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  • Quote from fip: “Edit:didn't mean to post this in the overpowered/underpowered items section ” I moved the post to the correct section for you.

  • Hewwo.

    SHARKY - - Introduce yourself!


    I'm looking forward to tuning in. Will be a lot of fun to watching him give away millions of fame every time he gets killed.

  • Easiest way to see what resources a zone has is to check the map (press M). Then press on a zones title-bar. This will bring up the zones mini-map, and in the top right portion of the mini-map, the zones available resources are displayed. As far as I can tell, all T3/T4 blue Steppes zones and all yellow Steppe zones have T3 ore. I even just went out into Longmarch Meadow to make sure, and I found some.

  • +1 I miss them too.

  • Quote from CassX: “Quote from SHARKY: “Unfortunately, I'm only a Veteran Founder, not the required Legendary. ” Ah, sorry then for mark you. ” No need to be sorry - I would have helped if I could. I'm sure a Legendary Founder will step up to help soon.

  • Unfortunately, I'm only a Veteran Founder, not the required Legendary.

  • While this setting does give you a very slightly wider view, it does not show name tags any earlier - name tags show up at the same time in any resolution.

  • Hey @Xanxio, I'm really sorry, I accidentally deleted your in-game message, instead of replying. The password change seems like it is the issue. I've no idea when the next database sync will happen, but I'll post back here when it does.

  • I'm not sure when the most recent database sync was, but it could well have been over 40 days ago. If it was more recent then could it be possible you've changed your password at some point?

  • Cant get into test server

    SHARKY - - Bugs Testserver


    Quote from Whiskyyy: “Quote from IMP000068: “У меня также есть та же проблема ” I dont see log in screen either is it gonna be fixed? ” Read Dagother's post above yours

  • Quote from Hamster: “The move will include all me houses and chests with all me stuff? ” Yes, everything on your island will be moved. It would of course be a good idea to transfer everything from your current city bank, to island chests first though.

  • Hi @Reffors, Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, the Test Server does not send out the verification emails. Periodically the database is copied over from Live. If you have started playing on a new device, or a new account since that last DB update, then your device/account will not be verified on the Test Server. The only thing you can do is wait for the next time the Live DB is copied over, which will include your verified device/account and you'll then have access to play on Test. If you are…

  • T8 SRDs - great fame, worth the risk.

  • Redeem Code

    SHARKY - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from AlphaLexzu: “I've just started. I saw the use of redeem code, but where can I find it, can you help? thank s ” Hi @AlphaLexzu, Welcome to the forums. I'm not quite sure what you mean about 'Redeem Code', but you can enter keys for gold etc within your account, on this screen here:

  • Quote from tdEnforcer: “ - Reduced point requirements for Faction Warfare Campaign milestones by 50% (effective at the start of the next Faction Campaign on April 1). What happened to this? ” That's not referring to Faction Rank - it's referring to the amount of points needed for each Faction Chest

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “Quote from SHARKY: “Quote from The_Support_God: “...and somehow thetfort pull out ahead ” Dude - spoiler alert...I've not logged in yet! ” Sharky you did you have to go JoJo on me like that lol i see the menacing words projecting from your back ” My mistake - I thought the campaign had finished and you'd told me who won! Just logged in and seen there's still 15h left. Come on Bridgewatch!

  • How to tame a animal

    SHARKY - - Beginner's Questions


    Just to add to @Geofors post, to make it a little clearer; when you raise a baby mount on your island, it becomes a 'tame' mount when it's fully grown. You can either then sell the tame mount, or saddle it to become a rideable mount.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “...and somehow thetfort pull out ahead ” Dude - spoiler alert...I've not logged in yet!

  • It's actually pretty simple...…c2679be0123f465cdba5be2b6

  • Sorry, it's not possible.