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  • Hi we are from brazil and we make instrumental songs if you like to listening songs while you are playing or doing something on the internet please check our songs, and if you like please subscribe, we post more music

  • Hi i'm from brazil and i'm play albion for a litlle on mobile, but the lag and my weak cell phone made me to stop. Anyaway this is my insturmental music if you like playing with music hope that you like and make you fell good in some way

  • Hi i'm from Brazil, and i play on mobile my phone is a Redmi note 7, the game have a bad otmization for mobile, First the maps load take so much and is easy to gank you because of the big load time,Second every time the screen Froze and after a time back to "normal", the skill animations every time disapear, and now i have a Lot of disconect from the server i don't know if is Just me or a lot of mobile players,anyway the game have lots of problem and the company does nothing trying fixed all the…