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  • SUN Takes Season 12

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    c31c7ebf3894eabe97e44cbdabd43904b33a4de5.jpeg The dust has settled on Albion's Twelfth Guild Season, with a decisive winner: congratulations to Albion veterans SUN on taking the season crown! Congrats to them for their outstanding accomplishment, and to second and third place winners MudHouse and MAHARLIKA as well. Look for their statue at the entrance to Conquerors' Hall in the coming weeks! Read the full article and watch SUN in action here:

  • Call to Arms Patch 7 (Season 13 Patch) Season 13 Changes This patch includes numerous changes for Guild Season 13, which begins on Saturday 19 June. As the next major content update later this year will focus on open-world improvements, the intention is to roll out some of these improvements now, particularly those that affect competitive guild players. - These changes are listed below; for full details and the intentions behind them, please see this forum post:…

  • Thanks for the report - this has been fixed in our files and will be corrected with the next patch.

  • dcd0097aef7fb34ddbd4160f0ae1ee2d5054aea6.png After years of anticipation, the day is finally here: Albion Online is now available worldwide on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! This momentous occasion has been many years in the making – and to celebrate, we've released a brand-new live-action trailer: Ready to jump in and play? Here's a rundown of all the important links: - Albion Online on the Apple App Store - Albion Online on the Google Play Store - Sy…

  • Albion Online's thirteenth Guild Season starts on Saturday, June 19. Guilds that reach a high enough rank during the season can claim fantastic rewards including an avatar, avatar ring, and the powerful new Phalanx Beetle! aeafaa0a6c7bb4458fdcf185a87105675143391c.jpeg - Read the full article: - Full list of Season 13 Changes: - Season 13 Schedule:

  • 1d532a694534c7866e32bcb2ba79caff7ab284e0.jpeg This week we spotlight the high-level solo PvP videos of Ninja Academy. Read more and watch him in action here:

  •…af0cc7539b51c75c705489aff The next Crystal League Championship starts June 12! This time around, the event will be open to the season's top 8 teams based on the following criteria: - Number of Level 9 wins - Number of Level 8 wins - Number of Level 7 wins - ...and so on, in descending order In addition: - Wins will be counted based on teams with the same 5 characters - Players cannot switch teams and attempt to qualify with multiple teams GENERAL INFO - The Tournam…

  • 895090c83c58b54e0724d654b9eccc8430cb64c7.jpeg It's official: Albion Online launches worldwide on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on June 9, 2021! Game Director Robin Henkys makes it official in our newest Dev Talk (includes subtitles for all our supported languages): All players automatically qualify for the special cross-play reward (the Chimera Riding Horse Skin and Tomes of Insight worth 100,000 Fame) for playing on mobile and desktop on the same acco…

  • Clients have now been deployed for all platforms except iOS - please update your client to implement the fixes. The old game version remains compatible and playable.

  • 72716c5b77be445c25b5c93df28fe57945437ff0.jpeg For the entire month of June, earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim the powerful and imposing Gallant Horse mount. Click here for more info:

  • 08bdd34bbeb627741b26b2a836034f82a41f1302.jpeg A new referral season is here! From now until August 1, refer your friends and claim your very own Shepherd Dog mount skin. Click here for all the details:

  • Call to Arms Hotfix 6.1 - Level 6 20v20 Crystal League tokens are tradable again as intended (known issue: the non-tradable icon still appears on the item; this will be fixed in an upcoming patch) - Fixed an issue where Avalon Portals were not displayed on the minimap Note: the above issues are not yet fixed for iOS, but the current iOS version remains compatible and playable. In addition, the following temporary server-side fix was deployed for iOS: - [iOS] Fixed an issue where no respawn optio…

  • We will be performing maintenance on the Albion Online website on Tuesday, June 1. This process will begin with the regular daily server maintenance at 10:00 UTC, and is expected to last one hour. The forum will not be affected by this maintenance. In case this process exceeds the expected one-hour window, we will post a notification in this thread, as well as on Twitter and Discord.

  • Call to Arms Patch 5/6 Updated Login and Account Creation - Replaced the "Remember Password" option with automatic login, which skips the login process entirely and proceeds directly to character selection screen - Streamlined and updated in-game account creation Improved and Expanded Tutorial - Streamlined and updated overall tutorial progression - Improved visuals and readability for all platforms - Added extra displays and tips for mobile users - Added new Dungeon, Expedition, and City Tour q…

  • Quote from iyagi: “Korean typo Typographical typos in the cloth armor auction house All three types of writing are the same. ” Hi, Can you please provide a screenshot of this issue?

  •…af0cc7539b51c75c705489aff Guild Season 13 Schedule Changes coming with Season 13 are summarized at the end of this article. For the full details of these changes, as well as the reasoning behind them, please see this forum post:…nges-for-Guild-Season-13/ Important Dates - June 19, 2021 (Saturday): Season starts, Invasion Day #1, all Territories Reset - June 20, 2021 (Sunday): Scoring starts (by time zone) - June 21, 2021 (Monday): Ter…

  • Quote from YacineBrutal: “I don't know if it's only in french but the description guardian armor is broken, it's wrote that it reduces 15% of damage but in reality it's 60% ” Thanks for the report - this will be fixed with the upcoming patch.

  • Quote from FirstTimeKarma: “…4351857606666/unknown.png ” Hi, Thanks for the reports - I've looked through most of these, and they should mostly all be fixed with the upcoming patch (the tag that says "AVATAR" is all the same issue, despite appearing in multiple UIs).

  • **UPDATE 25 MAY: This patch now consists of 2 patches that were previously separate but are now being released at the same time. The original post has been updated to reflect the full patchnotes.

  • Guardian Boots (incorrect tooltip)

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    Thanks for the report - this has been corrected in the ingame localization files and will be fixed with Patch 5.