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  • sounds really sketchy, i never had problem with subscription cancelling, so you must have done something dodgy

  • Quote from Lolpetijn: “they haven't said how far it'll jump and double blade exists just be quiet if you don't know what you're talking about ” Cast Range: 15m

  • Quote from Trial_hard: “Quarterstaffs - Reworked the ability Separator (regular Quarter Staff) - The new ability is called Vault Leap: - Vault leap to the targeted position, dealing 148 physical damage in a 5m radius. Throws all enemies for 0.8s into the air. If you hit at least one enemy you become immune to damage and all Crowd Control effects for 1.5s. - Cast Time: 0.7s (uninterruptible) / Cooldown: 20s / Cast Range: 15m Q is mobility e specially if hurt W is mobility And now E mobility... Th…

  • Quote from Malkalma: “Quote from Owlsane: “Quote from Cronder: “Quote from Owlsane: “Take into consideration that if this info was like 2 years ago, a lot of stuff has happened and hce got nerf multiple times. It's currently impossible to do this 12m/hours.I hardly believe Lewpacc would lie about this kind of stuff. ” It was simply just misinformation. I’m sorry your favourite content got nerfed but if you’ve hced for awhile you should be used to it. ” I almost never do HCE? Is that an attempt t…

  • Quote from Jessie: “When the nerfhammer strikes in other games you get atleast a free respec or so, not in AO, now you can respec at a cost, but to spec out of Nature to get my skillpoints back will cost me more then 89 mil Players put alot of time and effort in this game, nerfing a weapon to make it useless is just disrespect to the players. ” abusing a braindead weapon is also a disrespect

  • Quote from Eica: “ - Description of the issue: T8 house with T7 journals at 150% (with shark trophy) returning only 6 ~ 7 resources back instead of fixed 7 resources. ” because its 6.xx not 7.0, so you have a chance to get less.

  • bearpaws E

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    is this patched?

  • finally claws meta in corrupteds

  • Specter Jacket + Cleric Cowl

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    well, you cant burn in ice

  • Quote from Gabumon: “Quote from tabooshka: “hello Retroman, 5v5 meta is a dumpster fire currently, this patch offers 0 changes to meta builds, no one wants to play this cancer that emerged recently ” They nerfed heavely Polehammer, how this does not affect the meta? Remember in 5vs5 the builds are linked together to the viable tank choice. They also nerf Carrioncaller, the prime melee choice, they nerf Ironbreaker, just in case another hammer gets the spotlight, they nerf HALLOWFALL, same idea w…

  • hello Retroman, 5v5 meta is a dumpster fire currently, this patch offers 0 changes to meta builds, no one wants to play this cancer that emerged recently

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Tried the USE ALL button on the staging... For god's sake, it still takes FOREVER to use a stack of tomes. Just let us consume them all at once. ” i prefer channel so you use LP

  • The Button is Coming

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    most anticipated feature of this century

  • Quote from latenightpizzas: “I'm a black market trader. Used to flip about $250 mil worth of items. Daily. $250 mil would be flipped every day. ” cool, then stick to your flipping and let others play the game they want to play ;] imagine thinking making sure silver isnt super inflated a bad idea.

  • Quote from krazzer: “This also means more silver to the cartel n friends, since public hideout for crafting will end with this change. ” no it wont

  • Quote from Bigtitbich: “how will this affect roads of avalon hideouts? this change will be incredible for black zone hideouts but roads? i think you might need to consider not having this change for the roads as it will hurt new player guilds ” well, small guilds can just join one alliance, i dont see the problem, you dont have territories, so you wont have any drawbacks

  • My team does lvl1 everyday, we tried to do lvl2s, but theres like no reward compared to lvl1 and 200x more risk, and its putting a strain on people with losing 5+ sets per person, right now you only face top teams . like a budget build is around 300k, flat6 gear, faction cape(100k) (5 t7 res pots + food) another 100k so we do lvl2 biweekly during lvl4s to even have a chance and meet similar teams and it doesnt put financial strain on some people on daily basis getting stomped Like after doing so…

  • Quote from Femke: “- Why don't you see an increase in the gold price then, ” we do see increase in gold price, thats why those changes are getting made very freqeuntly since last year to keep it at around 3k lol

  • Quote from Femke: “1. The set you wear costs 1m 2. The exact same set costs 2m Does your silver have the same value even though the gold is 3k in both scenarios? ” yes Quote from Femke: “Gold does not determine your purchasing power since you cannot buy anything with gold ” you can buy silver with it, thats why you are wrong

  • Quote from Femke: “Moreover, you consider silver inflation based on the price of gold rather than the price of items while silver is essentially a proxy for the purchasing power of consumers. ” yes, it shows how much silver is worth, so its correct to consider it that way Quote from Femke: “When item prices increase then you have inflation, but in the current state of devaluation of crafted items I think there is no inflation ” item price is irrelevant as resource prices are capped, so you wont …