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  • 1. Arenas changed to be the same mechanics as lvl 1 Crystals, but without providing Season Points and with matchmaking like it already has. Let it be a training ground of sorts for Crystals that run all day long. 2. Hellgates should have the same tiered diffulty levels of Corrupted Dungeons. This would encourage hardcore players to play Slayer level and let Hunter/Stalker be for poor or inexperienced players. 3. Dunno, lots of QoL improvments would be great overall. Most important IMO would be F…

  • Quote from EBN: “ - Marketplace notifications cannot be filtered by city - Marketplace doesn't show correct load capacity values for bags of different qualities. I reported it as a bug months ago (bags load capacity isn't displayed correctly at market, people don't realize higher quality bags can carry more..(+satchels)) - Marketplace doesn't show correct abilities values for better quality items - Marketplace doesn't show correct damage values for better quality thetford capes - Destiny board v…

  • Game is promoted as a "full loot sandbox rpg", so expect pvp to be the main thing. I too play mostly avoiding PvP, but I'm well aware of the game I'm playing and not even once I thought they were wrong to not support my playstyle. Just dont go in a water park expecting to not get wet.

  • People keeps bashing on the note of "HCE is safe, you never lose your gear", are you all braindead or just cant realize that one down in HCE gear is worth your entire fucking set for CDs? And before someone comes saying "hurr durr downing to mobs is impossible hurr durr", nope. It isnt and is much more common than you think. You guys try to use like Olyvia's and GreenHouse's videos as example, but you are literally taking the BEST of the BEST and using as parameters for your sorry asses. If you …

  • Quote from Rangerrrr: “Yes please make a level bazilion HCE that gives 1.2 bil silver per mob thank u SBI love u ” you really have zero knowledge about hce and even so comment on every single thread about hce's... interesting.

  • Good idea, very simple and very well explained post. But I fear that this will be just one more good QoL improvement that will never get made.

  • Royal Robe sure needs a little something, maybe just make the buff not be only magical damage, but damage in general and keep the 1min cd. But, yeah, Royal Armor and Royal Boots are by far, and I me reaaaally far, the most underused itens in the game. Never ever even saw someone using any of those. I like the idea of Draining Mana around you, but not on the Royal Plate Chestpiece, it should be something protective for you and your allies, to make it consistent and on par with other royal chestpi…

  • Albion Has No Goals

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    "albion has no goals" the game is a fucking sandbox.. you make your own goals, if the devs made our goals for us it wouldnt be a sandbox, and look at that, even the name of the company is SANDBOX Interactive soooo stop bitching about Albion not being just like every other boring MMO out there, we already have plenty of that.

  • SBI not interested in investing efforts to rework safe content, which is a shame. Arenas are really fun and works as a good entry point for CGvGs, and at least for me they are fun, even though not worth the time. It would be great if they did some kind of match making, and amped up the rewards at least a little, because right now it's 100% crap. They even could drop the concept of Arena entirely and make it just be the CGvG lvl 1 but with matchmaking and all day long.

  • Rename Poison Potions to Caustic Potions to better fit its functionality (corroding enemies armor and melting then slowly) Add some Potion that deals a little bit of damage and reduces healing received.

  • That.. that is a fookin great idea, bards would be amazing in albion. Also, just throwing in to maybe help with the addition of a Bard class in the game we could get Lightning Staves for Mage, Bard for Hunter, and ... dunno, a more mundane Medic-thingy for the "knight" side of things, se we get one healing tree in each category of weapons.

  • Quote from CL0UDY: “X wood planks X cloth and X bars + appropriate tired mount = "mount" drawn wagon. I always thought it would look cool to caravan your items with a real wagon instead of the slave carts we have as ox skins. ” Cant really praise this idea enough. Albion desperately NEED new transport mounts. The gap between t8 ox and mammoth is ridiculous, and I mean in all aspects, price and carry weight. One can even say that t8 ox is the last "beginner" mount and mammoth is the endgame mount…

  • Black Market

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    Why you being so cryptic with your info? You never told what is wrong. Just blabbering about "efficiency was 100% then 5%", "before patch 4 and 5 it was a 10, now it's a 1". What you talking about? You already said prices are fine and if prices are fine the amount of itens getting consumed by BM should be fine too, then what? What's the problem?

  • If we could get like Stalker/Slayer level HG it would be crazy good. I'm kinda new to PvP and get paired against hardcore, seasoned, gucci geared seasoned players just make getting into this kind of content a shitstorm.

  • Totally agreed, +1 to this. Dashing or any kind of movement abilities should not be possible while rooted. Maybe with the exception of Blink Abilities. Also before a certain someone comes accusing me of dying to this weird mechanic, nope. Didnt die even once to this, and it's in true the opposite, when I root someone I expect him to stay there and not doing triple dashes across the world cuz he is using a bloodletter.

  • Frost has some heavy mana problems, but I dont think it is enough to balance things out. Ice Shard with Scholar Robe makes fire AoE damage feel like shit in comparison, because Fire is dependant on two factors, cooldowns and mobs (or players) staying inside of the AoE for the entire duration, which we know doesnt happen even with mobs. The solution for this should be a new Q spell for FIre, as Burning Field is a good enough for a 2nd Q spell and has it's mechanical uses, to zone and etc. We need…

  • I dont even understand the argument for people that comes here and say things like "wow, stop being lazy just click" or "you dont get any problems for repetitive clicking", like the fuck? you like clicking bags this much that you have to come to a forum post that asks for a QoL improvment to say those things? whats wrong with you people lol?

  • Never thumbed up a post so fast. Just yesterday had to open 1k+ bags and man, why the hell we cant choose a number to open or just open all? this cant be this hard to implement in the game.

  • 100% agree, RTS is too cluncky for me, and normal controls only have that problem IMO. If you could left-click and only select the target without moving it would be perfect. Definetely +1!

  • Hey, I'm interested gonna send you a pm.