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  • Hi everyone, Here's an update regarding the teams, match structure and timings. More details will be revealed tomorrow. Quote from Mytherceria: “GENERAL INFO - The Championship will take place on the following dates: - Saturday, March 6: 17:00 - 20:30 UTC - Sunday, March 7: 17:00 - 22:15 UTC - The above end times are approximate, depending on how long matches run on for [...] TEAMS Teams that are competing in this Championship: - Purple Cobras - Dorenton (Captain), Suriyel, totallykyle, DrLibera…

  • Hi everyone, I come bearing good news! During the playtest, we'll have cheat stones to unlock your Destiny Board, obtain Elite Faction Mounts and adjust your reputation, as well as free crafting stations available in Thetford, Martlock, Bridgewatch, Lymhurst and Fort Sterling. Enjoy! - Mytherceria

  • Quote from Loucipher: “For anyone still in doubt: read the first post again, @Mytherceria has really laid this out crystal clear. They found over 2 thousand accounts that bought gold using fraudulent methods (usually charged-back payments) and they banned them. End of story. Good riddance to them pesky buggers, good job SBI, keep that up Now that I have summoned our venerable Community Manager to this thread, I have a few questions myself: Being a frequent visitor to the Marketplace, I notice a …

  • Hi everyone, Just a quick update that our upcoming Faction Warfare Playtest & Challenge will start on Friday, March 5th, at 18:30 UTC and end 2 hours later at 20:30 UTC! We're testing in the knockout areas again because we'll need confirmation of the technical fixes we've implemented that can only be done under heavy server load. Looking forward to seeing y'all tomorrow! - Mytherceria

  •…82f3b269a49d7a5a2300f6b36 Hi everyone, Following up on what @Eltharyon mentioned on our previous playtest, we’re going for a Part 2 here and bringing you another exciting Faction Warfare Playtest and Challenge to take part in! Join our playtest to help us in our Call to Arms update preparations and provide more feedback on the Faction Warfare rework. Check out what’s coming in Call to Arms here! HOW TO PARTICIPATE? - On Friday, March 5th, 18:30 UTC, log into the Te…

  • Thanks everyone once again for participating in the Faction Warfare playtest and giving your valuable feedback to our devs on this feature! We'd also like to announce the Top 20 players on each side who earned the highest amount of faction points in the playtest, and will be rewarded with 800 gold each: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Congratulations to all! The rewards will be distributed shortly. If you have any additional comments or opinions about Faction Warfare, please feel free to leave…

  • Apart from what @Obelis mentioned above, I would like to add the simple definitions of what Faction Points and Faction Standing mean. - Faction Points: These are the currency that you can use to purchase faction items. - Faction Standing: This is your standing within a particular faction which determines your rank. On another note, enlistment does not have anything to do with the ability to purchase faction items, only rank has an effect. ie. Things that are purchasable with Rank 0 can always be…

  •…82f3b269a49d7a5a2300f6b36 The Season 11 Crystal League Championship is coming up very soon and we hope you’ve polished your weapons and dusted off your boots in time for this! All teams who won one Level 9 match or two or more Level 8 matches (with the same 5 characters) are invited to participate, with a bunch of brand-new and valuable prizes at stake. Here are the details which have been confirmed: GENERAL INFO - The Championship will take place on the following …

  • Hi Faction Fighters! Just a quick reminder that our Faction Warfare Playtest and Challenge begins today on the Test Server (Staging) at 18:30 UTC! See you soon - Mytherceria

  • Quote from Orchiz: “What gear will we get? or do we just get our actual gear from the game ” Hey, Depending on which of your characters you choose, the gear you'll have is what your live character had on them recently, when the database was updated onto the Testserver. - Mytherceria

  • Hey, Thanks for alerting us to this. Unfortunately the server is still offline for now, but you can check out our Faction Warfare Playtest Challenge on the Testserver which will be happening later today at 18:30 UTC! - Mytherceria

  • Hey @Seriuhd @RenKatal @teopower89, Just to let you know that Obelis has added more info about the faction points and points spending system in his post above. Hope that clarifies the questions you had! - Mytherceria

  • Hey, Yeah you got me I've corrected and will write it again to be sure it's MARTLOCK or BRIDGEWATCH! Tired™ - Mytherceria

  • This event has ended. For the winner announcement, see here. Hi everyone, Have we got a surprise in store for you! First things first: join our upcoming Faction Warfare Playtest, which we’re hosting as part of our update preparations and to gather feedback on the Faction Warfare rework (check out our latest Dev Talk on this feature here). HOW TO PARTICIPATE? - On Friday, February 26th at 18:30 UTC, log into the Test Server (Staging) to begin the playtest - Choose whether you would like to fight …

  • Hi everyone, We've changed the factions you can enlist for in this playtest to Martlock and Bridgewatch. Additionally, we're hosting a little playtest event for you to compete in with rewards to be won! More details in this thread: [February 26th] Faction Warfare Playtest Challenge - Rewards Inside! - Mytherceria

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    Quote from inacion: “Is this feature already active? ” Hi, It will be active on the live launch date of Call to Arms, which is after maintenance on March 17. - Mytherceria

  • Hi everyone, Just an update from the dev side here: as Call to Arms is still in testing phase and takes awhile to roll out on the Testserver, this means that the availability of the Testserver will be on/off at different points of time across the next few days. We expect the Testserver availability to be more predictable from the beginning of next week onwards. Apologies for the inconvenience! - Mytherceria & Dev Team

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    Quote from CassX: “Hi, and all the items in the chests stay? And will it be without the need to demolish buildings?Just to be sure.. ” Hey, You can keep your island as it is without having to demolish buildings. Everything will be transferred. - Mytherceria

  • Quote from Taterman: “Is it really a proper test of the design if people are only allowed to flag as 2 of 6 factions? ” Hey, The purpose of this playtest is to stress test specific clusters on a single battle front line. If we spread things out over the entire Royal continent, we won't get the higher concentration of players that we're looking for. Hope that clarifies things! - Mytherceria

  • Quote from Vocandin: “Any chance we can get the absolutely amazing background image found on the login as a .jpg like the others found here? Thanks in advance ” Hey, This is something we can look into later - Mytherceria