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  • New player in Albion

    Evas_Flarelight - - Introduce yourself!


    Welcome to the forum @Spoxxy!

  • @PiRaTaTaTa, please send a ticket to the Support Team here: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @donjo13, If you have any questions about your mute, please send a ticket to the Support Team instead: I'm now locking this thread. If you have anything you'd like to clarify, please send me DM instead. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Hi @Blackthron and @kivkvk12. Please see the Easy Anti-Cheat Troubleshooting Guide. If you need to contact EAC Support, the instruction is also there. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @PENTAA Please see this thread:Gender Change. I'm quoting myself here for reference: Quote from Evas_Flarelight: “The Developers have mentioned that due to the technical work involved in changing genders (it's not as simple as changing hairstyle or skin tone etc..) that this could be available in a future update and it's definitely not off the table. ”

  • Quote from CassX: “@Kassty So now I'm really surprised ...! In the past (and not so long ago) when you were ON with one character and you wanted to go ON with another who didn't have premium status (one PC, different accounts), the log-in game wrote you a message like "for log-in more characters at the same time need each character to have active premium status "(or something similar, the exact wording I don't know now ..). Now I was trying to give you a picture of the message, but I'm completel…

  • Welcome to the forum @TANGINAMOgago. You can send a ticket to the Support Team to further troubleshoot your issue. Here's the link to submit a ticket: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Aphelios: “Hi guys, I'm currently away from Albion. I'm doing video editing for people, and they pay me in silver. I don't want to login to my account every single time I receive a silver payment. Does anyone have any ideas for some form of silver holding system, so when I come back I can collect it? Thanks ” Welcome to the forum @Aphelios The activity you described is not allowed. You cannot provide any service outside of the game in exchange for Silver. This is explicitly mentioned …

  • Quote from Midgard: “How the hell do you get a forum perma-ban in just 2 posts ... asking about builds? ” I can confirm what Elsa said. I replied to this user and reviewed the rest of his posts, then I saw he inserted random links to them. I left the post up because other users may still find the answers useful.

  • Welcome to the forum @tugua The Support Team can look into this, please send them a ticket here: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @IseyGarfield. Those are good questions, let's get you sorted out. Quote from IseyGarfield: “1. I saw MANY videos claiming that you can get filthy rich in 30 minutes (well, not filthy, but tier 4 equips and everything). Since Albion is community-driven, does that really work? is it really worth it, if so? Do I need a specific build for this, or can i just play what i want while following some baseline directions? ” The videos are guides and not really set in stone, so take i…

  • Welcome to the forum @thelilldragon Feel free to ask any questions here once you've started the game. Best of luck! ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from SoyPetaa: “Usuario Frenchvzla insultos y amenazas de muerte ” Welcome to the forum @SoyPetaa Please send that screenshot to the Support Team, you can create a ticket here: ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Welcome to the forum @Hvzel!

  • Help!

    Evas_Flarelight - - General Questions & Discussions


    Welcome to the forum @coloxux, If a guild has zero members it's considered as abandoned and there is no way to retrieve anything that you've stored in that guild. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • Quote from Pawney: “<snip..> Is help chat only for answering questions? Is it not place for mentors for example? Sometimes I'm willing to run content with newbies and show them the ropes.. but last time I tried posting something like "PM me if you need a mentor" I got burned by half of help chat. ” Hey there @Pawney, The /help chat is for in-game Q&A, but I've a seen a lot veterans mentoring newer players and they're doing that by guiding them via whispers as not to clutter the channel. Having s…

  • Quote from DigitalDodo: “Just to double check/confirm. So everything in my island chests will be transferred to the Caerleon chest. And my buildings on my island will be safely transferred with my island? ” Yes, everything inside your personal island will stay the same when you move it to Caerleon. Just note that the items you stored in the city storage chest in Bridgewatch will stay there and will not be moved to the city storage chest in Caerleon.

  • You don't lose anything, everything inside your personal island will be transported to Caerleon. I also recommend you finish any upgrades before initiating the island move. ~Evas_Flarelight

  • That's a good question. Please note that a personal island is tied to the character that created it. If you delete the character, the personal island is also gone with it.

  • Hi @NeutZ, If you've already sent a ticket I recommend you wait for a reply from the Support Team. ~Evas_Flarelight