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  • @Dero Thanks for the fix ! I added some images, but i got some that are not showing. Some image in the Hammers page aren't showing at all : . I checked in game to see if the name of those skill were wrong but it's not And the image for the 1H hammer E, Earth Shatter is the Command mamoth Earth Shatter. If you can see why i got those issues it would be great Thanks !

  • Quote from Dero: “Hey Guys, as I got sick of my usual task yesterday evening I put in a couple of minutes to improve the way you can retrieve item icons from our services. Now you don't need to know our internal item names anymore but can use the ingame item name for it. For the "T4_ARMOR_LEATHER_SET2" this would be <aoitem>Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>. By default those item names will be interpreted as english. If you do now know the english item name you can use it from any other language by…

  • Do we start editing a item category page chosen randomly or do we need to make a template for it ? I can do this, but for the template part i'll need someone to help me on this matter, by explaining how it work or at least link me some pages that does.

  • Quote from Bogul: “Quote from rds: “Soo guys, Can we decide on a kind-of unique style for items? I want to make more pages, but I won't until we figure that out. Maybe @Bogul or someone else can make a contributing guide or something, to get us all in the same page. ” i'm not going to have time to do that tonight or tomorrow, maybe end of week / weekend earliest but we have some contenders for item pages: here is one type as a "grouping" of items (weapons) …

  • Any reason why the 2 different timers for warcamp are not those of the reset day ? If i'm not wrong, those timers are 18utc and 1utc, which are the timers of south and north portail zone warcamp timer (for mercia, cley hill is 18utc, which is the timer for south territory during reset day, and flintslice plain is 1utc, for the north)

  • Hello, je suis plutot interréssé pour rejoindre votre guilde, serait il possible d'avoir un lien discord ou autre ? Merci PS : ingame "Unii" Mage feu T4 bucheron