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  • Quote from Barathorn: “Pre Patch 16 UO Player - Casual PK/Carebear Crafter - Now Old. ” I feel that. I beta tested UO. Was invited because I was a connection specialist with GTE Internetworking. My account was pushed to a day 1 account after beta test. I played on Atlantic, Napa Valley, and Siege. The day I logged in and typed "claim a" and only 1 dragon appeared, I was done. Patch 16 was the end for me. I saw Trammel come, and t2a, and all that 3d stuff... I remember the dying leaving a dungeon…

  • Quote from Okruzhkov: “When will the next reset of the game or when will the characters be deleted and a new era begin? ” I think a second server should be opened for new players and old bored players to start a new. But wiping a server will cause people to go play something else. I know that several games doing wipes caused me and a whole core of players to leave.