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  • Quote from Airi: “i mean how could you know it is RMT,maybe it just trade from friend to friend. ” Pepega take

  • Quote from Airi: “let me ask you a question. If my firend give me silver and could you know thats not RMT?? or how many silver trade you will ban my acount? ” No amount of silver traded between accounts will get you banned. You can trade as much as you want. You'll only get banned if you RMT.

  • Just add guaranteed chests back in 2v2's. You cant rat anyways what's the point of not doing it. :confusion:

  • sad 2v2 noises 4ab.png

  • Top 10 2v2 is broken

    wolfo70 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    bump. 2v2 ranking completely assfucked....same for 5s btw

  • Top 10 2v2 is broken

    wolfo70 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    from 90k to 190k. beast1k has only had 2 fights. This needs to be fixed ASAP

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Try this: Staff of balance, AOE silence helm, hunter shoes, demon cape + Blazing, knight helm for the engage, Staff of balance doesn't let u out, AOE silence of the helm cannot be cleared, blazing does rest, anti heal does the rest We catched even K*g** on his stream in his purity Lifetouch setup with ease.. ” add to that : cloth soulscythe + specter jacket bl. also : I dont agree with you when you when you say healer c…

  • Top 10 2v2 is broken

    wolfo70 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    We reached top 10 2v2 yesterday. After we got our rank, it seemed like we weren't getting matched with anyone anymore, straight up an hour without a fight, so we switched over to alts. The problem is that if you dont get matched up with anyone, you clear the whole dungeon to get more infamy, which decreases the chance of losing infamy and so finding players. At the top 2v2 its literally a pve grindfest and the more pve we do the worse the matchmaking also gets...Today we're gonna try and queue o…

  • Kinda sucks that infamy isnt on the stat page, for ranking purposes but also for checking how much infamy you have since the rankings only update every 2 hours. would love to this this happen. ty -wolfo

  • Seeing people posting again, so bumping aswell. Everyone still wants 1100 ip with 50% softcap (if you guys dont want to make diff levels). Also would love to see hellgate infamy added on the stat page aswell, right now its only on the rankings :P. pce

  • Quote from Bacharel: “Its simply a death sentence to face a bow in the current state of Corrupted Dungeons. As you can see in the upcoming video. Im 700/700 axe spec with 8.3 excelent gear and Im simply cannot touch the 4.3 bow user There isnt a single counterplay, its just getting kited and lose your time, money and sanity. Completely unbeatable. They have 2 kiting mechanics with Q(knockback) and W(Slow WITH DASH) only in the weapon, now you can ad protective measures like …

  • Quote from RKOverdrive: “Quote from Hattenhair: “1. What level of corrupted dungeons are you doing? 2. What loot bonus % do you have from infamy? Its pretty feasible to get t3 drops if you are below 10k infamy and doing hunter. Most of the loot drops from the dead enemy player anyways. Oh, and dont get me started on how much 1mil+ infamy players suck out all of the loot from the black market so you get 6.0 drops from 8.2 group RD maps. Corrupted dungeon people have #1 loot priority, or something…

  • Quote from Professor_Chad: “I stopped playing CDs because of the escape factor. It's a total waste of time. Believe it or not, a lot of the top CD players wear Graveguard Armor LOL. That's how you know its totally broken. ” graveguard armor ??????????????????????????????

  • Quote from RicardoSymilo: “I really like decreased heal change. Heal comp meta have been in this game for far too long and every mirror matchup is boring and unfun to play I'd like to see something new but it should only exist in hg 2v2 and maybe corrupteds. ” ngl Heal DPS 2v2 fights are the most fun I have in this game

  • Quote from brisigner: “I think the hardcap is fine, if I really win the player more skilled, it's the fairest way, if what you want is to win by going 8.1+ , the one who has the most tier wins, is not more skilled ” skill with 4.1/6.0 gear doesnt matter because noone is going to try and be good or competitive, because of this 2s would die. It wouldnt reward anyone for being good, NOONE wants to be the best at something just to make 1.5mil an hour max.

  • yeah it should be a wall

  • Quote from Norgannon: “It seems that many people here weren't around during the time when GvG's didn't have an 80% soft-cap and were literally played by the same old elitist group over and over again. The saddest thing is that most of the comments are from those vets. If we want a content that many people play regularly the 80% soft-cap is ideal for not abusing the newcomers with T8.3 gentlemen. Stop navel-gazing. ” First off. We want a balance between newcomers and experienced players, thats wh…

  • Quote from qube: “2v2s have always been a popular and rewarding part of Albion, recently less-so because of the tome reduction and the addition of corrupted dungeons however they still remain a sought-after piece of content with a good source of silver and fame for skilled players. To be frank the proposed changes will kill the skilled 2v2 community and therefore a big part of why many people play Albion, by lowering the advantage that bringing higher IP gear gives people will ONLY bring inexpen…

  • Quote from apollonator: “Quote from Kern_Cassius: “Quote from apollonator: “ ” But you with your skill will kill these nabs and lighning fast go into infamy ladder tops. No more nabs there, ye? Only that skilled guys that reach some high level. ” Do you think ppl will care for infame and rank it in fucking 4.1 gear? ” nope, noone will care. give me a chance to use my flex sets atleast

  • Quote from ySLiink: “Quote from Vocandin: “Quote from Seldom: “I like the way you are thinking, and we are thinking in the same-ish direction. Always keep in mind that these numbers are there to be tested for now on the test server. Basically what we are taking into consideration is the difference in the difficulty of creating a 5v5 or a 10v10 team compared to a 2v2 team. As it is quite a bit harder to create a 5v5 team and even harder to create a 10v10 team the incentive must give an edge to 5v…