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  • The supply and demand of those two things, while not independent of each other, are separate. So the prices, while not independent of each other, are separate.

  • Quote from Saabotage: “This is a traditional Chimera…d8afdcda7636e249805ec14d6 ” That is a chimera, a regular dragon without human parts is a chimera to (bat winged lizard). but the OG, I understand was this. Quote: “fabulous monster of Greek mythology, slain by Bellerophon, late 14c., from Old French chimere or directly from Medieval Latin chimera, from Latin Chimaera, from Greek khimaira, name of a mythical fire-breathing creature, slain by Bellerophon, with a li…

  • I think the boar is too good, but this problem won't go away with just changes to it. If they nerf the boar, then the bear becomes the new best faction mount, and if they nerf the bear then something else does. Something will always be the best mount. The boar should be pulled back a little, and the bird, lizard and ram should be buffed a little. Maybe give the terror bird the carry weight of the T8 horse. So it's a high end gathering mount. The ram can have it's gallop timer reduced to 2.5 and …

  • After 7 days you lose everything.

  • Quote from Piraterer: “Quote from Saabotage: “Um a Chimera is a blend of more then one animal... where is the other heads? Asking for a friend. ” Can you make a picture? Always want to see one real life. ”

  • BUG with items purchase in Market

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    Post…67eed7c598ae98aea6037837c You control this. You probably booped the toggle by accident.

  • Quote from Alysandra: “You have to spend an absurd amount of time gathering to get even one gathering up to T8. So one takes time other takes money. Fact of the matter is, there shouldn't be something that you can pour millions into and then have it be a eternal engine of wealth But you keep arguing that labours are fair for the game and healthy, but we both know you are just spitting bullshit to keep the status quo. ” Is it time to do something about Guild Island abuse? What is it that I am arg…

  • Quote from Alysandra: “And the point is "It shouldn't be better to have labours then it is to gather" ” When you have to spend 100s of millions or billions of silver to go gather. Then your argument will make sense. But, in Albion anyone can just go out the gate of a city and just pick resources up off the ground. So comparing that to spending piles of silver and time to setup, and then even more time and silver for journals and riding around clicking things, doesn't make as much sense as you ar…

  • He just wants a friend to cuddle. No need to be cruel.

  • A mammoth takes a pretty reasonable amount of effort to take down. A HP boost also doesn't help as much as you think. The times I have come close to dying on a mammoth, it had nothing to do with HP and everything to do with me getting stun locked and losing complete control of my character.. So HP doesn't really do anything but hold off the inevitable. I'd rather have CC immunity than more HP.

  • The actual Care Bears are great. Video game care bears, less great.

  • Quote from Ravenar: “Quote from Dandylion: “Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “Carebears primarily generate whine, not resources. Gatherers who aren't cowards and go into dangerous zones generate resources. ” Are tryhards that ones that whine, they always whine about having too many yellow zones and gank people for their gear ” So true! Seriously, people who whine are not the casuals and yellow zone warriors. People who seem to always complain and whine like little bitches are the guys saying ganki…

  • Quote from moking: “Quote from Geofors: “Here is a real example of when it's sometimes more profitable to craft on an island, and also where the 7x number comes from. Had some excess 4.1 materials and decided to make 20 4.1 capes which are easy, rapid sellers. These are selling for 3198 at auction. Made on island, these sell for 63960 minus 3% tax and 1.5% listing fee = 61082 income Made in town the final output is 24 capes selling for 76752 minus 3% tax and 1.5% listing fee = 73298 income (look…


  • Why should there be a fixed higher price if people are already willing to haul them for the current price? I'm with you on them not being worth hauling around, but I have also been watching the prices and volumes since they were implemented and the margins have never been more than about 20% for longer than a day or so. It may be boring, but players are already willing to engage in the activity. If you want to make more silver hauling stuff around in circles there are better things to move, and …

  • So your access rights panel, at the dock on your island looks like this, but with no entries?…67eed7c598ae98aea6037837c For the record you can never chance the Access Mode (The top most setting). Everyone's is set to Custom. And on your crafting building the panel looks like this…67eed7c598ae98aea6037837c Except with your characters name on both the Owner and Built By?

  • Is the character you were using when you got the messages, the actual owner of the island or an alt? Did you build the crafting station with an alt?

  • Racism and Shamefully Poor Moderation

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    Quote from Rainphase: “People are just dumb man, they suck at a game or have a bad life and don't do anything about it.. So what do they do? try to trigger people... try to insult people... etc etc etc. In the end the people who are getting insulted are laughing. They have their own house, they have a family, they have a job, they make money, they are generally happy in life.... Unlike the insulter, still living with mom, living in the basement. No job, no money, Living off of Biden Bucks. Its a…

  • Easter costume cannot be bought

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    Post…67eed7c598ae98aea6037837c This is a UI implementation issue that has been a burden on the game for years. The cost you are shown isn't the actual cost at all, and you have to hover over the the red highlighted area to see exactly how much it costs.

  • Command mammoths don't get quality anymore. If I remember correctly.