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  • Quote from Hellements: “Hey there. The first Q not dealing damage over time while you continue casting on the same target is intended. - Hellements ” A weapons Q needs to be a reliable source of damage with no weird gimmicks or restrictions. This one gets a huge point for being overly restrictive without any substantial reasoning. Any elaboration on why this weird "fix" was chosen as a solution to the firemage GvG meta some years ago, while you could just tone down the damage?

  • Quote from FriendlyFire: “I understand the damage not triggering every time a fireball hits (like how curse works) ” Curse stacks deal damage immediately on DoT reapply/refresh. Thats the exact reason why Great Curse's E deals damage even while there are no damage specified on the skill.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “Bow: only hard cc that bow has to stop channels and such. ” A Q spell on a 5s CD has 0 justification to have hard CC. In fact its the only Q spell with hard CC, and its a on a fucking ranged weapon.

  • Poor performance on PC?

    Hattenhair - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from Winterfressh: “How is this running on phones? Especially older ones? ” I tried it on a Meizu M5. Its unbearable even to do crafting. Farming is doable as a best case scenario.

  • Poor performance on PC?

    Hattenhair - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from Winterfressh: “It literally makes loading faster, that's it's only job and handles no execution threads - hence should have (in any decently composed code architecture) no effect on FPS. ” At some point of development skill assets were made to be loaded on cast and not on loading into the zone/ when someone entered the zone. I think it was Percival? Every skill cast that is not loaded beforehand makes my game freeze for half a second, if there is multiple skills loading up at the same…

  • Quote from kheeta: “while royal sandals and scholar sandals starts cd when you turn it off ” Royal sandals are a toggle. Scholar should follow the same rule as every other channel.

  • Quote from Rzebospol: “ It from other topic, but i want to place one more time here, and adress to Devs. Please make new map like on Picture, and add to game, u can just make like 50%/50% like new map will be or old, and normaly it can help ) on such maps fighter will have more chances vs. runners, on old map runner will have more chanses to run how girls =) @Mytherceria ” Basically the old HG design they scrapped in favour of the new circular design, which means anyone with even a sliver of mov…

  • Quote from JonnnyBones: “I have no idea why the cooldown doesn't start when the channel is over, like every other channeled ability in the game. It makes for some pretty horrid game-play having people hovering around every 7 seconds, and it's one of those things that I'm really surprised hasn't been fixed yet. ” The cooldown starting after channeling begins is a mechanic, it should be left as it is. Instead just increase CD from 10s -> 13s. Quote from LordLuap: “what you Guys dont keep in mind, …

  • Quote from Darkros: “Now that quarrier boots were fixed, miner boots have taken over in corrupted dungeons, as expected. Can you please take a look at this item and move the cooldown to be more in line with the other harvesting boots, or possibly disable them in corrupted dungeons. They are far too effective at instantly resetting a fight with virtually no counter play, the cooldown should be similar to that of the new quarrier boots. Thanks ” "Slippery slope" is a fallacy and other jokes I can …

  • Quote from crokey: “Boys whilst frost is In a similarly good spot I have to point out the following. 1. There was a level 9 winning crystal league winner running infernal staff. 2. There are a large amount of high infamy 1h fire players in corrupteds. 3. Dawnsong is a meta option for 20v20s. 4. Brimstone is a top meta ZvZ clapper and has been for a long time. So you have great meta options for all content from 1v1 to ZvZ, what on earth are you moaning about? ” Firemage is best described as a "Pr…

  • @PrintsKaspian Levitate from Cultist robe heals once per second instead of twice per second resulting in halved total healing and mana replenishment. Fix soon?

  • Releasing 1v1 PvP inclusive content to a game that has never been balanced for such combat was a mistake.

  • About time for spears to rise from the 2 year old grave they were put into by the mobility meta.

  • Quote from Nature_DG_Solo: “Smite doesn't need to be buffed for the simple fact that Holly is a healer and not a dps, is he dissatisfied with the damage he does? Simple stop being a leek and take a damage weapon to do damage instead of wanting to do the same damage as a dps with a healer's shit. ” Yea, but the moment you pick Smite Holy becomes a high sustain caster, not a healer. It doesnt need to be a direct buff to damage or cast time, you can adjust both accordingly (i.e. decrease cast time …

  • Quote from pesadelo: “Quote from PrintsKaspian: “Rejuvenating Breeze (all Nature Staffs): Cast Range: 12m→ 9m ” Was this a serious issue ?I mean the only spell nature has to heal tanks in PVE and it will get nterrupted allot more , we need that range .. ” Rejuvenating Breeze, not Rejuvenate. It didnt make much sence to have an ability that relies on spreading Q stacks to have more cast range than the Q. All fine here.

  • Standing still is a death sentence in a mobility focused meta nowadays. Lowering cast times and damage accordingly sounds reasonable, if not by alot, even shaving off 0.2 seconds off cast time makes it much easier to maneuver.

  • One big question: why the 10s global cooldown reduction is a thing? If you get hit by execute below 40% and survive you're still dying the next 3 seconds because all other bloodletter's CD's come back up. Shouldnt the player that survives the execute through usage of I-Frames and resistances be rewarded? Perhaps make the CD reduction only apply to the E spell locally, instead of reducing all cooldowns?

  • Why all your posts gotta be in green oversized text though?

  • Quote from ViniColen: “Fire and frost are high tier weapons. Difficult to pay with it.. Problem is against weapons that are too strong, like crossbows, swords, daggers.. Theres no way frost could win fire. So i think frost would be the axe and fire the sword? hahaha. ” IMO In the current meta Firemage is stretching it to B tier, while frost comes close to A tier. The potential DPS heavily leans towards frosts after the introduction of the Q3 shards, because they can utilise cast speed builds for…

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Please razraffion, just stop posting wherever i post. We get it. You play frost. You dont want it to be nerfed. It´s understandable. But stop embarassing yourself. You are comparing it with S tier weapons like daggers and swords. Just stop. It´s a fact this ability is too strong. As i said : Either make it AOE Stun with no mobility ( or possibly a bit of movement speed), or make it AOE slow with instant mobility. AOE Stun with instantenous mobility and damage is just way, w…