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  • Thanks for the invite guys!

  • ha ha sounds good, yeah, as I said a new account/character for this round. Thanks for replying! Where was your guild based again?

  • Hi, I am a returning player looking for a guild. I started a new account to better reflect my current playstyle/availability, BedtimeWarrior. i.e. I have a wife and kids that sometimes make playing tough... I am looking for other likeminded players who play for the greater good and value what everyone can bring to the table. I am looking to find likely other newer players/accounts and have fun. I would like a guild where people trust one another and if we were to say 'Hey let's go gather some ma…

  • Hi There, Just introducing myself to the forums. I'm a returning player who decided to start a new account in Albion. Life has been pretty busy, and I wanted my game name to reflect the current state of my gaming... BedtimeWarrior. Yeah, a wife and a few kids and your game time tends to be a bit sparse... but so it is. Excited to get back into things. BedtimeWarrior

  • The Elders Night watch

    BedtimeWarrior - - Guild Recruitment


    Hi there, I am a semi-new player, decided to come back after a while due to the announced changes that have happened over the last few months. I decided to start a new account just to experience it from the beginning, and am looking forward to playing with other more 'aged' players. I have a nagging wife who sometimes tolerates my gaming and 2 children who tend to interrupt ha ha. Thinking this might be the place for me. Just started my character again, and would like to connect. Game name: Bedt…