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  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “haha If u problem is the own Alliance gatherer then u made my day. ” Trolling is your job but sometimes you can have fun too

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Everytime I compete for something, be it chest, SRD, 2HG or a note in gathering I compete for it..aka try kill the one.. And if u dunno how, I help u. Do what everyone does, and have u swap gear. Pass the enemy gatherer, it will inspect u, see a gatherer and if u don't dismount gather on. Go offscreen, change to coockiecuteer 1shot pike, spell up, sprint up, invis..profit Okay, I see u problem. Your account shows Gatheter and HCE player.. unfortunately the solution is not…

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Kill the enemy gatherer? ” Do you think that you are funny?

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Stop playing Tutorial Area and go full black? ” Tbh even bz is sux right now. its so difficult to find even full t6 node, doesnt matter how deep you went into the map. There is atleast 2 different gatherer on everymap cause of quarantine so SBİ can do something about that. Atleast do something until this quarantine finish. like " descrease the cd of respawn rate of t6 and higher".

  • Quote from Korn: “Hi there, 1) As Retroman stated above, the #1 player on the leaderbord generated the silver amount by simply saving a very large number of silver bags and then cashing them at all once. 2) Regarding the chest hunting in high end PvP zones as shown in this video, please note the following: - It happens in a few high end full open world PvP zones - The number of chests in those zones is limited Hence it is an activity that is self-balancing due to risk vs reward: the more people …

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Stop strawmaning. Just because something is not intended, it doesn´t mean it´s bannable. This has risks as other people do this activity and you have to fight them - not to mention that i heard you can get items from these chests. And many things you mentioned doesn´t really have to be risky. Hellgate ratting in crappy gear, dungeons with a scout, gathering in zones with your hideouts deep in BZ - these are pretty much no risk high reward, tho ratting is more difficult now.…

  • No wonder why ppl stopped gathering. You can easly farm chest with so cheap gear and get so much profit.. 70m in 7 hours there's no way that you can get that much money with gathering or anything in the game. I think this is not even chest farming,

  • LOOL 10m in an hour from ground..........No suprise why ppl are stopped gathering and everyone going to zvz with 8.3 and 8.2 . SBİ must check this.

  • WTS Resources in a bulk !!

    Exthanilious - - Trade


    Resist potions has been sold. up

  • WTS Resources in a bulk !!

    Exthanilious - - Trade


    Write me on discord or ingame. Selling in Bridgewatch Discord = Exth#3421 İngame = Exth or Exthanilious

  • WTS 8.3 MP 1h Curse etc.

    Exthanilious - - Trade


    Selling my old Hce sets, you can write here if you are interesting with anything or send me friend request in game. ingame name Exth 1-) 8.3 MP 1h curse 35m 2-)8.3 Exc Cryptcandle 10m 3-)8.3 Exc Druid cowl 7.25m 4-)7.3 MP assasin shoes 3.5m 5-)8.3 Out Royal Robe 13m 6-)8.3 Out bridgewatch cape 5m

  • Quote from Worros: “Don't say that about T8 yield It's very important. Gathering speed improves on its own with specialization. The more you gather nods of Tx the higher your spec gets and with it the speed at which you gather these nods improves as well. While the improvement you suggest would certainly make it easier for gatherers to collect resources this will directly impact other aspects of the game. First of all, you allow less time to players who are ganking to jump their pray. While we d…

  • Quote from Roccandil: “3) Gathering combat fame would probably allow using tomes on gathering gear (or doing dungeons?), thus breaking the model of gathering to increase fame. I do wish gathering gear wasn't a null fame sink, though (maybe convert it to credits?). ” Only with gathering fame, you ll not get anything from dungeon or killing mob. It's just a suggestion and wondering ppl ideas aswell. Let's see what we ll get more Quote from Sharaal: “5. Puppies: Give all gathering mobs, aspects and…

  • Quote from owensssss: “i havent seen a hackers outside of Blue Zone gatherers in like 3 years even then the worst thing was a zoom hacker. ”…ion-to-SB%C4%B0/?pageNo=2 Check this thread please or this link. Quote from owensssss: “lmfao i had to like all of this guys posts i havent seen a hackers outside of Blue Zone gatherers in like 3 years even then the worst thing was a zoom hacker. now with anticheat its basically never seen. the …

  • Everyone knows that gathering is really difficult and fun thing in the game, here is my suggestion; 1-) Avalonian tools wants so much energy it has to be lower cause we are already wearing really expensive gear, atleast it may want half energy 2-)Gathering backpacks are useless none using it anymore so you may add passive skill to it like other faction cape, These passive can be added only on t8 item( otherwise ppl can start to use it as a cape on normal time) 3-) Why we dont have gathering comb…

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Hollywoodi: “I still do think that ray needs a fix.. Either it is a good root or a good damage skill but both at the same time with that short cooldown is through the roof.. Either double the CD what I would not recommend Or Half the damage and increase CC duration by 30% The later I would recommend ” new Avalonian plate boots in Queen will make ray useless... ” They can make the cd 15sc or find another solution its easy. Captainrussia that boot aint good fo…

  • Quote from Neef: “ Though crying over 500k isn't worth it my friend just accept the lost and go kill some players to take out your stress =P. ” You dont understand i guess, Let's be clear, 1-) That gear doesnt cost 500k ( you dont know math or I assume that you don't have any idea about the price of gear) 2-) it's my zvz death so the hackers didnt kill me there and i didnt complaine about that. 3-) it's your friend, I am not (maybe he's lost 100k gear and doesn't give a sht about it, its his cho…

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Yup that is a hack No speedbuf but moving on lightning speed ” We were gathering t8 ore with my friend and he litterally teleported between us and ran away, he is like teleporting really it's so weird. He ll get ban and unfortunately he ll create new character tomorrow

  • Same guy, same shit, same hack. Sorry for who got killed by him. I hope SBİ can fix this as soon as possible cause its getting weird to see hacker everyday in the game ! As i told you he is at hohe after reset most of the day !

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Hacking is if at all no burning issue in the game, i never could confirm one.. Loot macro is if u ask me, the most used illegal thing, but full hack ..never saw ” He created new character with same build ,this time i was with my friend and he recorded it. I am waiting to get video and i ll upload it as soon as i get. I dont agree with hacking aswell but this guy is literally ruining everything.