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  • Toolmaker bug

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    Try turning off animated windows in settings, see if that helps.

  • I personally _would_ sell the unicorn skin. That money is very useful right now for you, which you can invest. Yes it will be more expensive, but the progression boost it can give you now can matter a lot. Also, I would not start minmaxing a game I just started, prepping for months ahead, but that's just me. Apart from the other options people mentioned, I would recommend doing dungeons while faction flagged. Faction flagging means enlisting for a faction in the city, and it means that any other…

  • Not a bug but..

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    I'm sure there are database limitations as to how long a name can be. Use some abbreviations.

  • I do agree that wood economy could use a bit of nudge.

  • Quote from KratoscRPG: “Why on earth would you do that? It is already ridiculous that I am paying silver to something I am already working hard to do and on top of that now we are expected to pay more silver for it? Is it supposed to create a money sink so the economy gains it's value back? Don't you realize common dungeon farming players don't have any money already? I have high specs, only way I can efficiently run PvE content is via auto-respec, which as an idea is great, but having to pay mo…

  • Everlasting spirit Bug?

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    You can be CC'd, displaced, you just can't be interrupted (to my knowledge). That's how you avoid cancelling galatines/dual swords/bear paws E.

  • Only solo random dungeons close. In blue/yellow zones in 60 sec, in red/black zones in 90 sec.

  • Quote from AfrAy: “Ok so i googled it. Apparently, pork pies will increase yield and capacity and journals, when filled, offer yield bonuses. Is that correct? ” Journals are just extra profit. They don't help you in the gathering, they will help you make money. Pie and gathering gear is what people use (rich people use avalonian tool) to get more yield bonus. More yield bonus means more gathered materials, and also more fame, thus quicker progression. I would recommend you select one gathering, …

  • launcher

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    If you type "Albion Online" in the search bar of your start menu, does it not show up?

  • Oh so you mean to take away the sole way to prevent rats? Invaders get pvp, invadee gets pvp, I see no problem with that. Everyone gets what they want.... even rats. If anything, the shrine should be taken away, letting queue everyone for pvp by default, lol. Anyway, the kiting meta is the problem that should be solved, via balancing.

  • Try repairing the game. If didn't help, reinstall. See if that works.

  • How to wreck fish economy 101

  • Being a druidic you can very much put up a fight. I don't think it's overpowered now, it can be countered, but it can win some fights. Reducing the E cooldown by 7 seconds WILL make it overpowered.

  • Leyvi made a decent guide about the armor system in the game. Give this a watch, and will give you a baseline knowledge about armors. For making builds.... You first pick the weapon tree and the content. What do you want to do? And what kind of skills are good for that? Pve usually best done with aoe damage abilities, self sustaining skills and some sort of mana regen. You can fill these "roles" with various items, and skills. Pvp usually involves good mobility, m…

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “ - See where the action is taking place and join in or try to capture the outposts! (note: fights are restricted to Yellow Zones only and they will not be full loot) ” Will there be red zone playtest later, too? Also, more importantly: will yellow zone faction warfare be IP capped, as everyone in the game hopes it will be?

  • I think the following adjustments would make it viable for open world, but hopefully reduce the amount of people in corrupteds: - 20-25 sec E cooldown - 1-2 meters less range - maybe 0.3-0.5s less cc duration Your idea with regards to distance affecting the stun duration, alone, would not shift the meta much, I think. People will aim to keep maximum distance, then pop E, rush with W (or walk up to you), autoattack, Q, run away, windwall, and land stuns on you with max distance and windwall, unti…

  • We got confirmation that feature that helps us use the tomes/bags is coming Soon™.

  • Quote from ViniciusSanctus: “Add warning to pvp zone pop up "you cant leave the zone if under attack", thats pretty much it. Just lost full gear and quitted this shitty game because of this stupid rule, went to see how a red zone worked stayed near the exit, got ganked (of course) manage to shake them off and reach the exit, CANT LEAVE, devs must eat shit to implement such rules. Anyway there is my suggestion so u wont lose more players, one thing is to be aware of being looted, another COMPLETE…

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “Quote from itslikecsaki: “I do think the "free cleric robe" is a bad idea, from the game's perspective. It becomes a hard counter, against some builds, instead of soft counter. ” guardian helmet has the same problem and I dont see anyone complaining ” Timing is everything. You can bait a guardian helmet, you need to use it right. But hitting into reflect while popping cleric robe is not something the opponent can control - there are no option to counter the mechanic other t…