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  • That's why they killed 5v5 yellow hg, nice decision

  • Очень тебя жаль(нет) ) Quote from Zloynoob: “Я играю с мобильного устройства. Пвп на мобилках не интересно, слишком большой разрыв с ПК игроками. Бегаю с большим топором, это удобное оружие для пве контента , зачем его превращать в пвп оружие когда основная аудитория его использует для пве непонятно, его просто перестанут использовать, и пересядут на проклятый посох. Google translate: I play from a mobile device. Pvp on mobile phones is not interesting, the gap with PC players is too big. I run …

  • In general, new HG(5v5 and new 10v10, I don't speak about 2v2, I think it's not important for game =) ) much better that it was before. 100% By the way, i want notice about one big problem - skill between non-lethal and lethal HG(same for cgvg 5v5 and 20v20); As for me, I rare to lose 5v5 cgvg t1 and 5v5 yellow Hg, but in cgvg t2 I have never win it and i have 20% winrate in red HG, it's really confuse me, because i have ~90% winrate in other non-lethal content.

  • 1. Remove PVE at all 2. Give timer for us, after 6 min we will get small chest(~200k per chest + fame) and than next HG 3. PROFIT If u want to infinity chain u should create something like HG chest after every HG. For me, i'm going to town after every 10v10 HG

  • Yellow 5v5 HG chest bug

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    One enemy stand behind chest, then killrog killed him and chest was spawned

  • HELLGATE 5v5 and 10v10

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    Quote from keeperofnature: “run non-lethals? ” non-lethals is too easy, 12 wins per hour. Also loot worse than it was before =( NEED MID TEAR HG, cause i dont want to die 3 times in hour in 2kk/per set against c3-9 teams

  • Quote from Nastya202: “а давай ты сюда свое видево будешь выкладывать, когда до фулл рейда дорастешь или хотя бы, в принципе ,больше одного сезона просуществуешь, а пока пожуй говна. ” Спасибо, настроение поднял с утра!)

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Quote from dawd: “Can we bring old HG back please, An just have this new HG just for 10 v 10. ” I would also want the old back.. ” I think that new HG is pretty good in general. I have only 2 problem now: 1) yHG is not lethal 2) And Avalonian holy is OP, so over priced I'm ready to fight with crystal teams, but not in 2kk set =)

  • I think they will implement it, but we have to wait 1-2 years at least. Same as "buy loadout"

  • 10v10 HG problems

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    All 10v10 problem by albionOnlineTV:…orgiDerp-sqEOarG35y4Vp94a Problem summary: 1. Hard to found 10 people for doing that 2. High base IP CAP, every build more than 1kk 3. Annoying PVE content 4. Poor(NO) fame reward (CD >>>> any type of HG) 5. Lack of other people doing 10v10, because of 1 and 2 6. Poor silver reward because 5 (Main boss will spawn really rare, 1/hour; small bosses 2-3/hour) We get 6 fights for ~7 hours of PVE content. And ~3 hours i spent to buil…

  • I'm ALWAYS use this build in CD, it can't be 250k. Also differens between 6.3 and 8.3 is ~120ip, this not enough to have totaly domination Calc: - 4.0 bh 23k rune+souls ~80k in carleon - Cape 100k - Energy 56k - Food+potin= 5k+6*3 = 29k - Hellion shoes 46k - Chest 30k - Hood 13k - = 80+100+56+29+46+30+13=354 + horse and bag = 360k

  • lol, u have only 100ip adventage, if ur spec are equal. I think, that u have done wrong move ) Aldo, ur calculation was wrong, it's not 200k. 100k bh 100k head, boots, chest 100k cape 80k potion, food, energy ~ 380k 7.0 will cost 460-500k. It's ur problem, that u use over price weapon which usefull every where, from dive to 20x20 crysral league

  • Thank you for nerf hallow fall and robe of purity. I suppose now it's not OP (joke)

  • Quote from Dahweed: “You already have a mid ground that is the yellow hg.Nerfing reds atm doesn't make sense they already lowered the ip to enter.I agree with hallowfall nerf and exp boost. ” Yellow it's not mid lvl HG 1) Yellow HG: In average, 11 win and 1 lose per hour 2) Red HG:32 lose in a row

  • Есть гильдии, которые стабильно собираются на кристальную лигу 20х20? С прицелом на 2-3 лвл? При этом без обязательного ЗВЗ и прочей скучной мишуры(Тратить на это время я не готов), меня интересует только 20х20 Мой мейн контент это 20х20 паблик кристалки, ХГ 5х5, иногда cgvg 5x5

  • U will never get gate competetion because not enough player want to spend more than 10+ hourse in a week to play 5v5 in this game. After some days of loose-content, they just throw HG or albion at all =) ~400 people in albion have more than 5k infame in 5v5 now, so only 80 teams runing it now. And it's maxium. Now i have ~8k only in yellow HG

  • 2) most mid level and public team stop doing 5v5 because of they tired to play against crystal team and loose 0.7-2kk per gate. Now hg 5v5 is too competitave, so the lack of people doing that. After loosing 32 times in a row in red, i just stopped; now only yellow =) We completly need mid lvl hg

  • Quote from MadSkillzDLR: “So, you want pve fame from pvp content? Tell me more about it. Arent corrupteds enough? You mad because you get matched with people better than you and not with shitters that allow you to get free loot from chests? Looooool I wish most of you were around when the game launched, so you could see what grind means. ” 1) We want to see pve fame reward for wining HG, same as it was before ~1m per hour for mid-tier hg team. Corrupt dungeon is boring, too many pve 2) Yeap, i'm…

  • I agree. Possible solutions: middle lvl hg, same as Corrupted dingeon

  • Hallow fall nerf

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    Divine Intervention (Hallowfall) - Resistance Buff Duration: 4s → 2s - Resistance Increase per Stack: 0.18→ 0.09 I suppose that nerf of Hallow Fall is not enough, other staffs worse than hallow fall in all PVP activities. For example Redemption have same heal power, but less mobility(jump), less survival(resistance), have cast point(easy to interupt) and it's two-hand; On other hand we have hallow fall wich haven't this disadvantages. That's why price of Hallow Fallow is ~500-600k for 4.0