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  • the rise of skin investment is a direct result of SBI destroying crafting and laborer island profits with repeated, reckless nerfs to the black market and HCE, which have left crafters without chase crafts (excellent and masterpieces) and almost entirely destroyed the value of the black market (the time it takes to run islands, fill/source journals, the amount of silver investment it all takes has pushed many people who used to run multi billion silver empires to sell their islands and quit craf…

  • NDA Balance

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    Quote from Hellements: “Quote from Tabor: “There are many potentially solid balance changes currently listed in the NDA. The meta has grown stale since it has been so long since we have had any updates. When can we expect those to actually go in since they are much needed? ” Quote from infectedx: “yea when we can expect a new patch. in 2022? ” Balance changes are coming next week most likely together with the use all button. See testserver patch notes. - Hellements ” there had better be a revers…

  • Quote from TheSlayer: “Quote from Gnomead: “If running islands is no longer profitable then you can be damn well sure that the price of the gear pvpers use is gonna skyrocket as people just stop crafting all together. ” And if the price of gear skyrockets then running islands will be profitable again. Its a lovely cyclical relationship. Prices go up, crafters make more money. ” Which will incentivize people to use the black market even less. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The black …

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “Quote from Gnomead: “except for the fact with a nerf this massive they effectivly did kill crafting. All that tier 8 gear people use for ZvZs? that comes from crafters who either gather or run islands. Gathering was already terrible before, but now mat prices went off a cliff so it's even worse so thats out. Islands got crushed too, book prices still very high, mat prices extremely low and black market profit is non existent. If running islands is no longer profitable then…

  • Quote from Gabumon: “Quote from krazzer: “Only reason why Stone is more expensive compared to other resources is because you cant fill builder journals, that in theory could give building materials back like stone blocks. Only option to get stone back is from stone cutter labors, witch are more fair in the sense that they take time to fill, and u actually have to move your butt out of town to fill them. Stone is actually balanced, where as all the other ones are not, in the sense that all crafti…

  • Quote from Korn: “Hey there, regarding the changes to the respec cost and black market silver generation: the goal here is to keep silver inflation in check. We want to keep the in-game gold/silver price low as this is important for players who get their premium through gameplay. Back in October 2019, when the in-game gold price exceeded 4000 silver, we had to take far more drastic steps which brought the price down significantly and caused it to stabilize below 3000 silver for the most part. Th…

  • Quote from Piddle: “Quote from Sat4nicRezende: “And saying that albion is the only game I know that allows you to craft with 100 accounts. ” Who are these people with 100 alts exactly? Give us some names. ” dont be foolish. There are people in the game who truely do have this many (actually more) islands.

  • SBI is killing the player driven economy in favor of turning it into "Buy gold from us" pay to win trash because of stillfront probably. Mark my words.

  • Basically this patch is likely a first step in turning the player driven economy into pay to win buy gold from us trash. This patch is not a good sign of things to come.

  • Redsaw's General Feedback Thread.

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    They are great to work with, would definitely recommend.

  • Quote from Gabumon: “Quote from deenne: “Quote from Gabumon: “Just remember CD is not everything and all the changes you're talking about affect the game as a whole and not just CD. Everything you mentioned here is not an issue anywhere else. That's why the changes are how they are, because they adress mostly CD only. Ironbreaker hits like a truck, I agree, but other than that hammer damage is nonexistant. Every other hammer ability hits for about 0. Slowing Charge is quite usable in ZvZ and it …

  • Quote from deenne: “Here is some my idea about (mostly CD) balance. Knight armor : Conjures a Wind Wall in front of you, lasting 4s, which knocks back all enemies hit by it. Energy Cost: 14 Cast time: instant Range: 5m Cooldown: 30 My Idea: Conjures a Wind Wall in front of you, lasting 5s, which knocks back all enemies hit by it, while also increasing the resistances, the channel can't be interrupted and lasts for 5s Energy Cost: 14 Cast time: Channeled: Cooldown: 30 Mage Robe : Creates a purgin…

  • Open world is dead because of handholding and Nv N+1. Oh look, i flagged for pvp in a red zone and someone dismounted on me. HELP ME HELP ME, and 2 more show up or the flat out run away. The vast majority of people who flag for pvp in this game are so allergic to a fair 1v1 it's almost funny. The amount of handholding in this game is really incredible.

  • Quote from dober0645: “It is currently impossible to kill people in plate armor and bruiser builds in almost all small scale content. ” Fixed.

  • 20v20 builds

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  • My issues are thus: Noone can see what is being discussed in the RT. Insider information which leads to corruption. a small handful of people having undue influence for how the game is balanced for everyone. the first 2 are the biggest ones.

  • Arena Is A Mess

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    oh boy, OP you can really say that again. Arena is absolutely fucked. Quote from Mrpotato: “IP is locked at 800 ” Thats part of the issue. Teams with endless melee bruisers with endless lifesteal and endless tankyness and they still do damage, and the icing on top is every one of them runs hunter hood which is not counterable at all if you are ranged. items get softcapped, but lifesteal provides SO much extra health, the food is especially egregious, being as effective or more as an un nerfed 8.…

  • No more nerfs to hce. Also how is rework for reflect as a mechanic and especially hunter hood not in there?

  • Quote from JikiBoo: “Quote from Gnomead: “Breaking the game... by lowering the prices for the gear you use, the mats you need and generating demand for stone blocks? This thread should honestly be titled " lets break albions economy for everyone but the super wealthy: big dumb edition" ” "stone blocks" You know main reason why people need blocks all the time is for hideouts in roads/blackzone. The demand will never stop. Also new players comoe all the time and people build new personal islands. …

  • Breaking the game... by lowering the prices for the gear you use, the mats you need and generating demand for stone blocks? This thread should honestly be titled " lets break albions economy for everyone but the super wealthy: big dumb edition"