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  • Random crashing since patch

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    @Mytherceria So far the version you linked is working for me. I crashed 5 times in the middle of a ZvZ earlier and haven't crashed since I downloaded this new version.

  • SBI could make the energy/season point modifier for level 1 tower be 0 such that an unleveled tower gives no reward and still counts towards the 10 territory soft cap. Then they could add an alternative means of leveling towers (in addition to the crystal league) such as using guild challenge points generated in the same zone as the territory.

  • Removing portal locks doesn't affect just solo/small guild players it affects everyone. There needs to be a solution to your complaints that improves game play for solo players without affecting large guild power projection. Removing portal locks is not that solution. Maybe 'roads of albion' is.

  • Portal locks still limit power projection of large alliances. If an alliance wants to power project through the whole map now they have to hold the center of the map which is the most valuable and can be attacked from all sides which should make it challenging to hold. For example if we remove portal locks, a guild that is based out of one city can easily bully guilds in any other city without having to run far to relock or regear their forces. Removing portal locks also devalues hideouts and re…

  • portal locks are definitely still needed.

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Resource Changes - Small Tier 7 and Tier 8 nodes now spawn fully charged (Tier 7: 3 charges, Tier 8: 2 charges) - Small Tier 7 node respawn time tripled (26100 seconds to 78300 seconds) - Small Tier 8 node respawn time doubled (68300 seconds to 126600 seconds) ” Will this change have any effect on nodes ‘remembering’ their respawn time when they move at server maintenance? Just wondering if we’re going to go back to the old system where things spawn full after maintena…

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

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    Quote from Roccandil: “Do you prefer inactive, skilled veterans logging in for a window each day to zerg up, cluster cap, and dominate the Outlands? ” I prefer skill being the determining factor. I like how you have 'inactive' and 'logging in' describing the same thing here. You still have to show up to win territories in the current system. Of course there are issues with the game being too zergy right now. What did we expect when they changed GvG to this new open world territory control? The s…

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

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    I really don't like this idea of whoever gets the most 'challenge points' automatically wins the territory. This promotes grinding and no-lifing over skill. It'll encourage guilds to choose members solely based on activity. I can believe people are seriously asking for mage raiding to replace territory battles. This idea is so incredibly bad.

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

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    Limit alliances to 300 characters so small guilds can compete with large guilds.

  • @Roccandil It would likely take the wealth out of the game as a sink (not go back into general circulation). The top guilds are capable of producing insane wealth. There are players sitting on billions of silver that will finance world domination just for giggles. I think exponentially scaling taxes risks turning more players into slaves in order to uphold the status quo instead of actually limiting alliances.

  • Quote from Roccandil: “I'd consider diminishing returns (over hard caps) for controlling more and more territories, such as increased unrest leading to territory revolt, higher costs to attacking/feeding territories, lower season point return from territories, etc. ” I understand the desire for soft caps (not hard caps) but I'm worried the most powerful guilds are so rich that there is no soft cap that would realistically limit them. Costs to feeding territories would just put more logistics on …

  • Quote from Korn: “I think one also needs the benefits that alliances provide to casual guilds. These can group together in order to be more competitive. Now, the problem is that more casual guilds will be the ones that won't be able to replace the alliance feature with a NAP system as it takes a lot of organisation to maintain and enforce it. The hardcore alliances however will not have much of a problem using NAPs. It's 100% certain that heavy workarounds would happen if an alliance removal/cap…

  • Quote from OriginalGangster: “Example: We wait in the hideout near Avalon to see if they try to conquer the castles here. Nothing happens, we commit suicide, we prepare in the city, and we go to the castles near the city. ” You can do this just as easily in the current system. In the current system the zerg can still wait in hideouts near Avalon and then suicide back to royals if there is no fight to contest something close to the city. In the proposed system you can wait in the hideout near ava…

  • The whole reason we have the portal bind in the first place is to limit power projection of large alliances. If a zerg can be anywhere instantly then there is nowhere for small guilds to fight. The three outland cities are well spread out and would give zergs control over a larger swath of land. That is why fast travel needs to be limited to ONE location. This complicated suicide system is here so that ONE location is wiped if you choose to use the realmgate again. Small guilds without a hideout…

  • @Drift the point is to only allow fast travel to one location, not three locations distributed through the blackzone. That makes it easier for large alliances to power project without making it easier for casual/small guild players to live in their hideout. People will whine that this makes the blackzone less ‘hardcore’ but the blackzone is also dead right now in a lot of places. A single permanent spawn point will help create content in the blackzone and reduce the horse simulator, both really …

  • @Korn I like this solution. Thank you.

  • @Fusionbomb I saw this post. It still doesn't address the need for crystal timers outside of 3 timezones. Most west coast NA players still cannot make any of those times.

  • There are a few problems with crystals right now: (1) Inexperienced teams still regularly match up with highly experienced teams (2) There are not enough timers for crystals during the season for committed 5v5 players to get enough content (3) The currently proposed season timers still don't work for a lot of players (4) The IP cap for higher tier crystals feels too low (5) The cost to enter low level crystals is too high Here are some potential solutions: (1) level 1, 2, and 3 crystals need to …

  • I love that the map feels big now, but it's also added a lot of really unfun gameplay and made it hard for small guilds and solo players to play in the blackzone. We now have even more horse simulator than before. We really need a way to fast travel naked to ONE location in the blackzone. The additional horse simluator makes it hard for casual players and economy players to participate in the blackzone. It also separates royal gameplay from blackzone gameplay. I don't think this is the correct d…

  • We still need royal city portal locks (the permanent green/blue/white/yellow/purple) to reduce power projection of mega alliances. We probably don't need the 10 minute individual portal lock because they're so close to one another.