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  • Total Fame?

    Evas_Flarelight - - Beginner's Questions


    Welcome to the forum @Sootclaw You can see your character's total fame by clicking or tapping/holding on your character's portrait and selecing "Stats". ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Davidm38: “Can you tell me what gold is use for in Albion online ” Gold can be used to purchase cosmetic items in the Vanity Menu. You can also use Gold to purchase premium status, it's 3000 Gold for 1 month of premium status. You can also convert the Gold to silver using the Gold Market Exchange. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from HonDDa: “I want to know mobile and computer on the same server ?? ” Welcome to the forum @HonDDa Yes. Albion Online is a cross-platform game, everyone plays on the same mega-server. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Davidm38: “Does it take a long time to save up silver to buy premium membership for 30 days or by earning gold by turning silver to gold by the exchange for 30 days premium membership ” Heya. It really depends on the activity you're doing. The quickest way would be either purchase Gold or premium status using real currency on the Albion Shop or the in-game store. Earning 8.4M silver (as of yesterday) to get premium status will usually depend on the following: - Activities with low ris…

  • Can't use Voice Text on iPhone

    Evas_Flarelight - - Bugs


    Hey there @MickeyDankMouse I moved your post to the correct section. Thank you for sharing this bug report and If you encouner any other bugs, please post it here. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @KyoraSora. There are few things you can check: - Do you have Auto-respec switched on? Auto-respec converts the fame you earn from maxxed out combat nodes to combat fame credits, the process consumes your silver. - Did you equip a Satchel of Insight? It's similar to Auto-respec with the way it works. You can enable or disable the satchel's feature so you don't lose any silver. If this doesn't solve your issue, please post it here so we can check other things. ~Evas_Flareligh…

  • Quote from GalacticDrip: “Thank you. I ended up submitting a ticket. Do you know how long it takes for a response? I'm sure they are busy with the launch of the mobile client. ” You're welcome. Unfortunately, I do not have an exact timeframe at the moment, but please wait for their reply. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from LetSwoo: “Hello, I have send my referrals code but when we click on the referrals code it send on the news page of Albion. ” Heya @LetSwoo That's how the referral system works. When your friend clicks on your referral link, they're sent to Albion Online website to create an account. You can read more about the referral system here: ~Evas_Flarelight


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    Welcome to the forum @Sasampu!

  • Quote from FLOKI67: “Ahm when i played albion Mobile it's really amazing and i had some problems it's been crashing many many times now can someone pleaseee tell me how to fix it please. ” Welcome to the forum @FLOKI67 Please send a ticket to the support team and include your device's full specifications. You can create a ticket here: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from BongoDrum: “The app store version of the game is crashing before I can even log in. Is there anyway I can fix this? ” If your device keeps crashing please check if your device is listed here:…12c0f28edcf5cf7426f640aa0 ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @den4iq Please reach out to the support team if you're having issues logging in. You can send them a ticket here: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Dragonborn021: “How can we who played on apk and can't play from play store can get those rewards ? ” You have to login your account on a mobile device and a PC to claim the rewards. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • I love the trailer too! I'd like to play with that old guy

  • Good to hear that @mightyboop! I'm now locking this thread as per your request. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from GalacticDrip: “Hello me and my friend started playing this game a few days ago. I sent him the referral link and he downloaded it and we are both paying for premium. How do I claim the rewards? ” Welcome to the forum @GalacticDrip You can check your referrals here: If your referral purchased at least 30 days of premium status on their character you should receive the rewards. Also, if your referral isn't showing up on your list, please fee…

  • Quote from philly5: “What if you forgot to sub? Any chance subbing and getting the reward? ” You'll have to check with the Support Team on that. I'm pretty sure you need to meet 3 requirements to receive the season rewards: - Must be part of a guild that's reached Bronze rank and above. - Must meet the minimum required number of days in that guild. - Must have premium status by the end of the season. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @Wilyard, Please send a ticket to the support team so they can check. You can create a ticket here: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @mightyboop, Please wait for a reply from the support team, as this is something they can definitely look into. Do not continuously bump or update your ticket, it gets sent to the end of the queue each time you do that. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Hello!!

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    Welcome back to Albion Online @Shadowsurfer1221!