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  • API Feedback Request

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    Quote from Evoque: “Hey everyone, A topic that comes up from time to time is the amount of data accessible to you outside of the game. Be it for guild management support, to track income and progress of members etc. in a more convenient way. To create animated and interactive maps, reward systems integrated to Twitch or tools that enhance your experience working with the market… the list goes on... We have also seen notable community projects in the past based on the data currently accessible; f…

  • Quote from Korn: “Hi all, we would like to give you another update on the server situation and an upfront notice about traffic on the weekend. The fix that we deployed yesterday has been a success thus far. We are seeing record player numbers and the servers are dealing with it very well. Having said that, we have to remain cautious, things can always go wrong. Independent form that, due to the massive surge in population that we are seeing right now, amplified by the weekend, there is a high ch…

  • Joke?

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    Quote from kutasjarda: “This mind developer really really??I am not happy about it ” This cant be your first game where there is a queue at launch/shortly after/after new contents? If so, its better that they have a queue and a bit of lag on the server until its fixed, instead of removing the queue and the server is apeshit 24/7. Some of us can play but with lag, it might be for a little while but we will be back in business soon enough. Heck, new patch in Path of exile gives you queue of 30-40 …