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  • Quote from owensssss: “Quote from Mommy: “Hardcore Albbie players? ” it was here that I knew you’re retarded the rest of your post I hope is trolling. God help you if you’re being serious ” - suggests that we make this game harder because it's so damn care bear on a SEPARATE server - Throws in personal attacks. lul wut. Are you derrick jr?

  • and why is that?

  • Hey boys, what are your thoughts on a new server strictly for Hardcore Albbie players? This purposed new server would have a server wipe every 2-3 months to keep things refreshed and a chance for other guilds/players to come in later and have a chance to be top guild w/o having such a massive massive handicap Upon deaths you lose fame depending on what tier the zone is. Zones would have purposed zones of solo/duo/zergs with punishment towards players who dont follow those zone rules incentives …

  • well if i end up getting top 3 for that mount i'll screen shot it for you guys >~< ( HIGHLY DOUBTFUL)

  • Quote from Monochrome: “Quote from inihility: “Quote from Dagother: “This mount is not related to the Halloween event, it's a reward in upcoming Arena Masters tournament: ” I see, must be a visual bug that it shows it costs a tame swift claw and 50000 halloween pips to create then. ” Not a visual bug, just non-final data. To be clear, there should not be anywhere you can actually craft them right now, so the cost doesn't matter much in p…

  • make black zone territories not as safe Nerf terri gaurds Nerf bubble duration or up the timer Penalties upon death Penalties upon griefing Give local market base prices with reason to sell there compared to caerleon where every resource can be obtained Add revenge system upon pk Add actual rewards + meaningful rankings to arena Certain top 10 solo \ squad ganks unlock mounts / cosmetics for that season City buff bonuses depending on city Crafting bonuses depending on city Market bonuses dependi…

  • why is this game having its player base lowered? Anybody with a brain can tell you this game offers hardly any difficulty even in black zones which are represented as very dangerous zones. There are so many territories that are absolutey safe and are armed with over powered gaurds. Not to mention how high your survability rate is just wearing letter + gathering gear and any armored horse. Most of the stuff in black zones isnt even competed so you can most of the time have an entire zone to yours…

  • This a new tier 5 mount added from this halloween event and it cost 1 swift claw + 50,000 pumpkin sips but i do not see it on the event npc nor the crafter. How can i get this mount?

  • WTS T8 ox

    Mommy - - Trade


    can you show me how it looks like? kthx

  • new price has been posted!

  • WTB Yule Stag

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    i dont think mount is in the game yet. in terms of being able to obtain fully

  • PSS: WIlling to negotiate.

  • Heyyy, I am currently selling Tier 7 Refined Cloth x1,522 for 5,680 PER! Lower than current market as of 11:10 PM (MST) 8-26-2017!! OLD PRICE: 5,680! NEW PRICE 5,350! PS: I am also willing to make big bulk orders up to Tier 7.2 w/ good prices. So please do not be afraid to ask. IGN: MissLLuvia -THANKS FOR READING LOSERS


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    appreciate the reply - everything has been bought now. Thank you though

  • Hey appreciate you entering this thread * ~ *;; I am looking to buy the following --> Blood Letter 4.3 (700K-1.2 mill) b792026547.jpg --> Sacro Shield (300k-500k) ef2df175b0.jpg --> Assassin Top 4.3 (200-400k) 8db63a8457.jpg PS: IGN - MissLLuvia -Mom

  • **CLICK ME** Willing to Buy **CLICK ME**

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    Hey, Appreciate you entering this thread * ~ *;;!! I am here to buy a Warlock Skull Weapon -> -> -> ** Hell Artifact Weapon** -- First item would be a 4.3 Skull -> -> Stats are on "3RD ROW" fd09584478.png -- Second item would be a 5.3 Skull -> -> Stats are on "3RD ROW" 1b20a17505.png I will buy either listed up above for a reasonable price. - Mom * ~ *;;

  • Purchase Error

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    Hey! not sure if this is the correct section to post but i am currently having issues purchasing this game. It keeps saying it has not been processed successfully no matter how many times i try. Anyone know a way around this? PS: hello btw first post * ~ *;;