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  • Quote from Chadpreet: “The Crystal spider seems to be easily solo-able, i believe the difficulty should be increased where you are required to have 3+ players to kill them, you dont want this to just be camped by solo players the second they spawn especially when they give season points, making the fight last longer will give other groups a chance to come across players killing them. The loot can be adjusted where its worth it for a 5 man group to go out and look for them, maybe the fame as well…

  • Cripple

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    sure, but the damage increased was never put in patch notes, and the dmg increased just appeared there after one patch, which certainly seemed like a bug.

  • Cripple

    Borbarad - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Since you brought Cripple, let´s not forget it´s bugged in spear´s favor. So this is description for cripple . " Makes a crippling attack. Deals 352 damage. and slows by 15% for 8.3s. If the target has a move speed buff active, the buff will be removed and your own move speed increases by 50% for 5s. " But is it like that ? No. It has damage increase on top of that. It increases all damage by 20 or 25% for 5 seconds from what i recall. You can check the descrip…

  • Quote from Davidm38: “Can I still level up Gathering and combat skills without learning points in Albion Online ” Here is how you do it : You dont do gathering without learning points. Its just not effective. Instead, you save learning points for unlocking gathering tiers, like from t4 to t5 etc. And you focus on one gathering. Thats the only reasonable way. As for combat, you dont need a single learning point for that. Its waste to use learning points for anything other gathering ( unless you n…

  • cape button

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    Quote from RenKatal: “Quote from Yiotoo: “Pest Lizard needs it too! For gatherers do not get the block for being in battle... ” I would prefer that it just not combat flag you for using your mounts passive ability. ” That would be exploitable. On and off button only if you are out of combat. Capes in CD and potions should have cooldown resetted when you invade or get invaded, but - oh well.) And about pest lizard - if you suck at using it, dont use it.

  • That is one reason why swords sucks. Other is targeted melee abilities. Sbi should make it so that once use the Q, it should hit. But it doesnt if target is out of range. Horrible unintended mechanic. Melee simply have it ranged, while ranged abilities hit . Even the damn spear with autoattacks huge range hits. Here a funny clip of swords bugging out

  • I wonder how many of these topics were made already

  • fast travel back to town

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    Nope. Just use ox or something lol. And use pork pie obviously.

  • Quote from JonnnyBones: “You guys are idiots if you are nerfing the cursed staff and axes instead of nerfing the merc jacket... I don't even run ANY of those builds, but yeah if that's your way to balance the game it's time to retire and let someone who actually gives a shit take over. What's next are you gonna give every single E ability in the game a leap so we can all be equals? The windwall nerf is needed, like I said years ago it was the strongest ability in the game... before corrupteds we…

  • One thing that prevented me from ever doing fishing was simple - you cant bind fishing to a button. No thanks, i am not gonna click a button for fishing. I hate that. If i could bind it to some random key on keyboard - great. But hell nah i am clicking on mouse.

  • tbh arena is a joke- its just to test builds pretty much

  • Yo assassin stuff is all bugged lol. Assassin hood - this bug. Assassin jacket - think if you put bleed from passive on enemy and poppped jacket, jacket would cancel. Not sure about this bug tho. Assassin shoes - if you use dodge roll against 1H curse´s E, the E should eat stacks - but it won´t eat them. Already like reported that one like month, two or something ago. Rather funny.

  • Quote from theuser: “Quote from Borbarad: “ ” Speaking like a true elitiest. This dude is hella bias and just looking for an excuse to boost his ego further by showing off a video clip of him beating someone. ” Loled. I made the video because it was perfect example - for the curse was rank 2, yet he played like absolute trash. To be rank 2 at weapon that so many people are playing, to play a weapon that requires almost no skill, and even despite that making so, so many mistakes, and almost killi…

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “Quote from LordNrixx: “i realy don't understand how this new born baby thinks about BZ is so extremly safe? i mean on what basis? are you smoking kid? ” anyone that has actually played the game knows that being flagged up in the royals is far more dangerous than running around the black zone ” Yep. BZ is rather empty and nobody cares about you until it´s like a persistent group of gankers when you are wearing gucci gear - and even then, once you exit zone, unless your mou…

  • you dont want extra defense. Its a god darn Black Zone. That´s the point of it.

  • I would not call it honorable, but instead " Cowardly ". This could be easily exploitable and either way : Nope. Black zone is supposed to be hardcore, not a god damn playground for little children. I know, with hideouts, it´s playground for kids, but still - it doesn´t need to be worse than that. BZ as it is, is an absolute joke when it comes to safety. Hideouts everywhere, roads on every map, ganking weapons were nerfed to the ground, swiftclaw speed was decreased. No need to make it even wors…

  • Spec gives you more item power. In albion, every tier up in gear is + 100 IP ( item power). If you gain 100 spec in a weapon, it´s i think about 200 - 220 IP +, so it´s recommended you gain spec in weapon of your focus first. 700 spec is i think about 330-320 IP . That´s harder to achieve, but getting to let´s say 270 isn´t that hard, for you can just put like 40-50 spec into other weapons with fame credits when you got it, or just fame it up. Point is, get 100 spec in a weapon / armor and that´…

  • Quote from AntonARD: “Yeah is strong, but it absolute destroys full kite - infinite resets Bow players and Frosts, so im ok with it. I hate full Kite Bows with unhealthy passion ” Is anyone still playing Bows though ? And yeah, the new E on frost made frost worse for Fighting frost and made it easier for Escape Frost - which sucks. Either way, you know why it destroys full kite? Because mace is .. full kite. It just pokes a bit, run away, pokes a bit etc. It´s like quarterstaff, but in a way it´…

  • blight staff is broken in 1 v 1 tho - it´s more unkillable than anything else lul Just throwing that one in