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  • Yea, I can provide screenshots. 300-600 on solo knockdowns, 7-100 if with a group. @Lohend, yea I would increase the loot and fame based off of player's rank so there's a reward for doing dungeons and a reward for people diving them. I don't see why this is such a bad idea tbh. Current SRD give shit loot simply because of safety.

  • Hello! I think we can all agree on that the Faction update was a huge success. Seeing as the hype train is slowly starting to stop and more and more people are finding things that they don't like, I've finally decided to write my thoughts about it, so the royal continent will continue to thrive with life and healthy population. PVE changes Currently, the only real way to earn faction points is by pure pvp. Yeah, you can argue that capturing outposts is PVE, however, killing 1 mob and alerting ev…

  • @Mytherceria I dont see anywhere any talk about the knocking down/killing people in the dungeons not giving points. Its been over a month since the patch hit and this still isnt resolved. Please and thank you!

  • @Retroman You missed 2 things regarding faction warfare. 1) no points for killing/downing People inside dungeons. 2) no way of earning faction points without pvp which gets saturated by rats super quickly. 3) speficic mounts being able to participate in faction warfare. Lizard, grizzly, last season reward mount to name a few. Ty

  • I've been a nature player for a good while now ( 2+ years) and I was hoping that the previous changes to blight staff will make it viable as a frontline healer for ZvZs. You went into a good, although a bit too strong, direction. Today's proposed changes are really in a bad direction however. Making it have distruption factor at all is terrible. If you need to walk into the front line to heal you are risking your life much more then staying safe in the back line. While using the blight staff E, …

  • Hello everybody, my name is Joda and I've been playing a lot of corrupted dungeons. I've been a part of Albion since the official launch, so, let's say I have some experience with the game. Naturally, there are guys who are far more experienced then I am and I'm hoping for them to come across this thread and give their opinions as well. Now, for the real reason of this thread. I've been playing a lot of slayer and gradually moved onto stalker. You heard me right, from t8 to t6. Sure, things are …

  • Seeing how the roads are alive for almost a month time, I think it's time to bump this thread a bit as no changes to fishing are currently visible. Hopefuly the devs can get a bit of a motivation from here.

  • Angry fisherman

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    Fishing- forgotten gathering tree Check this post out, that's all I've gotta say.

  • So, a couple of months ago I've watched a dev talk that clearly stated that fishing will be getting some kind of rework. I'm hyped beyod belief for the Roads to hit the live server and I didn't wanna spoil it too much for myself by playing on the test server, however I couldn't restrain myself so I watched some videos and streams. As far as I can tell there's nothing about fishing in the roads. Every gathering professions has this amazing nodes of materials with insane density and reward, ofcour…

  • This is probably the biggest obvious sign that the nature is a forgotten wep....…69bcd16a6c50c55e23dd62b6e How can it say Additionally, if Rejuv and Thorns and mutually exclusive? This tooltip was prolly here since thorns were a W spell. Basically this is the only E in the entire game with a condition where you have to pick which part of the spell is gonna activate... SMH

  • Currently there are only 2 healer classes in Albion. It makes no sense to see one perform way better in all the fronts. 2v2 hg? Holy. 5v5 hg? Maybe nature/mostly holy. FF ( group dungeons)? Only holy. ZvZs? Some random rampant here and there, but once again mostly holy. I'm baffled that a druidic type class can't compete with heals and be viable at the same time. Just a couple of thoughts off my head. 1) Remove the mobs aggroing healers in dungeons mechanic. That way nature healers could pre-HoT…

  • I mean, if we look at the counters to nature/holy/healers in general, most common is some form of hard crowd control or healing reduction. However, if we look at the counters to the holy healer, there really aren't that many that aren't covered in the "general healer counter" mentioned above. Even will all of that, Lifetouch E, "holy touch", is just a busted spell in general. The spell remove all debuffs and movement impairing effects, however the really busted part of it is " it can be casted w…

  • I'm not really a new player, I've played since launch. It's just that I took a 2 year break and I was never much into hellgates to begin with. But, yea, I do remember Great Nature E having some reflect mechanic as well. I was surprised as hell when my E didn't reflect shit.

  • I mean, I'm really a newbie when it comes to HGs, I'll be perfectly honest on that. But when I paired with with him ( holy) and I picked the normal bow ( having 100 speccs in bow+ 160 speccs in other bow nodes) it was basically a dps race. Nobody could fight us upfront. they could purge my rotation or try to reflect it, but that's pretty much all the counter play there is. I've done maybe 40-50 hellgates alltogether and I rarely happen to see nature in there at all. I must agree with Hollywoodi,…

  • So, in short, couple of friends and I decided to play Hellgates. As luck would have it, one picked the holy tree for a healer and I picked the nature. I dunno, I always loved the feel of a "druid" class. Got my speccs to about 50ish, equipped druidic+mistcaller. Put on my fancy graveguard helm+cleric robe+knight boots. Basically everything that's in my power to heal my dps. And loss after loss I couldn't sustain him against a bit higher burst. Fortunately my bud was streaming his fights in HGs w…

  • @Captainrussia can you make a couple more? I'm really interested

  • @Scipianas you are wrong on that last statement. In forest biome 1 t8 wood can be stolen without alerting any of the guards. In swamp 1 t8 cotton can be stolen just as easily. In plains 1 t8 stone. Dunno about desert/snow zones, but you can pretty much strip the zone with little to no guard alerts.

  • T8 stealing help

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    Isn't there any scammy way with some weird armor combinations? For instance, stealing in forest area's, I would just run in with skinner boots and start chopping. I would avoid a fight if at all possible.

  • I'm trying to level up my tier 8 wood specs to be useful to my guild, but seeing as we already have a lot of higher specs guys, I need to lvl up on other people's turf. I usually play with a buddy, and I was curious if it's possible to steal t8 wood from swamp areas and the 2 trees that shouldn't be stealable from forest areas, with 2 player where 1 is in gathering gear and the second in combat gear? I couldn't find any video or guide or things of that nature. Ty very much in advance!

  • In my opinion, T8 nodes should stay where they are. I think that the layouts of forest,swamps and highlands territories should change and guards should be moved around a bit. It's really difficult to steal t8 node from another guild with a massive zerg or 2x nature healers. Also, the reset times should switch up. Right now, t8 wood in Mercia and Cumbria is exclusive to NA playing people. By the time Europeans wake up, all the stealable nodes are already stolen.