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  • Awe damn what a shame.. Ok bro thx I'll check it out.

  • Sojh's app: Ingame Name: don't have one "yet" Time Zone: Central Previous MMO experience if any:razor naga gaming mouse. BIG pvper in D2, played on and off for 8 years .. Currently active everyday in mmo's like lol, Tera, and arcane legends on iOS What are you primarily looking for in a guild: I'm looking for friends that are serious about the mmo community mostly speaking the Albion community =) and awesome pvp content and help for end game gear as in how to acquire etc not talking about frees …

  • Hello =)

    Sojh - - Introduce yourself!


    Hey all !! Big fan of mmo's, especially mmorpgs on the iOS.I was just lookin for top mmorpgs currently out app for iOS and seen that one of the comments mentioned a game named Albion that "looked promising". I can say that I've only seen a few ss's and have read very little info on the game, I can say that I look very forward into playing this game and cannot wait none the less. So with all that said I'm going to continue reading about this wonderful game that looks so promising. =)Sojh