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  • the unbalance of T8+ potions in IP capped environment makes no sense at all. You get your gear stats capped but the potions are uncapped. That completely removes the sense of IP capped environment, that "invest to win" should be limited Infact Investment to win is enforced.. Why is that?

  • Quote from UNFM: “this is not meta, wtf you talking about. I playd today CD 5-6H and dont met 1 curse, most players I met was grailseekers and frost and 1h maces. and is excatly what I said, as long as Demon cape is not reworked,there always will be some CC bullshit cheese like 1h mace,grailseeker,QS.. etc.. ^ this is meta, demon cape + cc + poison. and healers. curse is ez to skip, unmobility weapon ” true, i skipp now all of them..intendet??

  • cursed skull, grudge, Double merc Demon boots That is surprising for me that this is new meta.. But in fact it is.. And the best, probably we can enjoy it a few months till next patch.. *Sigh*

  • I just did fight a QS on 1H axe in Slayer. No issue run away from it, no issue chase it down. I don't understand where the Problem is still very very good...and finally it has cc..

  • Adrenaline Boost

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    Learn to throw u axe, it works pretty nice..

  • Quote from Quicksilver88: “u just made axes useless, congrats sbi ” it is not all bad, paws was insane I do very well with 1handed..skill issue??

  • can confirm the bug Though not sure if it's visual or the numbers really miss on the hp bill

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from SpicyPepper: “Quote from HIDKstr: “Mana isn't a big deal on corrupteds, build that are mana needed use scholar sandals or lymhurst like plate forst or plateletter. Mana is a thing on 5s but they always use mana pasives on weapon. Im saying it, you prove that you don't pvp on this game. ” "use scholar sandals or lymhurst" -> Scholar makes you run slower than regular run, lym cape take up the cape slot. Cloth frost can swap the lym cape for morgana cape. The HP r…

  • Quote from Spoxxy: “The problem with your post is that you don't understand the definition of the word "trash", which in essence makes the rest of your post just the ramblings of an ignorant person with no knowledge of what they're ranting about. Hyperbole, look it up while you're at it. ” if u issue is hyperbole then 90 % of all newspapers are not for you my friend. This world breaths hyperbole

  • removing pvp kill fame .. Just run if loosing deep in lava.. get knocked down.. if enemy not fast enough..u can /suicide and prevent pvp fame from winner Another bug reported that exists since years..but here gets very evident cause of lava Works in CD and everywhere like this..

  • Quote from SirCodpiece: “My posts get banned when I say something half as negative as this... I havent been wanting to log in these days either... ” why should it lead to a ban? An opinion is stated, no insults or hate speech.. To my knowledge the company is based in EU, ban for speaking your opinion can backfire there as long as within boundaries.. and this post is negative but within the rules.. Except the advice to new players, this is the offense..

  • Quote from ThreeToMidnight: “You can already do this its called the marketplace ” then you haven't understood it. Selling an entire chest after pvp or several chests is 20 mins of work. A work I don't want to do. I am okay to give away the chest to someone with 20 % off if he does the work of bringing to market ..setting it . resetting..etc . The idea was, that I can set a value to a chest in a trader island, someone pays the money and has granted 2hours solo access to this chest that all can be…

  • Quote from Finale: “Thank you for addressing some of the points being mentioned in this topic. Can you say something about these points? - Why is it possilbe to kill yourself into the Lava without losing PVP fame or giving the opponent team any PVP fame. Looks like a huge oversight to me. - Why can a enemy player run behind the winners team chest and get you stuck inside the chest after you kill him ? You cant even loot the chest from inside while being stuck. (Chest only spawns after you kill t…

  • I see the problem in double merc that is the root cause for Kite Badon Normal bow poison All curse And some fire dot things Double merc is just...u block or purge one..but the other will hit you..and that's 1200 life while u fully damage, and the 1.2 k life already assumes that one merc was blocked.. If u have no double purge or clear or block ..go crystal .it is GG if u don't.. I think dot should not proc merc. It has a reason the poison throw merc jacket feature was fixed.. And the poison pot …

  • Quote from Retroman: “Thanks everyone for your feedback on the combat balance changes. We heard your feedback on some of the more controversial changes, which are: - Rending Spin (all Axes): - Rending Bleed stacks: now only applied via max distance effect (i.e. 2.5m or further away) - Vile Curse (all Cursed Staffs): - Cast Range: 9m → 11m - Haunting Screams (Cursed Skull): - Magic Damage per tick: 25 → 33 We will re-iterate on these changes. However we don't want to delay Patch 4 further since i…

  • this would create a nice Eco System I put things in a chest, where just me has access, others can view it on a traders island and if they want the content / full access they can pay a silver amount to the chest I am mainly playing pvp and my chests are and have always been my Painpoints. I would have no issue to put on a 11 mio chest a 9 mio tag. I hate to to the is hindering me from PvP.. And I assume a lot of people would be interested in the money ..

  • I am always twisted between stupid and intentionally.. But I am still not sure

  • Thanks retroman!

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    I want to say Thanks Obelis for the CD design. It is really always a pleasure to play this skillfull reset meta. One or both sides reset the fight by hitting mobility and run into one direction.. After a certain time running, you eat a fish and then your entire life bar is completely full again Really that's a great gaming experience and is so brilliant thought through. And it even has a very secret easter egg, that actually almost none had discovered.. If u have the highest mobility and best li…

  • in old albion, true and require a hotfix In new albion: Get good, l2p, just use invis, just bait bubble, destroy hideout man, can I have your staff?? That's the new albion..

  • if u play curse, how can u make sure while Q u don't AA??