I don't know how anyone can make crafting capacity into a fun and interesting mechanic. It's just a restriction on game play. I do think that crafting capacity at high tiers should be reduced significantly, and at the same time low tiers should be increased significantly. Or, even more extreme, the capacity pools should be inverted so that T2 stations have the most capacity. Either of these create more game play for what tier stati…

  • Regional Items

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    I was actually just thinking about a similar thing yesterday. It would be really neat if there was a set of high value drops for each mob faction, which constantly rotated over a period of time. The idea I had was that the challenge mounts could be drops, outside of their reward month. So for example in November the Morgana Raven could be a rare drop from Morgana Mobs. The idea being an incentive for more players to populate specific zones or focus on specific content.

  • Quote from Cronder: “Quote from SpicyPepper: “It's not a bug, it's intentional.Materials are refined with different return rate at different cities. For example, wood is abundant around Lymhurst, and refined with a bonus return rate at Sterling. The expensive fee for journal is to prevent people to set up Lumberjack laborers at Sterling and enjoy the bonus return rate. This make travelling with journal is the same as travelling with all the materials such journal creates. ” It makes 0 difference…



  • Quote from LeDruide: “Quote from Midgard: “Your font gets bigger and bigger, the more and more you get triggered. ” It's good to admit that you're there to "trigger" people. But bad luck, I'm a balanced person, so I don't give too much importance to a little discussion on a forum. No, I write big because you don't seem to be able to read when I write small. ” You don't have to put up with their crap LeDruide. You do whatever you want! They can't stop you.