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  • IGN: Msy Timezone: UTC+2 Holy healer T6-T6.1, lots of 5.1-6.1 sets to use in PvP. Enjoy both PvP and PvE, tired of playing with plebs / soloing. Mostly playing early mornings and late evenings my time, which makes it perfect when joining US players as well. Got a working mic, no problem joining discord at any point. Would appreciate it if you were able to PM before invite. Thanks in advance.

  • I'm a Holy healer, almost lvl 30 (29.5 at the time of posting this) on all my weapons and armor. I'm from EU and mostly play on late EU evenings ~7PM server time. My current island is in Thetford, but I'm moving it later this week to Caerleon in order to progress further. I'm mostly interested in high-end dungeon farming (red zone T6+ dungeons) and blackzone PvP in organized groups (not zergs). Currently I have an average of 1008 power level (T5.1, T5.2 and T4.3 full artifact gear) as well as 62…