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  • Question Where can i change my email for my account ? Can someone help pls

  • Since this discussion is a double edge sword i understand both sides to it and i’ve been on both sides in game Why don’t we ask SBI to implant the death by mob mecanique As in, being able to get killed by mobs in a solo DG but only in solo DG Some of you may remember this from alpha and beta Since ppl think it’s impossible to dive solo DG now Just add some risk to it This is just me throwing an idea out there

  • Good luck Have fun This is what we love in albion, big ZvZ fights No matter the outcome

  • I’ve been having ping problemes from 300-400 ping to sometimes 35k to 400 mill ping Normally im at a steady 120 ping on a daily basis but since a week or so the game has been unplayable. My FPS is normal and my ms is normal as well. Anyone having the same issues ?

  • Thank you for posting thoses screenshots, been playing the game for awhile and never knew what each tier looked like. On this topic a small amount of items in the game could use some preview options. But i do agree that the banners need a rework on prices or something along thoses lines

  • @Mytherceria Is the Market issue due to overcrowding or a large amount of items being put up ? Or do you have no information on that yet ?

  • That system is allready implemented in game. If you are dreaded witch is the most negative rep status a player can get you can’t enter any city. that for the royal zones only. But i do wish there was a bigger system for the PvP as a haul when it comes to negative rep.

  • A lot of things come in to play i think, let me explain a few examples First when you are in a city bank or the marketplace, there’s a lot of players on your screen, it can be something overwhelming. When a duel pops up, a grand majority of new players don’t know how to inspect. These two examples are two of a handfull of problems a new player can encounter when it comes to duel requests with silver bets. I don’t have any problems with this since i live in the BZ but i see issues around it and l…

  • PVE Hard Death

    Darkalex - - Bugs


    The graveguard has allways been like that, regardless of a player being in a pvp or pve zone It’s the only item in the game where if you are below 50% health you die upon using the spell. A players using the graveguard helm simply needs to pay attention to his HP. It’s not a bug. Many of my friends had to learn the hard way RIP to them

  • But i guess until SBI does/changes how dueling works, new players will have to learn the hard way sadly. I just turned off the dueling request simply because i was getting spammed so manny times just by trying to get to the bank in caerleon when the city still had a BZ portal.

  • This has allways been a probleme even since the beta days But it wasn’t as bad imo

  • A wise man once said, fishing is not gathering.

  • I think for new players any way, it should be a bigger UI warning when a duel pops up for silver Till they ( the new players ) can figure out the auto deny dueling in the setting Or SBI should put auto deny duels by default when joining the game Thoses are my thoughts @JoBones

  • Avatar Ring ideas

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    A suggestion or two about the avatar rings, Making some rings achievement lock for killing X amount of mobs or opening X amount of chest in solo/groupe dungeons Making Rings for PvP achievement like killing 10k players. Or actions for city faction in any way ⬆️ ⬆️ Im referring to factions right above since there going to be rework /revisited in a way, as mentioned in a dev blog not to long ago Again these are suggestions and examples that im putting out there. Im writing this not because of the …

  • Stone is very new so to speak when it come to the enchantement category of albion. First question, did you refine it in the city of BW ? I don’t know if that has any affects ? And my last question, does the spec you have in refining blocks change the number of focus points you spend in any way ? Just asking all this for information is all

  • Honorable LewPac

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    I think it’s a good thing you are trying to put some light on what happend in june of 2019. Sure no compagny or studio is perfect but imo they should be honest about they’re bad system, and yet we don’t know if it has been improved since. Thank you for standing up for the community Equart, keep up in the YT and albion content PS: your the player who inspired me to go dagger pair back in day from your early albion video montages in 2018. Peace

  • Alliance Point Sharing

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    I think it's a great idea to have this season points shared with the guilds and alliance I make the alliances work within them and work harder to earn points It make more guilds work together on a more daily or weekly base Because many alliances work as a team only on reset day PS: that's my personal opinion

  • nice guide, it's nice to have guides with all the updates good job man o7

  • Taking a 2 min break, from FF to PvP Big thanks to ingame name ihaveboobs for recording…=LLm9Fszo4kPpzrq0DZmS2ViA And thank you to all the Black Flag members who were in the fight and let's not forget to thank the 2 guilds from [LADS] for the battle

  • Black Flag is ready to set sail for…333ce1d9a6c3fcba1bb364291with EGO