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  • As the title pretty much already suggests i would like to ask for black markets to be added to the royal cities. As Lootdrops mostly occur from the black zones and a big part of the players is now bound to parts of the outlands that are locked to the royal cities a lot of loot now comes into the royal cities instead of caerleon. This would further decentralize the game and provide a better overall experience. I would suggest making the different markets have different offers instead of a global …

  • Went into Caerleon a few minutes ago. Due to the overpopulation no Players were being displayed to me. This truly was a blessing for my PC. So i gotta ask if it would be possible to completely hide other players from yourself inside of the city ALL THE TIME via an additional clientsided option to increase the playability for players on lower-end devices, since cities were a mayor lag-causing factor although you don't even need to interact with them 90% of the time, and it being a toggleable sett…

  • New HCE´s - Oberon Patch

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  • @Elsa is it intended that ALL the graphic settings reset according to the "prefab quality" setting on EVERY restart? Because i would like to have Graphical settings on low while having all effects shown. Theres no way to get the game to save that specific setting atm.

  • Your own HP-Bar is still dissapearing when changing zones sometimes. Also theres an issue with the new graphic setting always resetting the on restart (especially the "show effects" turning off on low quality prefab) Another issue makes casting spells impossible without manual "clicking" of the UI counterpart after using the chat window

  • Q: Who made this so ugly?

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    Quote from Kars: “Q: Who made this so ugly ” Hamon users

  • Just a little clarification: Why are people always declaring this a "PvP game" if literally EVERY advertising video the devs put out claimed that you could be "whatever you want" in this game. "Whatever I want" should not be decided by a bunch of people telling me what to do. Being told by everyone that the type of content i choose makes me a worse person in a sandbox game is just plain annoying and not going to accomplish everything. @tabooshka @MrsLove

  • Quote from tabooshka: “But it doesnt hurt starting players, since they now have a better place to pve at, complaining about starting players and then talking about lvl15 hce, because you are not making any silver with autorespec turned on like get real for a second you want safe fame? pay for it The argument that they should nerf fame because you gonna spend less money on respec is terrible ” if all you are trying to contribute to this discussion is just insulting people i would strongly recomme…

  • Quote from Zahi: “@DrNye The silver that HCE's give is still a lot better than any open world silver. Seems like SBI is trying to move towards a model where 'auto-respec' will always cost more silver than you get in drops. ” "better silver" that you'll immediately have to spend again isn't "better silver" Quote from Robinhoodrs: “You're paying the price for a safe PvE experience, I'm glad they're nerfing HCE's as they shouldn't be that rewarding being locked away inside the city with no risk at …

  • unknown.png Olyvia was kind enough to share the ammount of consumables used in a lvl 15 Map. Current Market values Are: 230k for 8.2 Food, Optional 150k for 2 x 8.1 in case of deaths 20 * T8 Poisons -> 130k Silver 8 * T8.1 Poisons -> 120k Silver On guaranteed expenses that is a grand total of almost 500k silver for a single map I dont see how it is possible to sustain this with the current plans of silver nerfing. I didn't want to have to phrase it like this, but as it seems that this won't be r…

  • - Summary - The new counter missions are nice, but are almost impossible to hit in time on lvl 15 without maxed out DPS and massive use of 8.1 poison etc. and perfect play, consider lowering those a bit or introduce progress for killing high HP mobs - The real economical problems in HCE loot occur from the black market being under-satisfied. I would recommend to keep the silver drops the same to further keep HCEs attractive and account for high investments and consumable / rep costs but "flatten…

  • For comparison the 2 maps played were streamed on twitch and you can find the corresponding video by clicking this A Few clarifications regarding the Group: 1. All 5 Members were experienced HCE players, having completed at least 1 lvl 15 Map on time. 2. Every DPS player was outfitted with at least 8.3 Excellent gear (8.3 MP blazing, 8.3 Exc Boltcasters, 8.3 Exc Witchwork + 8.3 Exc cryptcandle), Weapons and Offhands were all over 1600 IP The Maps tested were a level 12 Lumber Lunacy and a lvl 12…

  • Quote from Tilden: “Quote from DrNye: “HCEs currently serve as a way to get an opportunity to famefarm and play the game without having to join into one of the alliances that occupy many of the existing dungeons -> Nerfing them will increase the difficulty for newer players without an established role in one of the big 3 alliances to catch up and become competetive ” HCEs are not for newer players and never have been (very specific meta, high cost of gear, combat plays differently from any other…

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “ Hardcore Expeditions - To finish a Hardcore Expedition your group now needs to kill about 80% of the enemies encountered, as well as the boss. - Together with the release of Randomized Dungeons we re-evaluated the purpose of Hardcore Expeditions in the future. This resulted in the decision to reduce the amount of Silver and loot earned in Hardcore Expeditions by 50%. - To address that different expeditions take different amounts of time, the time allowed to finish som…

  • Lags for Telecomusers

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    Not from a telecom contract but also a german user, same issues ping constantly over 200 lately

  • 1st about the daily login: i would understand it more as a thing where you give the books to a central place opposed to every laborer by hand 2nd: at least the restock thing shouldnt be too hard to implement and makes the process a lot faster to do

  • First: this is not an Item suggestion but it didnt really want to post it in the Rant category or in server performance as that didnt quite make sense to me Now to get to the point: From my experience on the game (arounda year by now) laborers tend to be an important thing in making money etc. but they are a bit of a pain to work with. Especially when you have to care for more around 15-20 a day it starts becoming more and more of a time killer. From my point of view there would be 2 ways to imp…

  • Requiem for a Dream - CP Minax

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  • [NIP]< Money Factory >

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    @Sue Yeah it is a Moneyguild ripoff... also you failed at declaring his Statement "Fake news", is should be either "this is fake news" or "these fake news" MfG Nye