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  • Way easier is just letting the invader stay in the invaded dungeon to clear it if they want. Then choose to go back to their own dungeon or stay in the new one.

  • Quote from Phosphia: “Tested Morgana zone in blackzone with a group of 10 in 8.1 gear. Is it balanced for 10? It was fairly easy, especially bosses. Tank barely took any damage most of the time. The HP felt OK. Maybe scale the boss for 20 man? Glad to see the fame is great, but maybe it's a little over the top. Feel like all fame in the game needs to be reduced a little, but keep the relative difference as it is now. But that's another topic. Glad to see the team work in the right direction, wit…

  • Quote from ItsNewbie: “Thats my question, I assume he is using a controller with his phone, to be able to run forward and aim backwards? ” Actually... if you just press and let go of any skill button it auto aim it for you.

  • Why did I die here?

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    He clearly raised his hand for the E skill. The damage goes after the animation, so you killed him but the damage was already incoming. You should be thakfull that you were just knocked out. Imo you should have died for good.

  • Those zvzs are what should be ideal... 15x10, sometimes 30x40... let me see how he does on a 150x150 or similar...

  • I run basically any spears, but one handed ones are the best 'cause taproot is just too good. Also running guardian armor for more CC / Reduce incoming enemy damage, Guardian Helmet for sustain / clear dots against curse, boots of your preference (assassin/guardian for combat, soldier for disengage). Capes go for thetford or martlock. Spears benefit a lot from plate armor. They have CC in basically all spells (Q = slow, W impaler = slow, Heron E = stun) and have benefits from long fights, 'cause…

  • Quote from Lolpetijn: “Quote from prostok01: “Quote from Lolpetijn: “So still no nerf to the grapple mobs in corrupteds... ok cool whatever only about 50% of my losses in corrupteds we're attributed to them so its fine who needs a 1v1 without getting pulled into a horrible position and losing half your health anyways. ” Why do you run into them? ” Bud half of them are undodgeable. like i would try to reset and i would die just because 1 was in that area either i get fucked by the mob or i waste …

  • Half an hour per boss is amazing! Tons of content, but specific boss loot (i'm talking about you, mount artifacts) should be tunned down to avoid extreme undervaluating them. I hope the buff on World Boss Map Mobs is really significant, so that all other content is not comparable. Very high risk, very high reward. For the same reason i hope roaming mobs gets some love and become better than solo dungeons. They are stronger, they are way riskier, yet they provide a joke of fame / loot.

  • Book Workers Gone?

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    If you dont collect for 7 days, they disappear.

  • Quote from NaturalSelection: “Quote from ImaDoki: “Bears already fit that space ” no ” why not? More carry than ox, less carry than mammoth, perfect definition of what you guys want.

  • Bears already fit that space.

  • Actually... gathering out of ava roads is more efficient too. It's not that 'heaven' for gatherers as you think it is...

  • Black Market

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    Quote from Korn: “Hey there, we checked logs and could not find anything out of the ordinary. If you have more information on the matter, please share it with us. Also, anyone interested can check logs themselves by opening the price history on the black market for specific items. The chart there also shows the number of items bought by the black market. on the 30d view there you can see if there is anything odd with the volume or price. If you check it, make sure to check multiple items as of c…

  • Corrupted crystal IMMORTAL bug

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    This is a situation of 'aggro disaggro' instantly. Basically, the person who aggroed it was the frost player (thanks to the cape, which triggered when you got in the side of the shard). Since he was VERY FAR from the shard it disaggroed, and it takes 1-2 sec to fully disaggro. In this time, it ignores damage taken. This is why it 'looked like' it was immortal, but you can see in the end that the shard lost life, but took some instants to start taking damage. It's annoying, but still expected.

  • Agree. To me the biggest issue is that hideouts are 'instanced safe areas'. Would make a lot more sense if it was possible to make a 'diveble' area, just like terries are. Guards, even turrets are ok, but let us dive it. Completely safe zones is complete BS.

  • Dungeon Stealers

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    Quote from PenguinSniper: “Quote from LootGoblin: “Quote from PenguinSniper: “Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Olafxder: “they can just walk in and steal your fame and loot ” Its not your fame, and its not your loot. They have as much right to it as you do in an open-world setting. ” Quote from LootGoblin: “Quote from Geofors: “I have only one rule for solo dungeons: "Play SOLO dungeons SOLO" 1. If I enter a dungeon and find someone is there before me, I leave at once. 2. If someone follows me in…

  • thanks godness... The sheer ammount of books i'm getting there is total nonsense..

  • Crossbow is rly a little out of the curve...

  • Quote from arionsxp: “Acho que todos concordamos que o novo sistema de sincronização esta horrivel, quando uma dupla vence uma HG o moscego demora MUITO pra nascer, ok, da pra ver que o loot deu uma melhorada, mas mesmo assim ainda esta desbalanceado, é muito ruim você entrar numa HG e cair de cara com uma dupla, digo isso porque aconteceu comigo e vice versa, ok isso foi pra se livrar dos ratos, até que funcionou mas agora está muito dificil querer fazer HG depois dessa att. ” faça dg corrupta,…