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  • The game's technical lead MadDave gave a talk at Unite detailing their anti-hacking measures: Albion does a lot right! Even with zoom hacks / no fog, the server does not return data for nodes outside of the default view. You're blowing it a little out of proportion, and can I personally can confirm there's no "lead" on gold duping, their server security is top-notch.

  • can't create /temp folder

    marn - - Feedback Testserver


    Close the launch and delete %appdata%/Local/temp/Albion-* if it still exists, it'll clear up no problem!

  • Mule transport city to city

    marn - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from Korn: “It's not exactly what you are suggesting, but I think it achieves the same in a more player driven way. We have a transport contract system specced out (no ETA for if and when we'd implement it) that allows us to create transport contracts from one city or another. You can either create transport request, and set a fee and collateral, that others can accept. Or, and that's the cool part, you can actually tell the system, for example, that you are transporting 5.000 kg of load f…