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  • Hi everyone, Our forum will be undergoing maintenance today at 14 UTC. This can potentially take up to 1 hour, but we estimate that it could take less than that. We will update you on our Discord server and Twitter page if there are any changes, so please join us on there! - Mytherceria & Dev Team

  • Hey @SansarMain, Thanks for bringing this up. I've passed this on to the devs to consider. - Mytherceria

  • Hey creators! Do you like telling stories in video form? Then we might be looking for you! We’re reaching out to all the creative and talented souls in the Albion Online community for a potential Junior Video Creator position at our company, Sandbox Interactive. Not to mention that we love the content you’ve been putting out so far! If you prefer a remote position, please indicate so in the cover letter and also include a short video (less than three minutes) introducing yourself and why you wou…

  • Hey @SansarMain, Thanks for the report. Our devs are aware of this and are looking into it. However, they're also working on a couple of other mobile-related issues, so we ask for your patience in the meantime! - Mytherceria

  • API Issue

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    Hey, Thanks for reporting! Our devs are still looking into this issue and will try to resolve it as soon as possible. - Mytherceria

  • Quote from scions: “any news on the next updates ? , that's make almost 2 month without any news. ” Soon™

  •…13d8d4bc14b304bce2cf13cd7 Get ready for the return of the next high-stakes Crystal League showdown with Season 11 Crystal League Championship! As usual, the Championship will take place between Guild Seasons (ie. Season 11 and Season 12), on Saturday March 6 and Sunday March 7. Our entry requirements are as follows: - Any team who wins one Level 9 match or two or more Level 8 matches (with the same five characters) are invited to participate - Players cannot switch…

  • Hey, Thanks for this detailed feedback. I already responded to it on our subreddit, but thought it might be worth mentioning here as well that I've passed this on to our devs who work on this feature, so they are reviewing what you wrote above, along with the other posts made in both threads. - Mytherceria

  • Hey everyone, Please continue this discussion in the main thread. Thank you, - Mytherceria

  • Hi everyone, Since yesterday, we have banned over 1,200 accounts for involvement in third-party currency transactions. This is against our Terms and Conditions and the relevant section is quoted below: Quote: “4.5.1 Users are prohibited from selling, purchasing, renting, leasing, offering, accepting, disseminating or copying Virtual Benefits, including Virtual Currency, within and/or outside the Game - in whatever form – to/from third parties unless expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditi…

  • Quote from GrappaMan: “Good evening, i'm new on albion and i have 2 questions. Is possible open 2 client simultaneosly with ofc 2 account different or it is forbidden? I risk any kind of ban or i can do that? ” Hey, You can check out our post about using multiple accounts here and I hope it gives you some clarity. Otherwise, please email if you are unsure whether a specific action in relation to this is allowed or not. - Mytherceria

  • Quote from Karils: “Well I haven't looked into how true it is but damn.. Seems like I'm possibly out before I started.. This games going to be P2W in a matter of a year or couple years... GG ” Hey, You can check out this forum post and its FAQ section about SBI's reasons for joining Stillfront and what this means for the overall vision of the game and business model - there's no plans to change that, essentially. - Mytherceria

  • Quote from DocWrath: “So has the playtest on the 16th been postponed? ” Quote from yaaseth: “uh thats sad ” Quote from Zalim: “I wanted to join but as a new Player I could not enter the Testserver ” Hey, Yes, the OP and this thread were updated on January 12th with the postponement news - but don't despair just yet! Keep checking back for the new date and instructions of the playtest - Mytherceria

  • 你好! 关于这个问题,请发送电子邮件至 谢谢! - Mytherceria

  • Quote from UmbroNox: “Hi there, i am a player from south africa, i experience 280-400 ping constantly and a lot of screen freezes for 2-10 seconds, my MS would spike from 24-36 to 100+ after the screen unfreezes. i have 600+ hours in so far and the worst is the freezes cz 3 seconds could mean life or death in bz/ar =[ ” Hey, Can you please fill in the form on here as well when you're experiencing the high ping and lag spikes: High Ping & Connection Issue Reports The data you provide our devs wil…

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “Bro your server is experiencing lag issues after todays reset. my ping increased by 100 and in corrupteds my opponent is teleporting instead of one smooth transition making all my skill shots miss ” Hey, I'll relay this on. In the meantime, can you please fill in the form on here when you get these ping spikes: High Ping & Connection Issue Reports Our coders are monitoring those reports, so that would help in their investigation. Thanks, - Mytherceria

  • Quote from Anonxinho: “That was a very bad news, the HGs 2x2 specially have been really forgotten by the Albion online. The loot is so bad that isn't worth play it anymore, have been bad for a long time, but at least back in the days there are player on there. The CDG offers so much money over HG 2x2 (EVEN FOR THE RATS! PVE safe content doing more money than PVP in open world), that anyone more plays 2x2, there are only rats over there and is REALLY RARE get any big fights that are the only thin…

  • Hi everyone, As @Blowfeld81 rightly mentioned, the exploit has been fixed This is with our launch of [13. January 2021] Rise of Avalon Patch 12 today: Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Rise of Avalon Patch 12 - Ver. 1.17.406 / REV 182620 - 13 January 2021 Changes - Duels now end in a draw when either player is removed from an island or Hideout ” - Mytherceria & Dev Team

  • Hi everyone, Final update here. The server's back up and running. Our website is back up too! Have fun - Mytherceria

  • Hi everyone, We expect Daily Maintenance to be extended by another 15 minutes. Once again, apologies for the inconvenience. - Mytherceria