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  • LAG

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Since this last big update just logging in takes at least 3-5 t ries. Black screens when trying to log in. I repeatedly have to log in, it sits on a black screen, after 1 min or so it either slowly loads a town or sends me back to the log in screen. Every 2 out of 3 times I come to log in its like this. I run much more robust games than AO in optimal settings at high FPS. AO Seems like it barely runs.

  • Cheesy disney spells

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Please. Them puffy sleeves and stupid morgana ravens shooting off yer staff is enough as it is. No more birds flying from bows, fire staves, and such. It looks so bad. Just put normal flames and explosions and redact the happy cheese. No disney. Tks.

  • Quote from mediaboy: “1. Be able to view more than 1000 market orders. I currently have ~2000 in Martlock and it's awful. I have to sort by tier/enchantment to look through my orders. 2. Inventory list somewhere so I can see what I own in a single place without having to explore the entire game to do so 3. Bigger market window. Only being able to see three lines at once is aggravatingly slow. Perhaps a simplified no-picture view would help things fit? ” Bumping #2.....This has been needed for YE…

  • Cultist nerf

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    The cultist robe is now kinda garbage. There is no point in wearing a robe that performs the same function as a bowl of carrot soup. RIP my 7.3 cultist since its going to be worth nothing now that these robes were nerfed into being not even useful in combat. WTF is the point of gear not made for combat?

  • Removing flash heal was stupid and destroyed the speedcasting divine tank heal build. I don't know why sbi wanted to destroy this build or any other speedcast builds. I don't know why they even leave speedcast in the game. Maybe just for for ice? Anyways. I know of at least a couple ppl now that are leaving behind holy (and healing all together). This was a bad move and this did destroy builds. It literally removed ppl from having roles they can play in the game. Its a worse nerf than the cultis…

  • Soloing

    Raithe - - Beginner's Questions


    Soloing will be a little tough and a little monotonous. There are lots of videos of ppl soloing, there is lots of ideas for gear concepts on the character builder. I don't know what you mean by hunter but I like bows and I have really enjoyed the builds Nausk has on the character builder. Also you can see Nausk using these on his you tube videos. Character builder is at>community>characterbuilder

  • Cultist robe nerf

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    The cultist robe nerf really ruined these robes. The cultist robe is now kinda useless. now the only good cloth robe left is cleric. The cloth robe line is really kinda garbage now. This was a sad change.

  • Holy staff nerf

    Raithe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I just tried holy staves since flash heal was removed. They are pretty sluggish and gross now. The flash heal bomb is a pain in the rear to use and not a fun spell (reminds me of the nature mushroom which is also a pain to use and not a fun spell). This removal really killed the divine tank speed-casting healer. Its a bad change. Going to sell my divine staves and prolly just sell off my experience in the staff line. The line is ruined.

  • I thought hideouts would help but they are definatly not useful for solo/small groups. Anyways I was more looking for info from solo/small group folks on what they actually do that is fun.

  • Man I went looking and this seemed super cool. Except it just ended up being a campground for a zerg that is eating ppl leaving your hideout. Morgana ravens everywhere. 0 chance to even get to town. Not sure how these hideouts are even useful unless you just want a place to camp/gank with 300 buddies.

  • Thanks then folks! I will check back in and try out these corrupted dungeons when they come out. I will assume that to live outside of cities you likely need to be in an active guild more or less from these responses.

  • What is AO like for solo players at this stage? I'm poking about the forums/news and of course the amount of information to sift through is ENORMOUS. So lost in the new stuff going on with AO. I left AO last fall (played consistently since 2015). Just wondering if anyone wants to put forth some info on what its like on the casual/solo end at this point. When last I played it was pretty guild centric still. Any opinions that are grounded in actual experience here is appreciated. I will keep combi…

  • After coming back from a 5 month break AO is still has not regained its former hook. I will keep eyes on AO but won't bother with premium. 1) Party Finder: Needs to be collapsible when looking for party. Having it stick off the side of the screen is distracting and unnecessary. This tool is still not usable due to this. This is a more minor detail but a good example of things being installed and then forgotten about (never refined or made better). Other examples could be proffered. 2) Royals Map…

  • I'll take it. Its at least really nice having favorites list at the top.

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Raithe: “II literally loose money in dungeons fame farming because of this. ” Good. Thats intended. You now need to learn how to manage your money and learn how to actually make silver. Fame farming =/= silver farming. ” ... It did not cost silver go out and fame farm previous to respec point. The risk of loosing gear definitely presented a potential silver loss. Why in a sandbox would you specifically create rulesets that purposefully limit playstyles that …

  • Is there a way to make stuff not visible in the main tab?

  • SWEET. I'm guessing its been in for some time now and I completely missed it. AWESOME.

  • No thanks. What would be nice is if global cool down was reduced though. Most of the time its not lag that holds me up its global cool down preventing me from casting for .01 secs so I'm already moving on in my rotation. Yes it can be worked around. Yes we need some sort of global cool down. Currently though if I swap from a normal to a mechanical keyboard its extraordinarily noticeable. This is the only game I play that I must hit the key 1-3 times and still cannot trust that my spells will fir…