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  • could SBI remove portals between tiles and make a continuous world map?? Would it be hard to do? Could we request that?

  • Quote from Tabor: “Ganking is literally the most unskilled form of PvP that exists in Albion. How do you figure a buff in this area adds value? Do you think more people will venture into the BZ if they have severely limited options of survival against groups of 8 mindlessly running around in circles or camping gates ready to pounce on any solo player they see? Ganking should exist and can even be occasionally fun. But easy mode ganking has to go. ” Exactly my point. No balance. If you have numbe…

  • what you guys fail to notice is that there's no balance in that regard. 15 players ganking one single player returning from deep bz to the portal is idiotic but, alas, i agree... it is a sandbox game. However, i don't feel like gank protection is enough, in my example, i was ganked by around 15 players. At least 7 were melee. The damage reduction and CC reduction buff to a single player versus 15 is non existant. Being ganked is not the problem. Being ganked with ZERO chances of escaping, despit…

  • It's fun because if you are not in a zerg you can be ganked by not 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 players, but 15 players hunting SOLO`s near the portal exiting the black zone. It`s fun because there`s no CC protection agaisnt huge numbers, so i can be perma stunned. But no no no skill matters, i killed 10 before going down with all my loot. 15 vs 1, what a fun game.

  • Queen Update

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    i'm done with zergion online

  • Vanity Armor not showing bug

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    Monk Staff not showing with tome of spells equipped

  • you guys should make a new alliance and invite every other guild just to fuck up things even more. Fuck the roundtable and their demands

  • SBI why not limit guild numbers in an alliance instead of total players in an ally? Limiting it to 3 guilds per ally

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Hint: look at the current map, which was designed to address mega Alliance steamroll plus all these mechanics and then do your judgement if the result justifies the effort you put into it.. Potentially, just limiting an Alliance to 200 might have done the job already.. ” they wont do that because they don't want to. Despite everyone asking for it. Alliances should be limited to 3 guilds tops. Alliances with more than 3k Players is just ridiculous

  • any news on QoL improvments and gameplay balance patch? any info on ETA?

  • Quote from Psycha: “CAP guilds allowed in 1 alliance, CAP member count in guilds, CAP same guild/alliance blobs in zones. ” AGREED cap an alliance to 2 guilds, consisnting of 300 people max per guild. JESUS is not that hard. more diversity equals less dominance equals less manpower to grief, cmon SBI but muh players online if you want dominance make sure as guild leader that of the 300 guild members you have more them 10% are online on prime.