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  • So to sum up, we invest more into non-lethal pvp, balancing that with red-zones faction fights pvp and going even deeper into instanced PvP (HG's). It's not me downing your development, but once again I want to express my concerns regarding state of black zone open world pvp. We do not see any comments regarding hideout updates, which I hope to bring back balance to the reward vs risk of black zone activities. With the roads, hideout home system and so much instanced content (hce,hgs,corrupteds,…

  • Lek na cale zlo - Avium Otwiera Rekrutacje!

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    Quote from ToxicRose: “Widać pisowskie ręce sięgają nawet na forum albiona usuwają ważne wiadomości. @glokz znamy się bardzo dobrze proponowałeś mi spółkę, aby okradać nowych graczy. Jest to temat gildyjny wiec opisuje oficerke avium, banda złodziejaszków!!! ” Napisz maila do i opisz całą sytuację, jestem pewien że ktoś pomoże

  • Taaa, avium nie robi różnicy to nasze motto zaraz po słynnym haśle reklamowym - złodzieje z avium. A tak na serio, Avium wstaje z popiołów jak feniks, tym razem mądrzejsze o bagaż doświadczeń i silniejsze o szereg zmian wprowadzanych przez developerów od czasu rozpadku które ułatwiają grę w naszym stylu. Szukamy doświadczonych graczy, nie tylko mających 700/700 ale również doświadczenie w large scale / small scale / oraz cgvg/hg. W następnym (11) sezonie oraz powód dla którego gildia powstała z …

  • Quote from Retroman: “Hey everyone, here are some further adjustments: Castle Outposts Changing Castle Outpost schedules to fully overlap with castles, to put more pressure on big forces to split up to secure multiple objectives. - Season Points score now every 3 hours: - 0 UTC, 3 UTC, 6 UTC, 9 UTC, 12 UTC, 15 UTC, 18 UTC, 21 UTC - An inner ring castle outpost will score 48 season points every 3 hours. - The chest spawns in a 6 hour interval - 0 UTC, 6 UTC, 12 UTC, 18 UTC 20v20 Crystal League Sc…

  • People are present in the open world, but they travel from hideout to the gate, then take bubble, then the bubble lets them enter hideout on the next map. SBI just f***** up hideout design, there are close to no limitations it broke the game from A to Z F

  • @Retroman I just wished lvl1 20v20 was everyday... Some players won't be able to play on the weekends and we will all play scrims during the weekdays anyway. If the only reason not to make it everyday is that it requires 20 players or it overlaps with regular calendar, then I see no reason not to. It's lvl1, so largest guilds will simply prioritize other content over this and small guilds will have fun.

  • How brilliant it is, I could change my PW without 2-step verification, even though 2-step-auth is enabled when I login to the game/account from a new location. So I am not sure if hackers could login to the account bypassing 2-step verification and then update the password. PS. maybe not everyone knows the page but you can check here if your email/password has been breached in the past, so if you keep using the same pw, you'd better update your passwords. I hope this link doesn't break any forum…

  • Tooltip Improvements

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    Two years old post Items/Skill description - need for UX Improvements

  • Quote from KickinMACHINE: “cool balance changes. Again u nerf aoe escalation which is the best zvz mechanic that helps ur idea of smaller zergs still being able to compete vs bigger ones. U can nerf all those op clapping weapons but why the hell would u touch mechanic that was punishing stacking up retards? U gonna have braindead meta melee again. @Retroman i don't know with who are you testing those new changes, but would be nice if u started doing this with people who are actually playing zvzs…

  • Finally! Can't wait to play this new-old ZvZ, I suggested 'dynamic disarray' some time ago, but to be honest I did not believe it's possible to code that in a way that its calculated in fly while not impacting performance too much. If it doesn't kill servers, I'm impressed. So there's one more thing to do -> fix hideout system as we are on the brink of 'Red vs Blue' war on the server. I'm not sure how many maps gets clustered with prime time battle, but it's no longer uncommon that server discon…

  • Well, if the '2 patches a year' is still a thing, we are already late with roadmap update, But, the very next 'patch' is kinda huge compared to others so far released. So I imagine they are pretty busy with that. I expect few weeks after this patch hits live we will get either roadmap update or some news when to expect it. This usually comes with dev talk if that's what you meant.

  • Congrats, It's a great success for SBI, but the downside is that we have now so much instanced content the open world is pretty much vast and empty, even considering growing population. Reasons for that are many, but most of them come down to the single reason - hideouts and corrupted dungeons. While i can't really blame players to enjoy single mode game, the invisibility shrine and disconnection between open world and pvp content is having major impact on the original game style - hardcore, ope…

  • Co to za gówno post?

  • konto

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    Tak da się, domyślam się, że chcesz sprzedać konto, bo często ludzie o to pytają z tego powodu. Daj nick postaci, pogadam z kolegą z SBI żeby Ci ułatwił sprawę

  • I know, Why is the other issue NAB? What's the point of such design? If my item is higher quality than the market's buy order I should be able to see it from the 'quick sell UI' window. I can still sell it using a workaround so, I don't really understand your point, please elaborate

  • @Mytherceria The other bug that is here forever: You have an item of 'good' quality in your inventory. UI does not show item of 'normal' quality to allow you to quick sell, unknown.png You have to search this item in the list to match the buy order of 'normal' quality. unknown.png I hope that will be put in the backlog as well, it ain't game breaking but it's been here since we've got the new UI

  • Yeah, this seems to be new that orders are not consumed in a proper manner, but the fact that you can't quicksell items of higher quality was here for a very long time, you need to search this item on the list and only then you can sell. If you need more explanation on what I mean i can do short video or take few screenshots

  • More castles and outposts is awesome news, Amazing that you were able to to make it happen before s10 starts, it will change life of many guilds. Great job, keep it up team

  • So this was probably reported around Oberon Release. I can't recall exact moment when you updated the logic how the quality is taken into account, but I remember it was changed few times since the release. Problem description: Black market buy orders are not consuming sell orders of higher quality. Evidence: YzhScrt.png Workaround: cancel sell order, search the list manually and sell the item / quicksell Result: Item is sold for the buy order price. Please fix, thanks

  • Well I don't really understand what do you mean by 'healers will never get debuffed', but I don't think it's possible to rework heal debuff and I couldn't read anywhere we are switching back to dps/def debuff like it was originally (the only design that makes sense to me however abused by solo bombsquads). So i would like to understand how is the heal going to be debuffed after rework as we won't have two values like with dps. Another thing is as you are actually confirming what I've written in …