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  • So if I won't recommend this account I can trade safely?

  • Hi. I wanted open an alt account from my reflink. Is there a legit way which will not be against rules to trade between these 2 characters in city? Let's say I will use mobile phone for my alt and PC for my main to share money. Is that legit or not? Kind regards

  • [WILD] Victi omnes rekrutuje!

    V1coo - - Gildie


    Rekrutacja nadal otwarta. Co raz wiecej graczy pod zvz, gildia idzie do przodu!

  • Hello. Could you please improve cities if it comes to teleports? In my opinion every player should have option to choose moving to cities, islands etc from any place in city. At the moment going to realmgate from bank takes around a minute. It would be nice to reduce that time by preparing a hotkey which can quickly teleport you. Of course not everywhere but hotspots like realmgate, bank, market, other cities and islands. There is no need to waste time traveling from place to place while in roya…