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  • Quote from Vindrax: “Quote from JonahVeil: “How is this ANYTHING but positives? All I see is a bunch of people who have gotten REAL cushy in the safezone, I'm sorry, BLACK ZONE and don't want to lose their footing. This is a full loot, pvp MMO, risk vs reward, I'm sorry you guys forgot that, but it's time for a god damn shake up, and some risk back in the game. ” I can only speak from the perspective of my guild, but this cap definitely hurts us in pretty big negative way. We're a part of a smal…

  • At the end of the day - Whether you're on the one side of the fence or the other, this is a positive thing that SBI is WILLING to make sweeping changes, and TEST. They have NOT been willing to do this in the past. For those arguing that the disarray is pointless, all they need to do is scale it down, and hit guilds more etc. And they said they will, so that arguing point is moot. Those arguing that this makes super guilds stronger etc and tougher for casuals, it changes nothing for the big guild…

  • Quote from TealMjM: “The Zerg debuff needs to be buffed massively; that is the real issue. ” It's really not, it's just one aspect of the problem from massive alliances. 50+ portal gankers not using comms swarming small groups is another massive problem with alliances. You chop alliances, you definitely reduce the numbers that is happening on that front. Won't stop completely but will definitely help.

  • 300 accounts fixed guild size.

  • Quote from blappo: “Quote from Madrax573: “All I will say is that at the time of this posting only 854 votes were cast. ” there is another active poll that has been up for like 4 more days than this and only has 100 votes, most players do not use the forums they are too casual to care about changing the game for the better. ” These forums have become extremely dead honestly, used to be more active in betas.

  • I said to not allow alts period, and I said that a long, long time ago. Don't worry. Jonah Veil said it first.

  • Remove alliances. Make joining a guild done via your "account". Guilds can fit a max of 300 accounts.(this also stabs the alt issues, but making new accounts isn't hard so not as if it solves it) Change AoE's to do more damage at their center, and increasing less dmg/effect the further into their radius. Promoting skill, allowing people to want to fight outnumbered more. Introduce a stronger Diminishing return, IE, if a locust was just used on a target within 10 seconds, another locust will do a…

  • How is anyone arguing that NAP's is not STRICTLY better than what we have now? It's more sandboxy, it allows for more drama to happen. IE, groups napped, grief eachother over a hellgate, they pop off, NAP is broken, drama ensues etc. It causes them to have friendly fire in large scale fights. It's NOTHING but positives, unless you're a fucking lemming.

  • Time will tell. They keep clinging to that 1% stat like their life depends on it. Maybe, just maybe, some terri's should have been 5v5, 10v10, 20v20, and ZvZ so different size groups would fight similar sized groups. I've only said this 1000000x times and no1 has a single rebuttal.

  • Quote from GluttonySDS: “Quote from JonahVeil: “Or maybe, just maybe, make the game more skillbased so people could fight outnumbered and stop using arbitrary debuffs to try to get the game to playout in the way you want ” With AOE escalation -- you can already fight out numbered. ” With record low numbers for CGVGs, and so many not turning up for the nonstop resets, I truly wonder when you will back peddle on all of your horrible opinions about what direction the game should go.

  • Disarray (Zerg Debuff)

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    Or maybe, just maybe, make the game more skillbased so people could fight outnumbered and stop using arbitrary debuffs to try to get the game to playout in the way you want

  • Quote from Gank: “Quote from Eternalhaze: “The whole "only 1% of players participate in gvgs" is an extremely flawed argument to make in favor of removing them. - It doesn't take into account the fact that gvgs are only available for half of every day with nothing from 0400-1600 UTC. - It doesn't accurately reflect the amount of people who are interested in gvgs, whether it's people who are training up skills or practicing in gvg scrims. - It doesn't implicate alliances as an issue that perpetua…

  • People pretending like they know what gold is going to go to is laughable, at best. You know why Gold went up? It went up exactly when Classic WoW launched. People invested in Gold, then quit the fucking game. Due to gold being a "safer" investment than Silver.

  • Quote from Gank: “Less than 1% of active characters participate in gvg. ” This is what morons in Arch continue to parrot, glad to see you have no way to formulate a proper discussion and indirectly admitting fallacy within your own logic and furthering weakening your side of the argument. Tons of people use the scrim disc, tons of people use the HG disc, tons of people want to get involved in GvGs, just because they haven't, does not denote a lack of want. This stat is actual garbage, and the mo…

  • People will quit/have quit when they can't make premium. If you don't have premium while playing you're SEVERELY gimped, let's not pretend otherwise. Also, new doesn't just mean people after this change, new is a range chief.

  • Quote from Adrivan: “Quote from JonahVeil: “This is literally going to hurt NO ONE ” You can stop there.. let's not be over dramatic. ” Over dramatic? This is a dumbass fix to a problem that has been around for far too long.

  • Quote from Gank: “Game direction has been amazing , rarely going towards things I feel are bad for the game. Implementation and some head in the sand refusal to acknowledge certain core issues are dragging us down right now. ” All you do is sit around and wager duel in safezones and do ZvZ shit, so isn't the direction just catered to your playstyle? Your playstyle does not dictate what is good/bad for the game, it's a biased opinion. We're all biased, but if you can't see some of the pitfalls of…

  • This is literally going to hurt NO ONE but the new to mid casual players. Which is the exact people the heavy premium is hurting. So, by adding these sinks (way too late btw, the damage is done) the rich will remain rich, and the newbies will just stop playing if it becomes too expensive. It's almost as if the Devs have no idea what they're doing. Put yourself in the mindset of a new player, do these changes help any of them? No. Let's say magically the gold price goes down, they're still going …

  • Stream Sniping

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    Quote from zerfaxx: “WAAAAA im being ganked in a pvp game WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA holy fuck it's part of the game don't be such a wimp snowflake you aren't special and you aren't good ” Good talk. Right over your head. I bang harder than 99% of this games population.

  • Stream Sniping

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    Quote from Captainrussia: “Offtopic - but what software do you use to stream @JonahVeil? Or anyone else can recommend something? Tried to figure out streaming with Youtube and apparently I need to use some software “aggregator” or something ” OBS, heard SLOBS is solid but I'm pretty set in my ways. Also, as if you guys need anymore proof, Stream Sniping and trolling has already led to one of our solid streamers getting perma banned on twitch. Just saying, these kids are malicious, and the fact t…