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  • Quote from Happytr33z: “Back in the day(round-a-bout 2016/2017) Spirit Spear really felt fine, it was in a good spot where it felt like you had to be mindful of your charges and think a bit while managing it, but it wasn't a constant concern like it is now. I'm not sure what all they've done since I've been gone, whether the duration has been reduced or if it's just the energy consumption or what, but now it really feels like you have to put a considerable portion of your attention on your charg…

  • did any frost user here adminted that fact E is bugged and root is almost instant not after 3 stacks ? im just saying. we need huge change on bows/frost.. take off that frost shot and frost nova.. if you want running circles go to the gym IRL..

  • after mace fix there will be spear problem.. after spear there still is frost.. never ending problem.. CD need separate balance.. most CD players are kids.. who want play the most meta shit and show everyones how good they are. its like mini LOL in albion.. overall thats not bad.. but devs have to push it on good tracks and unleash balance.. its a full loot pvp.. and its dumb if u dont like 1 meta weapon, this content is closed for you.


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    Quote from kheeta: “Before you start talking about spear OPness maybe u should try it for yourself and show us how easy it is? Did you try it? What is your winrate with spear? If it is so OP why we don’t see it in top infamy? Or you just retarded lose to some spears and got an buttfire? ” another clown.. spear is overtunned like almost everything what sbi decided to buff. I dont care what win rate is there, I dont care its OP or not. im saying this auto attack dmg buff is retarded and every sing…

  • Quote from Madrax573: “So basically you are saying don't bother until the next update unless I want to do bigger stuff? ” yea, next patch is full intended for small scale, open world

  • Quote from Madrax573: “So I guess there isn't much in the way of Solo/small gang stuff going on ” everything is shity especial for small group.. maybe ganking in bz with 10-30 people. roads u must be super lucky to find good fight/people 2v2 dogshit. CD dogshit 5v5 if u like playing against top gvgs its ok. 10v10 pretty dead next patch will bring some stuff to open world. for now is nothing to do.


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    before you decide to fix MACE also fix SPEAR.. this auto attack dmg is retarded.. why nature is unplayable in 2v2.. 3 stack nature cant out heal single auto attack. shit not balance

  • Disagree. game is noob friendly enought without this.. overall interesting and for sure we need something new.. more hardcore for crafting. this idea with GOD trier or quality is nice, add something like DIAMOND quality with super low chance to craft, you will need for example unklocked whole tree and full spec. unique stats like LEATHER SET: gathering gear (+5%extra) more skin gathering.. regular set +5% more fame gained at sand clusters.. (or extra stats leather +5% cooldown reduction, at sand…

  • Quote from HIDKstr: “A bearpaws can heal with mobs or crystals and then comeback full life in other minute more with his jacket again. 20 sec its fine bro, the problem isn't that. ” not bearpaws, any weapon with merc jacket will be stick with crystals just incase.. it will be same cancer like was with every claymore in CD prestacking.. thats why no regen is dumb idea.

  • you are wrong is strong af but have long CDR when most CC etc bullshit abilities have less cd.. so you have 1 try and what next ? running circles as long as ur cd is back.. or what die? layout design is awful.. second, CC abilities do way too much dmg.. like full cdr frost build.. uncatchable cheese, E,W out.. repeat 10x finish with Q.. bad design.. CC abilities should do minimum dmg..

  • worst idea ever, it will be stun meta, DEMON CAPE + POISON + STUN 1 shoted or 50% HP less.. then windwall and hes running away for cooldowns.. no regen ? what you gonna do start fight with 50% ? idiotic idea. problem in albion is with CC abilities.. why CC spell do tons of dmg.. like 1h mace E hit like truck with IFRAME and STUN.. same was with tomb hammer.. E hit like truck.. not gonna talk about QS/GRAILSEEKER E.. this bullshit hit like fucking train CC or DMG not both.. thats why plate CC abu…

  • yup, how it was in merica times, 6-7 group Famefarm with zvz set.. ready to fight back. even with randoms.. from lfg.. now you need 1600 IP full macro dps meters and other bullshit.. WTF is this

  • yea, they are suuper profitable, first need some invests for specs up.. but later they are make bank for u

  • if you want make test like this, make it on same mob with same tier.. every mob have diffrence resistances.

  • Quote from Gabumon: “Because the purpose of the RT is not about weapon balance: General forum can be used for that, as well as test server. ” its like I said way time ago.. people what killed black zones are trying fix problem which they created ? do you see how ridiculous it is

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    Quote from SpicyPepper: “Finally, someone with brain that actually realize why staves run so fast. Encountered so many idiots on this forum blaming the staves' mobility on the knight armor. ” wind wall still is a problem, that Q will be broken in CD with new mobility E.. vs axe's.cursed and other DOT's dmg. you will be able to infinity reseted the fight. thats why my proposal is about DIRECT HIT.

  • Quote from SpicyPepper: “"Today I had it 3 times..qs rush in screws up..reset..20 times" -> If you didn't want to chase them then why the heck did you stay and fought with them for 20 rotations instead of just breaking shard and l leave right away?? And after 20 reset, you haven't died but he hasn't either, then there's a problem on your side too (either your build or your play) Guardian Boots user I suppose ?? ” cuz he is following you like dumb tard and dont want let you out ? another topic an…

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “except quit the game... ” I almost did.. only CGVG and couple friends hold me here.

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Completely missunderstood risk vs reward.. U mean advantage by long time invest.. And this advantage is reflected by less risk for the long-term veteran as higher skills, less gear needed to match ip cap ” perfect example what im talking about. NOOB FRIENDLY

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “I grant u one thing, in 1 on 1 this will not happen to me and if it does I happily take it if the alternativ is current CD game play ” did you notice that guy was stunned/rooted whole time, everyone will be using ironclad,knight armors fiend cowl, fieshman boots. and you cant do shit with. 2x tanks with good rotation you will be CC'ed 4ever. about 1v1 ofc many ppl will be abused that shit, like they doing now with QS. and rest of demon cape bullshit builds. the perfect ex…