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  • Season 11 rewards not in mail box

    Grimhawke-EB - - Bugs


    I also submitted an in-game bug report and support ticket. Was in my guild for 65+ days during season 11 and also have premium active. I'm also someone that buys premium in yearly increments like the poster above me. Tried logging in and out multiple times on both PC and iOS clients.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “i wana see actual numbers soon. i wana know weather it is worth taking the cape over something like thetfort or demon cape in some builds since you know the cape wont work with the mage tree since it is a cast time with 0 cooldown (except curse tree) i was just wondering if the q reset is worth it. can anyone here enlighten me what weapon is good with q reset? since most q i know does around 350 damage (except crossbow) and a 4.3 thetfort cape does 255 damage in an a…

  • Quote from SchizophrenicSquid: “ After (Change #2) Ruthless Nature (Blight Staff) - Caster's move speed is now increased by 30% during the channel - Max Ticks: 6 -> 10 (Heal value per tick stays unchanged) - Tick Interval: 1s -> 0.4s - Total Channel Duration: 6s -> 3.6s - Max Healing Targets: 5 -> 10 - The channel duration is now reduced when the caster takes damage (Disruption Faction: 0.5) ” Where do you see this version posted? NDA playtest thread in General forum and the testserver feedback …

  • I heard it resets Q spell cooldown, with 22s cooldown on the cape passive (not sure if it scales with IP).

  • All good changes, but I'm not sure the additional level of 20v20 is going to do much to increase how many people are doing this activity. From my experience, because of how expensive all the meta artifacts are (like robes of purity) it's a really hard jump for 20 players to make from level 1 (non-lethal) to the next level with full loot, no matter what the IP soft cap is. I don't know if the solution is to increase drop rates of avalonian fragments/artifacts or to make the 2nd level also non-let…

  • As someone who sometimes does CD in a rat build and other times in brawling builds - I agree that ratting is definitely more profitable in terms of silver and fame credits. I have noticed over the last month that I am getting dove more than I used to, probably once every 3-4 dungeons, which I'm clearing in about 6 minutes. If I go in a brawler build with the intent to PvP, I run a build with much slower clear speed, and even if I'm winning the majority of my fights - I'm still getting less fame/…

  • Do any of the cleanses remove it? IE merc helm, nature W cleanse, arcane W cleanse? Guardian helmet?

  • Stuttering since update

    Grimhawke-EB - - iOS Test Forum


    Anyone else using the iOS app experiencing constant stuttering since the last update? Even on my island with no one else around I'm experiencing it. Makes the game unplayable on mobile. I'm using an iPhone X

  • Still no use all or any QOL fix for the stacks of 1k silver bags

  • Making it castable onto enemy targets would go a long way towards making it more viable.

  • Quote from TANG0TANG0: “Quote from Grimhawke-EB: “Bump - please save us all from carpal tunnel syndrome. In just a one hour session of corrupted dungeons, I'm getting over 500 1k silver bags - it's killing my wrist to spam click them afterwards. ” you dont get that from clicking, stop being a lazy retard. ” Regardless of whether or not prolonged, repetitive clicking for extended periods of time can cause carpal tunnel, my time is valuable to me and it is annoying to spend it to click on stacks o…

  • Quote from Parallel: “ The fights are few and far between. Sometimes we get a ton of content, more often we find nothing. It's RNG to find people for us. We are getting a lot of 20m drops out of chests though. ” Open world content is always going to be a bit random, that's just the nature of it. If you want more guaranteed PvP encounters, that's what faction warfare, cGvG, HGs and corrupted dungeons are for.

  • As someone who played UO since 1998/1999 (pre-trammel) and was vehemently against trammel and the eventual carebear-ification of UO - I don't feel that Albion is going down the same path. There's still plenty of full loot PvP going on in Albion from large scale (territory fights, faction warfare) to small scale (HGs, CDs). Yes, a lot of things are instanced (cGvGs, HGs, CDs) or have been made safer (ie solo dungeons) but the roads of avalon is actually a really well done open world pvp system. T…

  • Quote from Zynthia: “easy, use auto clicker ” Probably against the TOS.

  • Bump - please save us all from carpal tunnel syndrome. In just a one hour session of corrupted dungeons, I'm getting over 500 1k silver bags - it's killing my wrist to spam click them afterwards.

  • Interestingly enough, Muhallebi died less than two hours after you posted this in his 8.3MP set:

  • WTS White Tiger Skin 900M

    Grimhawke-EB - - Trade


    Quote from SHARKY: “Quote from Piddle: “Quote from SHARKY: “so when did these double in price? ” CLOSEDThis was the last one I saw go below 500M. It's the best skin in the game. People love talking about the ghost wolf, but its a marginal looking skin on a niche mount. The white tiger is the best looking skin in the game and it is on one of the most used mounts. ” Agree - it's an awesome looking skin. It's also likely to come back at some point, as this was the first referral reward that was not…

  • Totally agree, either tune them down and especially in the case of the Greybeard bosses, those chests should be blue or purple not green.

  • Quote from Kelsen: “Lol well the devs should make it so /suicide while in a CD just causes a knockdown with timer till death. That way the other player has a chance to gank. Won't have people trying to take the easy way out a second time. ” simpler to just award fame/infamy to most recent agressor if someone /suicide while in combat

  • BUMP Please do something about the 1k silver bags. Why do corrupted loot chests drop so many of these, can't they drop them in 10k or larger size bags? Allow them to be combined at the repair or enchanting station into larger bags so we don't all get carpal tunnel syndrome. Or a use all button. Same with tomes.