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  • I think you and I have different definitions of the word "could" but that's ok. I'm pretty confident we're not going to get anywhere with this conversation so, good luck!

  • In all honesty I would just be happy if they showed all of the values. Channeled. Ok, for how long? How many ticks during the channel? As an example...But totally also a +1 to this.

  • Essential Loadout Change

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    For guilds it would be even better to have like a "Guild Loadouts Library" in game that every guild member can access. The string format sharing would still be nice though!

  • From what I've noticed, if you have a T4 journal started, and do not have a T5 journal started, T5 resources will attempt to fill the T4 journal before starting a T5. If you start a T5 journal (by harvesting a T5 resource), they will fill appropriately until one or both are filled and you have to repeat the process. Slightly convoluted, but I hope that helps.

  • Re: A proper introduction

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    Over 100 banned accounts on a game notorious for it's toxic community, fascinating. Either way, welcome to the forums? Re-welcome? :shrug:

  • Quote from Clasics: “1. Healers need the energy regen, because they have really low dps, in a 1v1 context where almost everyone is running a dps build with little to no healing, a low dps but perma healing build is completely broken and unfair, because even tho their dps is really low, they can outheal anything you throw at them so they will eventually win by exhaustion.Yet if we are talking about CD and you mix every other content and playstyle it's hard to keep on track of what we are discussi…

  • Fine, I'll clarify and give examples, despite the fact that you made hard statements that are uninformed in your initial points. 1. Healers need the energy regen passive because, despite the lymhurst cape and energy potions, it's the only way to maintain sufficient energy over prolonged encounters; both in PvE and PvP. This is even relevant in arena, a smaller scale, less prolonged encounter. You claimed healers don't, with no evidence to support your claim. 2. It's not because I don't agree. It…

  • This is really cool. Because I'm also a dev and super interested, do you automate data gathering and import to that site somehow or is this all hand done?

  • Quote from Clasics: “Suggestions: 1. Remove the mana regen passive from holy and nature staff. They don't need it, there are plenty of other items who can help, like royal cowl or mana pots. 2. Remove the self healing mechanic. Healers are designed to support other players, not to become unkillable tanks who can out heal any kind of damage. 3. Ban holy and nature staff from corrupted dungeons. 4. Switch healing spells inside corrupted dungeons for some kind of damage or utility spell. ” 1. They …

  • Hello peoples

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    Yeah, there's some things you can definitely do solo but the vast majority of the game really is based around the community, or sub-communities like guilds and various discords. I hope you find a playstyle you like, or a few as most gear is balanced around being good at certain activities. Good luck out there!

  • Thanks! I wonder why there's so much misinformation out there on this.

  • If you're looking for PvE builds, the tip would be to use literally any other dagger class weapon. The only difference would be your 'E' and they will all outperform BH in damage done / not unnecessarily pushing mobs around. In PvP, I have no idea so I'll defer to experts.

  • I've seen a lot of conflicting information on this and am curious if anyone has actual, up to date information. Specifically, what is the % chance that each item in your inventory will be trashed upon death? Does this change at all for stackable items (like fish, for example)? For reference: Albion Wiki on 'Death': 30% ( Albion Wiki on 'Zones': 50% ( I've also seen dated reddit/forum/blog posts with different numbers as w…

  • Call to Arms Arrives March 17

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    Quote from WalecznyM: “Quote from JordWasTaken: “Quote from WalecznyM: “Will there be an in-game voice chat similar to what's in League of Legends in the future? Then there would be no need for Discord. Will pets be added in Albion Online that enhance the character they feed on? ” Do you really want to hear people going round trolling and swearing in game? no thanks. ” we could improve the system and allow who we want to hear and who not, e.g. a special party ” I'd personally rather see SBI cont…

  • @Wydoyolo If you're doing things that could be flagged a sketchy because it's similar to other sketchy behavior, reach out to the support staff beforehand. If what you're doing is ok, it would be better that you confirm it and that support is aware of your case, wouldn't it?

  • Albion newbie

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    @Loucipher did a pretty good job of the rundown so I won't repeat that but, welcome to Albion and the forum. Also, @Kyonii, you're reddit link is the same link to the discord.

  • Quests

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    In fairness, quests can be designed in a way that they're far more interesting and engaging than "kill 50 rabbits" though that is the unfortunate standard. There's a lot of opportunity here for SBI to do some cool things with quests and I'm at least hopeful that they will. There's no reason Albion can't have good PvE and PvP content.

  • In whatever case any of y'all may feel like you've been unfairly banned... I'd suspect reaching out to support with a clear case and evidence to support your claims would be the best approach to getting it resolved? I agree that -if- people are being banned unfairly due to automation or whatever other mistakes it's lame and should be fixed but complaining here, without it being resolved (one way or the other) isn't going to help.

  • To expand upon this... As long as you're downed by a mob, and not a player (in any zone as far as I have seen?), you will have a timer to stand back up and carry on your merry way. However while in this downed state (knocked out?) you can be one shot killed by a player in red/black.