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  • Yop, J'ai répondu récemment à un topic sur le sujet, je copi colle ma réponse : Pour info Gugusteh, un joueur FR avec beaucoup d’expérience a fait une vidéo (en Anglais certes) mais qui donne beaucoup d'infos pour le choixd'armes vis à vis de leur utilités et forces dans différentes situations. Perso je la trouve bien faite et j'aurais aimé avoir ce genre de vidéo quand j'ai commencé, cela pourra peut être t'aider smile.png Pour savoir s'il s'agit d'une arme tank ou dps c'est assez simple : si l…

  • Arena Queue Bug (video evidence)

    Akhume - - Bugs


    Yep just happened to me to after trying to click the start button, might exlain why almost everytime it seems someone left the lobby and everything is canceled even before the end of timer.

  • Yop, Il s'agit effectivement du cours de l'or. Si celui ci est à 2000 s/u ou plus (modifié post F2P), pas de réduction, en dessous la réduction se met en place. Akhume

  • Made a few quick try with the method you've given and I don't see anything wrong : If i update my buy order augmenting the price I'm paying the difference with the former price I've choosen + 1% taxe. If I reduce It i'm getting back the difference with the former price reduced buy the 1% taxe. Seems to be working as intended so far (just tested with seeds).

  • I think paying the full tax on updating an order is not a bug and work as intended. I don't recall it being otherwise but i do not update prices a lot. IMO it's a pretty good move as it makes you think twice at the price you choose to sell your goods and prevent -1 silver spamming guys. Akhume

  • Hello, Pour info Gugusteh, un joueur FR avec beaucoup d’expérience a fait une vidéo (en Anglais certes) mais qui donne beaucoup d'infos pour le choix d'armes vis à vis de leur utilités et forces dans différentes situations. Perso je la trouve bien faite et j'aurais aimé avoir ce genre de vidéo quand j'ai commencé, cela pourra peut être t'aider Akhume

  • Quote from Neesh: “I edited just to be more clear, but the title is the original one. ” Ok, glad to known I don't have eyes problems

  • My bad, left the tab open too long the edit was not shown ... I known you've taken time for building up a solid answer to a misleading questions, But no need to be agressive ...

  • As the title says it, he's talking for black zones, not royals ones, as Fort sterling is the central zone for Cumbria. To OP, this things should change before the end of the year with the new map design, you can see it in this topic.

  • It's not because there is a way to remove those (an a pain in the ass one ...) that a feature that is no use execept for awfull purpose should be kept ... Start doing some services to the community by not putting those satutes out ...

  • Placing statues and such on maps should never be allowed, only used for trolling, wonder why it's not removed yet ....

  • To be fair, monopolists played by the rules, have taken advantage of the system it's true but you can't really blame them for bad system design. Nor anyone can blame SBI now to make a move to make things change, such things happen every day IRL with regulatory institution. While the new changes are good, they are far to solve the roots of plots monopolies : the supply / demand balance. Crafting capacity need a rework really quick after this month auctions. Maybe limit crafting capacities to the …

  • Hi there, First i'd like to thanks Sevens for participating in such a debate, it makes much more sense to have a discussion with everyone concerned about this system. I'd like to thank you also for opening my eyes on one of the biggest problem : profitability for owning only one plot, while I was focused on plot acquisition (which is broken too in my opinion). Captainrussia and Sevens have laid a hand the real thing ( have reached the same conclusion by myself while watching people complaining t…

  • Party duel

    Akhume - - Beginner's Questions


    Thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for ! Hope they will make a nice UI to ease setting up a match, but the core idea is good ! Akhume

  • Party duel

    Akhume - - Beginner's Questions


    Hi there, Is there any way to create a "party duel", like a 5v5 combat between two parties agreeing for the fight ? Asking this in order to be able to practise composition and abilities inside a guild. I've seen this post with an answer from Bercilak on reddit from a year ago talking about it being implemented in the futur in arena but can't find anything like this in game, does anything like this exist yet ? Thanks for your time reading an anwering this post, Akhume

  • Hi, I'm still quite a new player as I've came back recently but i will give you my opinion, as I've chosen to stay in royal city : Pros : - Staying in RC will allow you to gather every tier of ressources - You will have access easily to non pvp zone, when you just want to chill gathering up to T5 ressources - Local crafting and refining bonuses - Probably less dangerous black zones access as Anglia is less interesting for very conpetitive player - Stylish cities (From a personnal perspective i l…

  • Quote from fip: “According to some people I've spoken to, attempts to be competitive with tax rates will be met with hostility. If you secure a plot and proceed not to 'play by the rules' (undercut the mafia), they will undercut you for the rest of the month, then place massive bids on your plots that will be unprofitable to meet. ” So the word 'Mafia' is not just a nickname I guess ? Then the real solution seems simple : make these auctions real auctions ! The 24h delay for the owner to bid you…

  • This post is such a good one, as it explains lots of stuff about the auction process that is quite blurry and show that by mobilizing people we should be able to end up having an impact. I think that's the right way to do it, much better than capping number of shop or tax and such, even tho a few modifications could help prevent situations like Fort Sterling : - Build a house on a city plot should not be allowed (except guild hall) - Close a building to public should only be possible if you alre…

  • More deco for Islands

    Akhume - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Themed island is such a good idea, hope to see it coming to the game at some point ! Themed building could be nice to and add a feeling of uniqueness to each city, every player built building would let you choose between default or local aspect for it Probably tons of works with the buildings tier and use variety, but would be awsome as Albion Online Artistic direction is such a good one *_* Akhume

  • Ressources protector

    Akhume - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Hi there, As a gathering lover, I am often forced to kill ressources protectors that I'm not at all interested in gathering from. As an example, getting attacked by an ore protector while gathering stone. Feels like ressources protectors are more bloodlust killer than guardians, shouldn't they only agrro you if you're trying to pull out the ressources they're made of ? Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this topic, Akhume