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  • Am I more likely to win the raffle if I edit more pages or is it random based on everyone whos edited any page?

  • Quote from Kinna: “@Vicious666 and I find it sad that you are so proud of what you did like it is a major achievement to be proud of, scamming and stealing. And yes exploiting people. ” Not being funny but I'd be pretty damn chuffed with myself in his position. He just defeated an entire guild and made a ton of money with a few simple words. You keep analogizing real life, how about imagining guilds like companies. Hostile takeovers are an every day occurrence for companies. Vicious (the CEO) ju…

  • They are both OP. Glaive might be more in demand but likely to be nerfed soon (I think?), never saw anything in patch notes about xbow. Both fill same role and are viable in GvG. If you watch vids of high level GvGs you will see both are used. Id prefer xbow personally but some people complain about overlap with curse (double sunder) which i dont really get, i mean exertion has xbow + curse anyway.

  • this place is dead as fuck

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    Strikes me as odd people trying to over-analyze the drop in playerbase when there was constant unplayable lag for the first month of release. It's a miracle anybody stuck around at all tbh. I'm not too bothered though, games like this are also fun with smaller sized playerbases. Frankly it was too crowded before. You get more community drama when its smaller and GvGs are easier.

  • It would probably be a bad idea to have a whack-a-mole style approach to "overly popular" classes. Personally I dont even think the meta is fully cemented yet and it feels pretty early to be needing any significant changes.

  • Once, many years ago my brother lost all his savings on runescape because some people had a scam where they subtly created the impression that a junk item was worth 100 mill and then had another guy selling it for 50 mill. Did I feel sorry for my brother? No. Because falling for such a scam was completely retarded. I still take the piss out of him for it. This is basically the same thing but instead you have the in-game savings of hundreds of people at stake. Lets be honest just about any kid ca…