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  • PvP flag status shield blank

    SHARKY - - Call to Arms Bugs


    Upon logging in for the first time, my PvP flag status shield was blank - see screenshot. My status was 'Criminal' and deflagging to 'Friendly' fixed it. Subsequesnt log-ins have been fine, regardless of status.

  • ..

    SHARKY - - General Questions & Discussions


    Post has been closed as per OPs request, as information originally intended as help was shown to be inaccurate.

  • Duel scam using similar names

    SHARKY - - Forum Banter


    Quote from MadSkillzDLR: “Doesnt it pop up a window with opponent gear? ” There is a little toggle switch at the top of the duel invitation window. Clicking it will show your opponents gear, so you can make an informed judgement on whether to accept the duel or not.

  • Crashes

    SHARKY - - Mobile Version


    Hi @Darknesded, welcome to the forums. Please see this post here, which includes a form you can submit, detailing your device and issues: Current Mobile Crash/Freeze Issue Reports

  • @Mudapaka Just to give some clarity to the referral procedure, so we can be sure it was followed correctly: In order for your friends first premium purchase to count towards a referral for yourself, he would have had to register his account via your referral link. Your own, personal referral link can be found here: If your friend registered his account without clicking your referral link, or before clicking your referral link then I'm afraid the refe…

  • Trade made with @Kingindoe Very smooth and easy transaction. Many thanks!

  • I've added you on discord SHARKY#1666

  • Yes, I think they do expire, as you will often see 'No recent deaths' or 'No recent kills' on a players stats if they are not very active. I don't know long it takes though.

  • Hours Spent Playing Albion

    SHARKY - - Beginner's Questions


    Yes there is! It's displayed on your character selection screen, right after you log-in to the game. It's on the stats panel on the right, last stat there.

  • I'm locking this thread as per forum rules: In-game Chat Moderation & Forum Rules Quote from Mytherceria: “Dont's use the forums for individual customer service issues. The forum staff cannot help you. Instead, contact our customer service here ” @novachi customer service will continue to help with your issue, in a timely manner. Remember, it's a weekend right now.

  • Hi @Buntah, Welcome to the forums. Here's some information on the problem you described, copied from one of the Albion support pages: Quote from Support: “What should I do if account confirmation isn't working? Sometimes, our account confirmation emails, which you need to use in order to fully "activate" your account and use our website properly, go awry and don't find the right people. If you've just tried registering an account and haven't received your accou…

  • Legendary Founder LF IOS beta :)

    SHARKY - - iOS Test Forum


    Hey @Laxmasta, Sorry to hear about the fire! You'll need to apply for an iOS beta spot via the form mentioned in this post: iOS Beta FAQ The beta program is currently full, but inactive accounts are regularly purged and new invites sent out. Good luck!

  • Hi @Skylou There's a great video that explains how the Black Market works, here:

  • learning point

    SHARKY - - Bugs


    Hi @aviatordude, Please check that you do not have 'Auto Learn' enabled for items on your Destiny Board. Having Auto Learn enabled will automatically spend LP when the item reaches 20%. Also, you don't get the full 20LP all at once each day. They are earned one at a time, at a rate of 1 LP every 72 mins.

  • Rage Claw Skin

    SHARKY - - Feedback & Suggestions


    +1 Already been suggested here: Can we please do something with Rageclaw mounts?

  • Hi @B0ngHead You will need to contact support to discuss this matter any further: I'm now locking this thread, as per forum rules: In-game Chat Moderation & Forum Rules

  • You have to update the app via TestFlight. It's the only way to do it, and always has been. Just open TestFlight and press UPDATE.

  • Quote from Phosphia: “The problem is not people breeding them, lmao. The price is in the pups. Direwolf pups only drop in very specific zones, from very specific mobs. Swiftclaw cubs drop in ALL zones thanks to random dungeons. ” Yes, I know all that, thanks. But in the not so distant past there were plenty of Direwolves on the market, and one of the reasons was that more people were breeding them. Direwolves have always been around 500k, until a few days ago. Swiftclaws were more like 250k, bef…

  • I think one of the problems is that very few people are breeding them as the demand was so low. Maybe people will start breeding them again, and the price can settle back down. Historically, Direwolves have always been around 500k to purchase, and back in the days before F2P they were one of the most widely used mounts - especially in the droves of gank squads.

  • hello Albion ;)

    SHARKY - - Introduce yourself!


    Welcome @potoqixo, Good to have you join us!