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  • You tried to buy a skin with a stolen credit card and got banned, so no bud you aint getting anything back lol.

  • RIP Faction ZvZ?

    Georg51 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    If you went out every day in the red zones and looked for fights and didn’t find any then I’d have to guess that you are legally blind. Every bandit event there are fights.

  • Quote from Gabumon: “Quote from pesadelo: “To be fair the RT should be more transparent, why not open the forum of RT to all to see ? Why all this cloak and dagger ?Most don't understand some NDA changes to weapons ,per example, but maybe since we didn't see the discussion that precluded those changes , we will never understood some changes or what is the meaning of changing x or z . ” In the RT forum there is no NDA clause so there is no NDA changes. Is more a discussion about the overall state…

  • RIP Faction ZvZ?

    Georg51 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    >Says diversity of activities is good for the game. >Wants faction content to be boiled down to lame dungeon fights full of rats and cleric cowls. Theres far more royals content than there has ever been in the game's history where everyone can participate. For those wanting more serious ZvZ - theres the black zones. If you want to organize fights, see the BZ's.

  • Please put this patch it!

  • My faith in SBI has been restored. Cheers.

  • SBI dropped the ball pretty hard on this one. 10% is way too much and add in the fact that it was not clearly communicated AND that it effects ALL ranks, not just prestige... just a big failure altogether. 5% should be the max decay and even that is high imho. Also- on a side note - why not add infamy decay as well? Might as well screw everyone over while you are at it SBI.

  • Quote from Dagother: “Hey guys, I posted in some other threads before but just to let you there's a weekly "upkeep" for top ranks and a part of your standing is deducted each week. This will be improved in UI so the information is display theere. Nevertheless, we're looking into your feedback and we'll see if we can make some balance adjustments. ” Funny how you just now are interested in our feedback only after sneaking this garbage in and realizing how horrible an idea it is. At MOST - a 2-5% …

  • Quote from BlinkSL: “Quote from Blenfjorn: “@BlinkSL You're a top 3 player and still lost? So it has nothing to do with being active. They are literally taking points from everyone, yet claim this isn't bugged. ” with this kind of decay faction warfare its not worth my time ” DITTO @Retroman ARE ANY OF THE DEVS LISTENING?

  • Quote from Dagother: “Quote from Gnomer: “Yes, I know you claimed it's not a bug, but I seriously doubt it isn't. So, I had around 440k faction standing and lost around 10% (40k-50k, not 100% sure) too. Are you seriously suggesting this is not a bug? Everyone loses 10% every week of their standing? ” Hey, already posted in missing faction standings - top "prestige" ranks need to be maintained via standing, so basically you can keep prestige ranks as long as you are active in faction warfare. Thi…

  • Quote from Evas_Flarelight: “Hi everyone, Please see the QA Team's reply about it here: missing faction standings Quote from Dagother: “There's a weekly "upkeep" for top ranks and a part of your standing is deducted. We'll improve the UI in a later patch to display the information. ” Faction standing points missing (Yes, it's most definedly a bug) Quote from Dagother: “Hey, already posted in missing faction standings - top "prestige" ranks need to be maintained via standing, so basically you can…

  • Im a Paladin and I went from 1.8mil+ to 1.66mil faction standing. One of my friends lost Paladin rank because of this. And its not like we havent been grinding all week this is pretty ridiculous.

  • Can something be done to curb the huge influx of Faction points because of the Yellow/Blue zone changes? Currently it is too easy to get points with literally 0 risk where players farm massive points without losing anything. This is hurting the economy (Faction capes have dropped 50% in some places - and all other faction related items are plummeting drastically). Either lower the amount of points gained in Yellow/Blue zones, or introduce new ways/items to spend Faction points on (Faction bags p…

  • Dude it's a starter zone. You really expect the best fish to spawn readily in starter areas? They spawn in many places in the Black Zones try there.

  • Another idea for #2 is to give all players of the winning faction, and that also completed all campaign reward chests for that campaign, to get a bonus gold/platinum faction chest as a reward for being the winning city.

  • Just a list of some things I've observed about with the new faction update that will improve the content. 1. Move Faction Outposts in World Boss zones (such as Camlann) outside of the conditional flag zones. This needs to be addressed since it allows non-faction players to interfere with faction warfare - and the flagging system is challenging since the conditional flag zones turn same-faction players' names orange when they should still be blue (friendly) because that's how they behave. 2. Prov…

  • Doubt you get an officer here. I’m in BA though and get you connected. What do you need?


    Georg51 - - Rants


    So dungeon diving is back awesome

  • When faction flagged players enter conditional flag zones (such as in Camlann), they appear Orange to each other despite being in the same Faction. It would be nice if they did not flag as hostile since their ruleset is friendly anyways (they just appear hostile). Also - Please move the conditional flag zone in Camlann closer to the castle walls as to NOT include the Faction outpost because this is making some undesirable scenarios where non-faction flagged players are interfering with faction c…

  • Adding 1-2 zones but having players be faction flagged instead of hard flagged = much safer to transport. I don’t know about you but our Caer transports have never been safer.