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  • Pike 1 shot

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    why is this zero skill build still not nerved?? I got oneshot under an inferno shield of a stalker jacket, both same gear Before my silence ended the cookie cutter build has done the job... Isn't that a bit too easy?

  • it is no secret that loot is best before and after reboot in a 2 hour window On top, I dunno why but 6 hours to reboot much more people in hg and cd are free farm, i dunno why but skill in that timezone is convenient..

  • Quote from fip: “It is much better to change corrupted dungeons themselves rather than making 1v1 balances to items. If you change the actual mechanics of CDs to gimp unsatisfying playstyles, then there will be much less need to balance items around it. If you are planning to change the mechanics already, then prematurely balancing items around it will overshoot what is actually needed. Poorly balancing items will decrease player confidence in the game. ” yes - fix be simple..make 2 hg 1 hg, too…

  • JONAH was no prophet. I will change your mind, or at least I will try. To be a prophet u need to predict the unforseeable. But that SBI was wrong here and still is wrong was not unforseeable. It was pretty clear that they are wrong listening to the people the large guild leaders exploiting the system. But to predict the obvious of the obvious you are no prophet but at best an analyst or the fool, that says ..the king has no clothes..the king is naked..

  • Quote from HIDKstr: “Quote from Ravname: “An Autobalance would require too much input and work and would be way too volatile, but there are other games that seperate Balance between content and thus doesn't alienate the whole Playerbase. When something is problematic in a niche Environment. WoW for example has Arena and OWPvP and PvE seperated, so while Ability X may CC for 10 seconds in PvE it only CC's for 2 in Arena. It is possible to have instanced content, namely CD but other in the future …

  • Armors Normalized all Out of Combat Regenration for all armors, so that resetting a fight for a short duration doesn't favor any armor type. Reduced the Wind Wall duration, to reduce it's possibility to reset fights in Corrupted Dungeons. It can still be used to create space, but with the shorter up-time the enemy has a better chance at chasing the target. - Wind Wall (Knight Armor) - Wind Wall Duration: 4s -> 2s - All Combat Armors now have the same Health Regeneration Bonus: 150% - Scholar Rob…

  • while holy is still viable in solo as divine and hallowfall nature is pretty much dead. Can we get either holy completely out, too Or Nature thorns overworked to be solo playable again, too in pvp??

  • not true i can maintain in stalker 85% on broadsword and similar on claymore.. This is fights I decide to fights.. I dodge e.g. curse on double merc I dodge bows on cleared path I dodge knight armor I dodge any double merc I take holy nature dagger spear fire frost

  • nothing But the build works with demon boots usually. Or wanderlust and has low mobility. On top it is played on grudge usually. Just dodge the build, it is insane strong & OP but has low catch. Of course if u play no mobility against that u are more or less dead.

  • the unbalance of T8+ potions in IP capped environment makes no sense at all. You get your gear stats capped but the potions are uncapped. That completely removes the sense of IP capped environment, that "invest to win" should be limited Infact Investment to win is enforced.. Why is that?

  • Quote from UNFM: “this is not meta, wtf you talking about. I playd today CD 5-6H and dont met 1 curse, most players I met was grailseekers and frost and 1h maces. and is excatly what I said, as long as Demon cape is not reworked,there always will be some CC bullshit cheese like 1h mace,grailseeker,QS.. etc.. ^ this is meta, demon cape + cc + poison. and healers. curse is ez to skip, unmobility weapon ” true, i skipp now all of them..intendet??

  • cursed skull, grudge, Double merc Demon boots That is surprising for me that this is new meta.. But in fact it is.. And the best, probably we can enjoy it a few months till next patch.. *Sigh*

  • I just did fight a QS on 1H axe in Slayer. No issue run away from it, no issue chase it down. I don't understand where the Problem is still very very good...and finally it has cc..

  • Adrenaline Boost

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    Learn to throw u axe, it works pretty nice..

  • Quote from Quicksilver88: “u just made axes useless, congrats sbi ” it is not all bad, paws was insane I do very well with 1handed..skill issue??

  • can confirm the bug Though not sure if it's visual or the numbers really miss on the hp bill

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from SpicyPepper: “Quote from HIDKstr: “Mana isn't a big deal on corrupteds, build that are mana needed use scholar sandals or lymhurst like plate forst or plateletter. Mana is a thing on 5s but they always use mana pasives on weapon. Im saying it, you prove that you don't pvp on this game. ” "use scholar sandals or lymhurst" -> Scholar makes you run slower than regular run, lym cape take up the cape slot. Cloth frost can swap the lym cape for morgana cape. The HP r…

  • Quote from Spoxxy: “The problem with your post is that you don't understand the definition of the word "trash", which in essence makes the rest of your post just the ramblings of an ignorant person with no knowledge of what they're ranting about. Hyperbole, look it up while you're at it. ” if u issue is hyperbole then 90 % of all newspapers are not for you my friend. This world breaths hyperbole

  • removing pvp kill fame .. Just run if loosing deep in lava.. get knocked down.. if enemy not fast enough..u can /suicide and prevent pvp fame from winner Another bug reported that exists since years..but here gets very evident cause of lava Works in CD and everywhere like this..

  • Quote from SirCodpiece: “My posts get banned when I say something half as negative as this... I havent been wanting to log in these days either... ” why should it lead to a ban? An opinion is stated, no insults or hate speech.. To my knowledge the company is based in EU, ban for speaking your opinion can backfire there as long as within boundaries.. and this post is negative but within the rules.. Except the advice to new players, this is the offense..